Sunday, April 27, 2008

Highlights from last week...

Said goodbye to Elder Gottwald, he got transferred...boohoo. We love the missionaries and I could do a whole post on that...I always feed them chicken enchiladas with stinky cheese, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I'm really not that great of a cook. In fact I hate to cook. So it is truly out of love of the missionaries that I feed them. Elder Gottwald was quite the picky eater and he told me that his moms chicken enchiladas were his favorite....well he said that mine were better than moms! Yeah you know it!....He probably says that to all the sisters that make him enchiladas....anyway he tried one bite with stinky cheese (after a lot of prodding) and decided that would be his last bite of stinky cheese...ever.

(Elder Gottwald holding the stinky cheese)

Went to Young Women's on Tuesday night. We took pictures for part of our activity so I thought I would post what my girlie's look like...we were missing a couple of them...they are so awesome, I love them.

Edee had "crazy week" at pre-school, this is what my crazy kid looked like.....

Said goodbye to Ilene, over strawberry shortcake, mint brownies and good conversation...

Watched Lost...yay it's back on! We are so exited! Can you believe they killed Ben's daughter?!.....And Ben can control the smoke monster?....WHAT!!!!! Things are getting juicy!....

Aric had a camp out with the scouts and froze his tail off. While Aric was making tin foil dinners and getting smoked out... Maya, Edee and I had ladies night. We went to the mall of course! They finally earned enough money to get some more clothes/shoes for their build a bears.(No pictures of this...but Eden got a fancy white/silver tank top and some silver "heel highs" for her dog, Sara, and Maya got a very conservative outfit and some slippers for Bananas the monkey)

Maya had a game, no goals but had a couple assists and played some awesome defense.
Eden performed at "Dance Fest", it's a dance festival held at the local's an all day event that has dances performed at all different levels and styles. We were a little spooked by the ballet group that wore scary white masks and danced to Enter Sandman by Metallica...yes Metallica. Not your typical ballet performance. Eden's group danced to a rockin out version of the "Itsy Bitsy Spider". Nothing scary about was actually very cute. Aric wanted to leave as soon as Eden was done, but the girls really wanted to stay and watch some more performances, so he caved and we stayed for way longer than he ever wanted to. Here he is with the girls watching a very exciting performance....
It was a good week, only bad news was that our home visit that was scheduled for Monday, got postponed for a week and a half...grrrr. I'm definitely supposed to be learning some patience.

The thing about Ilene... that she is leaving my life about as quickly as she came into it. Actually, thankfully because of the blog world she will always be in my life just not in an everyday sort of way. Ilene and her little family moved here about nine months ago. And are leaving today for Boise...their new home. In my experience it takes at least nine months to really get settled someplace and feel like your new place is home. And now she is leaving...

I met Ilene shortly after she moved here, but due to the fact that I was in Primary I got to know her son Jackson before I really knew her. My friend Jessica R. told me that she met the new girl and said that she was so cute and fun. About a week later I introduced myself to her and I totally agreed with Jessica. The next few months past and we had them over for a game night and we went to other social things that they were at. Then I was called into the Young Women's program and got to serve as one of her advisers. That's when I really got to know Ilene and now I know what I'm going to be missing...
Ilene is...
Intelligent- she's the roommate that actually studied and got good grades. This girl has quite the vocabulary, I just pretend like I know what those big words mean.
Loves the Lord- I got to listen to her teach the girls and bear her testimony to them often. The way she lives her life is a testimony...cheerful and full of faith.
Ever so clever and witty - I mentioned before that she is smart, but she is so funny she doesn't make you feel dumb because you're not as smart.
Neat and tidy- maybe this is because I spent most of my time in her home while she was trying to sell it, but still, she has great taste, she dresses and decorates her home with style.
Easy to be with- I love people who I can talk to about anything...and I mean anything. She is one of those people. Oh I will miss that.

Ilene is a beautiful person and I am grateful for the short time I had her in my life. How blessed are the ladies in Boise who will be receiving our loss. Jessica and I were talking about Ilene moving and we decided that it's like we didn't have enough time to let our friendship totally bloom, she's leaving just as it was beginning. But like I mentioned before, we will always have blogger...

Ilene, Best wishes on your new adventure in Boise, and remember you will always have friends in Washington who will welcome you back with open arms...Love you and God Bless.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Micah!

Aric has only one sibling, a younger brother...Micah. There is no way I could get away with not doing a tribute. So here's to Micah Tom...(aka Pup) on his twenty-seventh birthday...

Alot of people who know Micah, think of him as "Micah the Marine". Aric and I are incredibly proud of Micah for his service in the US Marine Corp. And we are so very grateful that he came home safe and sound after three tours in Iraq. Marines are known for their courage, loyalty and strength. Micah definitely has these characteristics...but he is so much more than a Marine. This is the Micah we know...

