Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not my best moment...

So I'm about to show a side of me that is rarely seen. Only my close family has ever seen this side. I have spent years taming the beast, but today I let'er go...
I have a temper. There I said it. It's not like I walk around an angry person but if so provoked on a subject that is near and dear to me than I can fly off the handle like nobody's business. I have been blessed with an ability to easily express myself with words. I am really good at fighting, and if there was such thing as scoring I would most likely win all battles I was engaged in. Thankfully most of me is kind, loving and generous. I give most people the benefit of the doubt. I do not seek confrontation, but if the door is flung wide open I, unfortunately, on occasion, will run right through it.
Okay back to this morning....8:30am to be exact.
So I was just finishing up my eight mile run. I was feeling good. As I approached my back gate, which opens up into my back yard, I see the neighbors cat on my fence.
I don't like cats. You don't understand I LOATHE them! I'm not an animal fan period. I get that people love them, I really do and that is fine. I just have a very sensitive nose and no matter how clean your pet is, they still smell. The thing I hate most about pets is the poop and  the pee they create.
So our neighbors have a cat and a dog that frequently poop on our yard. My girls have even stopped playing on some of the outside toys because we found cat poop on/in them. Even though I cleaned it out, Eden can't get passed it. That same cat has gotten in our garage and peed all over my nicely organized rubber maid bins. It also messed with my sad excuse of a garden, so I am afraid to plant anything this year.
We've had these particular neighbors for about three years. We never had a problem until they showed up. They chain smoke and leave their butts all over the side walk. They smell up the neighborhood with their bad habit. They fight and yell obscenities all hours of the night and their daughter was recently arrested in front of our house because of drugs and domestic violence. Not your typical Beaver Cleaver neighbors.
They are known in the neighborhood for their obnoxious cat and their obnoxious ways. The husband is on disability because he lost his arm in a work accident so they are ALWAYS home.
So when I saw Mr. Poopy cat on my fence ready to pounce into my yard, I grabbed a small rock in my left hand and tossed it at the fence close to where the cat was. I had no intentions of hitting it, or believe me, I would have used my right hand. The cat scurried off, no harm done....or so I thought.
The next thing I know I hear someone YELLING at me. I turn down my ipod (Soul Sister -Train), when I realized Oversized One Armed Man was directing his ridiculously loud voice at me.
OOAM - Hey! Hey you! What do you think you are doing! You can't throw rocks at my cat!
ME - Um, I didn't throw it AT your cat. I threw it at the fence to get your cat away from my yard.
OOAM -  I saw you. You were throwing it at my cat!
(even if I was, he couldn't see me from where he was)
ME - Look, if your cat wouldn't poop in my back yard I wouldn't have to try and keep him out of my yard.
OOAM - How do you know it's my cat?! It's not the only cat in the neighborhood. Do you sit here 24/7 watching your yard?!
ME - I don't need to watch. I...
OOAM - Answer my question!
ME -  I know every stinking cat in this neighborhood....
OOAM - 24/7!  24/7!
ME - I know that their owners don't let them poop in other people's...
OOAM - Answer me!
ME - (at this point I have unleashed the beast) I am trying to answer you but you are too busy screaming at me! Just as loudly as  you scream at your wife! I have lived here six years and we have had no issues until you lived here! Other neighbors are just as annoyed as we are!
OOAM - Your kids throw rocks in my yard!
OOAM - I'm sick of your kids throwing rocks in my yard!
ME - I have two girls who don't throw rocks. Are you kidding me!
OOAM - Yes they do!
ME - How do you know it's my girls? Do you watch your yard 24/7?!
OOAM - And your husband needs to fix the fence!
(we  had a storm a few weeks ago that knocked over a panel of our fence. It is attached just fine with some rope. He was going to fix it one of these days.)
ME - Don't worry. He will fix it. The last thing we want is any more poop in our yard! Maybe if I let my kids poop in your yard you would understand how frustrating and gross it is!
OOAM - You just need to calm down lady!
ME - You are the one that started screaming at me! Your wife may be used to being spoken to like that, but I am not!
Then I walked into my house. It was then that I realized my kids standing there with wide eyes. They were shocked. They kept assuring me that they have NEVER thrown rocks into his yard.
(BTW this was the short version of our conversation minus the swear words he lashed at me...)
Where was A you might ask? He was out in his car on the phone. He missed the fireworks. I'm sure he would have enjoyed me chewing someone else out other than himself.
Now I've had the day to let it all sink in. I feel dumb that I lost my temper and engaged in such a scene. I am mostly embarrassed that my kids saw/heard me. I'm pretty sure there was more Christ-like way to handle that situation but I'm blaming it on the endorphins!

*Oh and mom, leave a comment if you must, but  I pretty much already know what you are going to say...sorry I've disappointed you. Thanks for loving me anyway.

**The nice wife just stopped by and apologized for her husband. She also told me that she was going to buy some spray for us that will keep her cat out. She said her husband is a good man, he was just worried that I was going to kill their cat. I assured her I wouldn't and that I was sorry about the fight.

