Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm here.

So I have written a few posts that haven't quite made it out there because of a number of reasons. Some will eventually make it to publishing, others may not. But this one, I assure you, will make it to "publish".

I have had a lot on my mind the past few weeks and today has been a doozy so I have to write.

Aric and I are in Arizona. We bought an investment property in Surprise. We are so happy about it and we feel really blessed.

We were able to meet with our contractor and get everything in order so that it can be ready for a renter as soon as possible. (Anyone looking for a rental in Surprise? It's 3400sqft and awesome!)

We got to enjoy some sunshine. I didn't really get any pictures of the actual sun, but it was heavenly. However I did get pictures of a different kind of sunshine...

I got to spend some fun time with Natalie and Christy...Sorry Christy but this picture was way better of me and Nat then the other one. Besides you are so pretty it totally doesn't matter that your eyes are closed!

Aric and I also got to share a really neat experience. We met Stephen Nasser, a Holocaust survivor.

He is a family friend of Christy's and he wrote a book about his AMAZING survival. He spoke at a school and we were able to listen to him and get a copy of his book. I'm still reading his book. It is heartbreaking and inspiring. I feel so honored that we got to meet him.

The best part of this trip, besides the frozen yogurt bars and Carrabba's, was spending time with Aric...alone. You don't realize how much you have to talk about until there are no kids interrupting or work distracting. We had a great time hanging out. He was very supportive of my training. He even sat on the curb, under a streetlight in a Lowe's parking lot so that I could be safe running intervals.

We also enjoyed watching General Conference alone, uninterrupted. We were able to discuss talks and enjoy the spirit together. It was the perfect way to end this weekend.

So this evening, we went outside to enjoy the sun and get some reading in since it was our last night of calm before the storm. (our flight is early in the morning and as soon as we land at noon we will be ripping out our floors and replacing them on the main level of our house...yikes!) The calm didn't last long. We got a call from Aric's dad because my mother in law was in the hospital. She just finished a chemo treatment that left her dehydrated and dizzy. She ended up passing out and on the way down she hit her head on the wall. Thank heavens she is fine now, but they are keeping her overnight just for observation.

Love you Grandma K!

Just as we were processing that we got another call. Aric's brother Micah and his wife Sara had their baby four weeks early. They have lost their last four pregnancies and this one was quite dramatic too. So little Kohen is a miracle and we are so glad that he made it here safe and sound.

Love you baby K!

So as I sit here, still processing the days events I feel so present. I am more aware than ever before that God is a loving Heavenly Father who has his watchful eye on each of us. If we trust Him and turn over to him the reins of our lives, come what may, we will be happy and have peace. Even when it feels like the path He is taking us on is uncomfortable and not even close to the direction we wanted to go, if we just hold on tight, the blessings we will receive will be beyond our wildest dreams. My favorite talk during general conference was Elder Paul V. Johnson's talk. (I can't link it yet but as soon as I can I will)
My favorite quote from that talk is...

 "Marvelous blessings are on the heels of great tribulation."

His whole talk is still stirring in my heart. There is more I want to say about that but I think it will have to wait.


Rochelleht said...

Oh, wasn't conference divine!? I love love loved it!! So fun to spend time with your sweetie and so glad all is will with your family!!

Jenny Erazo said...

I really enjoyed conference this year and I REALLY like Elder Johnson's talk as well. Sounds like there are a lot of exciting things happening right now. Glad Aric's mom and the new baby are ok:)

calibosmom said...

Did you feel that? It was me hugging you. I kinda figured you were going through a lot since you haven't been posting. I just listened to Elder Johnson's talk-no doubt, inspired from Heavenly Father. I love it when I feel that a talk was written just for me. Hang tight sister! Heavenly Father and someone on the East Coast are thinking of you. :)

Lindsey said...

Cute house! Sorry I missed you AGAIN!

Rachel said...

I loved that talk too!! It was so perfect for the scary and trying times that so many people are going through right now. It's so hard to see during the refining process how many blessings will come right after. Your rental is darling! I want to see inside pics. I'm sure you guys made it look amazing. What a great idea to go on vacation over conference! Garrett and I said to each other probably 5 times how much better it was to watch conference together before kids:) Oh well. Good luck with the floor project! Let me know if you guys need anything while your house is ripped up.

just the five of us said...

Your house looks similar to mine, except mine is a 3 car garage. (: Well with a house in AZ maybe you can become snowbirds.

I thought you were going to call or email me. Oh well. glad you got to unwind!

kthom said...

I really do enjoy your posts! Lovely home (where is Surprise anyway?), sweet baby, positive attitude, all good things! :)

Christy said...

Uh....I didn't think I could look any uglier that day. That picture just proved me wrong. Awesome.

Although I will be avoiding your camera like the plague, I hope you can visit again soon. It was a blast! xxo

Jean McKendrick said...

What made you buy that property?

♥Shally said...

That was one of my favorite quotes also. :)


Lauren in GA said...

Whoa. That is a lot to handle! I'm so sorry that Aric's mom hit her SCARY!

When I saw that sweet little preemie I started crying. I don't want to make this comment all about me, though. It is so amazing what they can do to help preemies though. I hope that sweet little Kohen will grow and progress quickly.

LOVE the house!! I wish I could rent it!