Little Brother Micah

Gentle with Kitties Micah

Afraid of card board bears Micah

Always being the jokester, Micah

Sweet with his nieces, Uncle Micah

Adores his sister-in-law, Micah
Loves his wifey, Sleezy Sara, Micah
Loving Step-dad to Kale and Karter, Micah
He is also a son, a grandson, a nephew, a cousin and a friend...we are all so blessed to have him in our lives...Happy Birthday! We love you Micah!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Put a fork in me...I'm done!

We had a very busy week. Here is the summary...

Monday ~ I woke up about to lose my mind because for about three days I had been dealing with a very uncomfortable "lady issue" so Monday morning was spent trying to get into my doctor. Luckily I got in but that meant I had to fly to get Maya to school and find a place for Eden on very short notice. My doctor is like 40 minutes away so it pretty much took up the day. Two prescriptions later I was rushing to the school because it was my day to help out. Aric had his two hour+ interview with our case worker. That night I made dinner for my "pregnant feeling horrible" friend. We managed to survive a Family Home Evening with minor arguments and after bedtime routine was done...I was done.

Tuesday ~ Got Maya and Edee to school. Tile guy comes and finally figures out the reason why our shower has been leaking for three years, which has required our floor to be replaced FOUR times! So we'll see if it's really fixed this time. Tried to do Pilate's but due to "lady issue" mentioned before it was miserable so after about thirty minutes I left early and ran two miles instead. Still uncomfortable but at least got to work out. Picked up Eden from school. Started working on my talk and the lesson I had to help teach in Young Women's (YW)on Sunday. Did some laundry. Hung out with Eden. My visiting teachers came over. Helped Maya with homework. Didn't go to Youth Night, sent Aric. Watched the Biggest Loser finale...yay Ali...yay Bernie! And caught parts of American Idol. Still felt crummy.

Wednesday ~ Still feeling not right. Got Maya to school. Had to carpool Eden's ballet crew today. Eden had Jane R. over for a play date so while they were watching High School Musical 2, I worked on my talk and took a rest. I helped the girls work on some extra jobs so they could earn some Build-A-Bear money. Help Maya with homework. Then worked on my talk/lesson/Bishops Youth Discussion (BYD-a meeting the youth in our ward have once a month. We are hositing it and I am in charge of the discussion). Ran four miles...yes four. That's not normal for me but I had to get rid of a lot of stress.

Thursday ~ Finally starting to feel better. Got Maya and Eden off to school. Had my two hour+ interview with our case worker. Had lunch with Aric to decompress after such an intense two hours. Went to Target and found some sweet yoga pants for five bucks. Did a little more retail therapy and then got home in time to feed the girls cereal for dinner and get Maya to soccer. We got there and no one was there, after 15 min we left. Later found out the coach changed the time and we didn't get the memo...which turned out to be a good thing because Aric and I were going to ward temple night and it was easier to just drop her off at the Romney's, where they ate course #2, chicken noodle soup. The temple was so wonderful. One of the best sessions we've ever been too. Too personal to write about, but we definitely left knowing the Lord's hand in our life and feeling His love for us. Once the girls were in bed, we ate dinner at 9:30 and got to watch the Office and Survivor...Good but busy day.

Friday ~ Almost all the way better. Got Maya off to school. Tile guy came and fixed the mess he made earlier that week. Took Eden to story time at the library. They had a hippy guitar lady singing to them. She was actually really cute and a great singer. Eden picked out her usual 6 books and one movie. She always picks out like four non-fiction books. Last week I had to read a book to her about spies and money. I try to talk her out of them but she likes them. They really aren't fun to read out loud...Later we went over to the Sampsons to work on their kitchen, they are painting it red. They make us work for their friendship. Aric whipped up some ribs on the grill, and we watched a really dumb scary movie "THEY". Don't waste two hours of your life on that one...

Saturday ~ It was our families turn to help clean the church. Aric went to represent our family while I took Eden to her dress rehearsal for her dance class...they have a performance next Saturday. My mom was in town visiting my sister so she came over for a few hours and helped the girls clean the basement. They still hadn't earned all the money they need to buy new outfits for their animals. So with her help we were able to get the house cleaned and work on our talks/lesson/BYD until Maya's soccer game. We had scheduled a babysitter like two weeks ago because we had made big plans to go out, but I was worn out so we just went out to dinner with the Sampson's and then came home to work on talk/lesson/BYD. Then we went to bed early.

Sunday ~ All better. Finalizing talk/lesson. Get everyone ready for church. Go to church. Give talks. Girls sing. ("The Priesthood is Restored" in front of the whole congregation. As Maya gets in front of the mic and the music starts to play she says to me.."Mom, I really don't want to do this", I say "You are going to do a great job and stood right behind her with my hands on her back so she couldn't take off. She and Edee did a great job.)Give lessons. Come home. Eat dinner. Finalize BYD stuff. Have BYD. Get kids in bed. Get myself to bed. Put a fork in me...I'm done.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Feliz Cumpleanos Tio Marco!