Monday, March 29, 2010

It's still March...

...and so I have to post about St. Patrick's Day before this month is over. I have to do it for posterity, sorry.


We celebrated with the Samps minus Mike because he was in Utah. His new job is ruining my life, but that is another story for another post...
We had our yummy traditional green meal. That included green drinks...kool aid for kids, lime aid for grown ups.

We had green applesauce, green asparagus and meatballs with green rice. Amy made some sugar cookies that were so good I would totally pay money for them. Good thing she only made half a batch, I could have easily ate a whole batch myself!

I thought I took more pictures than this, but I guess not. So here is one more picture of the kids doing "cheers".
I was the only one who didn't dress in green. I think this was the first year that I can ever remember that I didn't wear it. I had every intention of getting out of my sweats but it just didn't happen. I didn't even get to work out that day! Oh well, my girls thought it was great because they got to pinch me. Next year I hope to be more festive.
So March is almost over and exactly one month from now A and I will be in Hawaii. He surprised me with this trip back in June on our anniversary. Go here to relive that with me. When I want to cry because of the gray skies and rain storms I think of sunshine and sand that await me in a few weeks. Why does it have to be so yucky during Spring Break! WHY!? It's gonna be a long week friends, a very long week.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Let's just say that life with Mr. C is quite "lively".
This is just a sampling of the messes he creates on a daily basis. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of the sugar he dumped all over the table and the buttons he covered the floor with. (Before you call CPS those button containers are supposed to be baby proof) This is the tissue paper he had his way with while I was doing the dishes.

The girls left the crayons and markers where he could reach...

water bottle + Camden - mom = big mess

It's impossible to do homework until Aric gets home, this is why...

This a typical moment in our house, girls minding their own business and C finding trouble.
Here are some funny videos so you can see him in action:

Life with Eden is always comical. This is her latest thing. She is known as the "Applesauce Queen"
Apparently, there are a bunch of kids in her class that don't like applesauce. So on applesauce day they give it to Eden. The kind lunch supervisor allows Eden to haul her stash back to her room. I couldn't believe it the first time she brought her loot home. Now it is a regular thing. She usually eats one or two at school and this is what she brings home. Gotta love this girl!
Eden is my living breathing jack-o-lantern! She is losing teeth at an alarming rate. We keep hoping that this means the tooth fairy will give her teeth to Camden, who still has only two.
A few weeks ago my little dancer performed at a school fundraiser. She rocked it! Especially because she missed two of the six classes while we were in Disney World and she still kept up.
Last but not least is my sweet, sweet Maya.
She too has been losing teeth. The Tooth Fairy has gotten distracted lately and has missed her teeth pick ups the last two times there have been teeth lost.
Shame on that Tooth Fairy!
Maya was not at all pleased with her tardiness so she left her a note...
Miss Tooth Fairy replied...
Maya thinks the Tooth Fairy's handwriting looks really close to mine. I have no idea what she is talking about! I don't even write in cursive!
Well I was going to post about St. Patricks Day but this post is already way to long so that will have to wait for another day...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Can't say enough...

...seriously, I can't say enough about these shoes.
I had been eyeing them for a while. I don't like paying full price for anything, especially shoes that cost $110.
So I watched them go on sale, but the sale price was still $80. I almost bought them because they are that darling, but no, my frugalness would not allow me to do such a thing.
Then a few weeks ago I went to Macy's to pay my bill. Just for the fun of it I checked out their clearance rack, and what did my frugal brown eyes patent leather black beauties! They had ONE pair. They were MY size. I put the display one on, it fit. I quickly walked, with a giant grin on my face, to the cashier. With my Macy's card discount I got these babies for $32 BUCKS!
When I got home I tried them both on and noticed that the strap on the non display shoe was a little cockeyed. It was threaded upside down. No biggie. I turned around. It may have been just the thing that detoured others from buying this shoe! Too bad for happy for me!
These shoes are FABULOUS because they are so cute and so comfortable. They are made by J-41 Adventure On. They are made by the Jeep company...yes strange...but so well made. I wore them for hours upon hours walking through the Disney parks and my feet loved me the whole time.
I know this is a random post but I just had to share my ridiculous deal!
Oh and while I'm on the subject of shoes...I bought these shoes about five years ago. I got them at Ross for $9.99. They were so cute I had to buy them. I thought I would have a boy someday.
So here is C in his "Gansta Shoes" that's what we call them because our little buddy Seth Romney said that's what they look like.
C looks far from Gangsta in this outfit. Aric hiked up his socks for reasons unknown.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Why I am running a marathon ~ by Jessica Dawn

So here's the thing. I just ran fourteen miles. That is more than I have ever ran in my whole life! In honor of such an accomplishment, I have decided to share with you why I am doing this crazy thing called a marathon. I thought about doing a "26 reasons why I'm running" post but decided I would be making up most of the reasons so here is the noncreative "why I am running a marathon" post.