This is my Tio Marco. He is my mom's younger brother. Today is his 50th birthday.(4/16/2008)

My Tio Marco has loved me since the day I was born, and has been there for me ever since. This is a picture of me holding on to his "fro" for dear life.

Since my biological father has never really been a part of my life, and my first step-dad was not the greatest father Tio Marco stepped up to the plate for me and my brothers and sister and has never moved. He has always been there...

-When I got a Barbie car and Barbie bicycle for my Barbies, he assembled them, stickers and all.

-When I needed help with homework especially when those blasted computers first came out. He taught me and let me use his.

-When I needed a ride to or from school, practice, a friends house, etc...he picked me up.

-When I needed to be disciplined for some misdeed, he grounded me.

-When I was totally broke in college and couldn't afford my rent, he sent me money.

-When I needed a priesthood blessing, he gave me many.

-When I needed someone to look up to as a loving, honorable priesthood holder. He gave me an example. (I've been thinking a lot about this because I have to give a talk on the restoration of the priesthood on Sunday)

So basically he (along with my Uncle Al) has been the main father figure in my life. Tio Marco has always attended every major event in my life, the lives of my children and everyone else in my family. If he wasn't there, he had a very good reason. He took over as patriarch of the family at a very young age. Shortly after my family came up to the US from Honduras, my grandpa, his father, died of cancer. (My grandpa was in his thirties) I know that Tio Marco sacrificed a lot and put many things in his life on hold to take care of the family. He has always been a hard worker and never a complainer. He was the first in our family to go to college and go on a mission and....If I go on anymore it will sound like a eulogy...

So here's to you Tio Marco! You were the first man I ever loved and the only one who has stuck around from start to finish. Thank you for everything! Feliz Cumpleanos! Te amo mucho!

(This is my tio with his son, Marco Antonio Jr., aka "Pochito")

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Aric's Birthday Party

Since Aric was in Utah on his birthday, we celebrated it on Friday night. Usually I have some sort of theme...this year I didn't, unless the theme was FUN! (T-shirt from the Hansens and seven used steak knives courtesy of the Jenkins...don't ask)

We had some friends over, but due to illnesses (Jessica), no babysitters (Barnetts), church responsibilities (Yosts),business trips (Proudfoots), and other lame plans (Sampsons)...this is who showed up.

Notice Ashley without Kyle and Ryan without Jessica. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Either they totally love us and know that we throw a good party and they will still have fun without their spouses or...they are totally afraid of us that we might hunt them down and verbally assault them for not showing up. Poor Jessica had a rough night due to pregnancy issues, and Kyle was on a flight back from Holland...don't worry he showed up...after traveling for like 20 hours! Now that's a real friend.

We had some yummy appetizers, good conversation and some serious laughs. We mostly played PS2 Sing Star (the 80's), and a little DDR.

Patrick seriously rocked the house! Look closely at the score board...

Adam who at the first sight of the game said "Oh I hate 80's music" Um....who invited him and how did we not know this before! The beauty of 80's music is that if you give it a chance it can change people...remember "We are the world".... After the first round Adam was totally into it. He even challenged me and he was the only one that could beat me!

Kyle showed up just as Sing Star began. He assumed his usual position. Notice him in the background. For those of you who don't know Kyle...he doesn't sing...ever. Not even "happy birthday". But we love him anyway and keep on inviting him to our parties so that Ashley can get the karaoke out of her system.

Meghann and Cynthia held their own. After a couple of rounds Cynthia stopped singing because she was laughing so hard at Patrick.

We have been blessed with fun friends and wish our house was big enough to hold everyone we know and love. To our friends who were able to make it and allowed us to post these silly pictures....thank you for celebrating with us!

Quick Thoughts...

First thought...

... Something that really annoys me is hearing/reading untruths or misconceptions about my religion. Mainly because instead of looking at the core of our religion, the gospel of Jesus Christ, they look at the outrageous and totally misunderstood writings of our doctrines... Which are usually written by a non member or excommunicated member, and then use that information to base their opinions of what I believe. I so appreciate when people ask me questions, in fact I love it when someone asks me about my beliefs, as long as they aren't just trying to pick a fight. So when I read this, the gab blog, I had to link it.

Second thought...

...I love photography, I love good music, and I love Jesus Christ. My friend e-mailed me this link, Reflections of Christ. These pictures that look like paintings, are on display at the Mesa Arizona visitors center. Some very smart, inspired person put them to music for us to enjoy. I hope when you watch the video you feel the spirit testify to you that Jesus is the Christ and that He did live and if there would have been cameras back then maybe we would have seen some pictures like this...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Heel Highs

That's what Eden calls my high heels... For as long as I can remember I have had an obsession with shoes. I loved colored shoes, not black, white or brown... When I was a little girl I loved wearing my mom or my grandma's high heels. Whenever I we went to my grandma's I headed straight for her closet and found some sassy "zapatos" with a purse to match. My abuelita didn't have much but she always had great shoes. So there you have it, it's hereditary, thank you very much!

Which means I'm not one bit surprised that Edee loves shoes. One of her favorite past times is sneaking into my closet and trying on my shoes...the colored ones of course! It sounds like a heard of elephants upstairs as she walks across my bathroom floor.
So this is where I found Eden yesterday my closet.

Trying on my shoes...

She always says " K mom, don't look! Close your eyes and don't peek...ta da!" "I say "Oh Edee, you look so awesome!" After a few passes she says "Okay just one more, mom." Which usually means like five more...
She will usually strut around doing a few passes and say "I love these ones mom, these are my favorite!" I swear one of these days she's going to break her ankle....or my shoes.

When she put these on she said "Do I look like I'm seven?" thinking seven is so grown up.... I say "Uh...more look more like twenty-seven." she says "Nah, I think I look like I'm seven."

So there you have it, my shoe obsessed four and a half year old...(going on seven). I have to admit that it makes me smile and I can't help myself when I find fabulous, funky shoes that fit her. She has at least twice as many shoes as Maya. But Maya could care long as she has her tennis shoes and fake croc's she's happy as can be. Which makes it even more fun for me to indulge Eden's love for shoes. The apple didn't fall too far from the tree here, now did it.

Monday, April 7, 2008

TAG...I'm it!

My friend Kara P, not to be confused with Kara B, or Kara LB tagged me. So here are SIX Things You Probably Don't Know About Me....This is tricky because I'm pretty open about everything and I don't know how to stop talking so my life is an open book. Anyway here it goes...

1. I want to learn how to play the cello. I have always loved the sound and I would have taken it instead of the stupid clarinet when I was in junior high but the clarinet case was way cuter and smaller than the cello case. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Now I have to pay lots of money and find time in my crazy life to take lessons as a grown up.

2. I want to be on a game show so bad...mainly because I'm cocky enough to think I could win. Not the likes of Jeopardy mind you, that is way to intelligent for me. I'm talking, Deal or No Deal, the Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune or Family Feud.

3. I could eat my weight in Hostess cupcakes in a heartbeat if I knew that I wouldn't gain twice my weight by indulging myself. I know it is so wrong but they taste so right! When I have a weak moment and eat one, I eat it very slowly with baby bites savoring every little chocolatey morsel. And never, ever bother with the 100 calorie packs...not even close to the real thing!

4. I hate feet. So to Jessica R. with the foot post...that was difficult for me to read. Luckily I love you so much I can overlook your crazy witch toes. I think my feet are okay as far as feet go and I love baby feet. I think dirty little kid feet that have been in shoes without socks are gross and don't get me started on man feet!EWWW!

5. I hate public restrooms. My germaphobia kicks into high gear at the sound of "Mommy I have to go potty reeaally bad and I can't hold it" My kids know that whenever it is possible to hold it, they need to hold it, because I seriously hate going into one of those germy places. I have to plug my nose and I try not to breathe when I enter one. I hate it when you have to peek to see if one is available. I hate it when someone doesn't flush or the toilet doesn't flush gross! I hate the smell of the cheap soap and I hate it when there is no toilet paper and you have to have your 4 year old get some from another stall...Yikes! We always use seat covers and flush with our feet. I do have to say the Target in Coeur D' Alene and the Macy's in the valley mall are the cleanest public restrooms I've ever been too. Oh and don't even get me started on rest areas, I'd rather go on the side of the road. Too much information...sorry!

6. If I had unlimited money and no morals I would totally be a band groupee for the likes of Dave Matthews, Moroon 5, Guster, Jack Johnson and Oasis...just to name a few. I love live music. Aric and I try to go to at least one concert a year. Now that we have responsibilities like kids and a job we can't go as often as we used to.

Now I'm adding one more just for the fun of it....
7. I have a tatoo...I really do. I got it when I was 21, before everyone started getting them and we were counseled not to. I couldn't find a tatoo place in Provo, UT (go figure) so I had to go up to Salt Lake, where I found a tiny little scary place that did it for me. the tatoo..
A. a red heart with a black arrow through it on my right hip. B. a black celtic knot on my left shoulder C. two light green dragonflies on my lower back or D. a dolphin on my left ankle.

So there you have it. My six+ one extra things. So now I'm supposed to tag six people and since I'm not as nice as Ilene I am totally tagging...Amy S, Ashley H, Penny R, Lindsey W, Bonnie P and Kara Barnett.'re it!