I am running a marathon because I thought running a half marathon was impossible but I did it. In fact minutes after I finished that race someone congratulated me and in the back of my mind I thought..."it was ONLY a half". So if I can do that then I suppose a full marathon is possible too.

I have some of the most amazing friends in the world to train with. Seriously these women are incredible. I am inspired and strengthened by them on a regular basis. I love that we have this goal and we are doing it together.

I have always wanted to know what it feels like to be the one someone is cheering for. Like I have mentioned in previous posts, I love being a fan. I loved being a cheerleader. I grew up watching my brothers, and others...achieve athletic greatness. I was always on the sidelines cheering them on. I loved my role as supportive big sister but now I want to be the one doing something big and great.

I have two legs that work. I have a heart and two lungs that work. My body is healthy and there is no reason why I can't do it. There are people in my life whom I love dearly who are not blessed with good health. I will not take the blessing of good health for granted, so since the ones I love can't run, I will.

I have, for the most part, finally let go of my body issues. Don't get me wrong, there are parts of me that I would change in a heart beat if I could. But what I realize is that if I can run a marathon that means I am in good shape. So this is as good as it gets...unless I want to stop eating cake and funyons, and we know that is never gonna happen! So even though I don't look like a super model, I bet I could out run one any day of the week and twice on Saturday!

I have three children who love me and look up to me. I want to show them, especially my girls, that even when you are a mom you can set big goals and achieve them.

I have a gem of a husband who loves me and supports me. Aric is my biggest fan. He will rearrange his schedule and take on more than usual just so that I can fit my training in. After every long run he always tells me he's proud of me. I couldn't do it with out him. I heart him.

Last but not least....
I have realized that I have ran many marathons already in my 34 years on this planet. They just weren't physical ones. I have ran spiritual and emotional marathons that just about did me in, but in the end, they only made me stronger. That is what I thought about during the last four miles of my run tonight . I thought about all of the hard things that I've lived through and decided that to put one foot in front of the other really isn't going to be that hard. I guess we'll find out in about nine weeks....

*BTW this is the song that got me home....thanks MJ!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It was delightful...

Too many pictures, too much to write and too little time. So this will have to do...

My Favorite Pictures Of Our Florida Vacation

Eden giving Aric a massage during our five+ hours in Minneapolis.

After only two hours of sleep the night before...this little nap of mine was well deserved!

Due to Delta's ridiculous "You have to pay 25 bucks for every bag you check" rule, my poor children became pack mules.

The girls running to the monorail on our very first day at Disney World...umm...priceless! (at least that is what A and I keep telling ourselves after we tallied up the bill)

I just love this picture of Maya with Grandma Kathy. Seriously...does this woman look like she has cancer...just so you know, this is what "LIVING" with cancer looks like.

Another one of my faves...this one was taken in "It's a small world" thankfully we didn't get stuck inside for 20  minutes like we did the last time we rode it.

Do I really need to explain why this would be one of my faves...

Camden loved all the characters...
...but he especially loved Minnie.

This is Eden doing the happy dance because we got in the best row for the "Soarin'" ride.

This is what C looked like every time we let him out of the stroller.

I love this picture of Aric and Eeds.

I love that Maya left this note for the housekeeper, I had no idea she had left it until we got home later that night.

If only C would have made it into this picture, then we could have used it for this years Christmas card!

The Nemo show was AMAZING, it really could have been a broadway production.

Camden absolutely loved it! I took this next picture during the show.

Oh how I wish I had a better camera...this shot is so perfect if it weren't so blurry...

I love this picture because this is what Grandma K looked like most of the time we were at Disney, she was always cold.

Another "I wish I had a better camera" shot. This was taken on the Peter Pan ride. It is easily one of my most favorite rides.

I tried so hard to get a shot of the girls watching the fireworks at Magic Kingdom...this was the best one. There were too many people and it was dark. Even though it wasn't exactly what I wanted, I still think it captures their expressions well.

The beach was absolutely gorgeous! I wish the weather had been better, but I still got some pictures that make me happy.

The trip was long and tiresome. We were busy everyday. I even managed to get 21 miles worth of running in while I was there. There is no vacation from marathon training, but running in the warm sun made it feel like a treat instead of a chore.

The traveling itself was unfortunate and too ridiculous to write about. But the 15 hours (one way) of annoyingness was 100% worth it. Grandma K made sure that our every need was met. The girls will treasure their memories of shell searching, and convertible driving with their papa Ron. If Camden could remember, he would remember trying to escape so he could run free and climb onto everything he wasn't supposed to. He would also remember being snuggled enough to last his lifetime.

Disney World was definitely delightful but I am so glad to be home. As far as I am concerned I live in "the happiest place on earth".  Well as long as you don't count the hours between 4pm and 6pm...those definitely aren't happy hours around here...but overall, I would say that I've got it pretty darn good.

And that, believe it or not, is the short version. I am saving the other 90 pictures, and obnoxious journaling for my photo book.

***If you are still reading this post, it means you must really, REALLY love us (me).