Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thank You!

I just have to say how humbled I am by the responses I have gotten from my last post. All of the comments and e-mails have given me such a boost. I appreciate all of the kind words, words of comfort and well wishes. I know I owe Jessica R. for sending most of you my thank you my dear, sweet, fabulous friend. I'm so grateful for the girls who have shared their adoption stories and their struggles with infertility. What a strength and support you are to me. Blogging is so much cheaper than therapy!

"It isn't the load that breaks's the way you carry it"
-Abraham Lincoln

Thank you for helping me carry my load.



Lindsey said...

Seriously! I was telling my mom that blogging is like therapy. It is the best! Hope everything is going well.

Lauren said...

I agree...blogging is the best therapy ! :)

Jessica Romney is amazing and so are you!

Ilene said...

You're welcome. Just kidding, I didn't do much but I thought it was the polite thing to say.

Hey, I need to see pictures of your "flip." That is, if it won't be on TLC or HGTV.

Jessica said...

I'm really good at helping people by simply typing 20 words and using the link button.

Someone should write a book about me, or something.

(love you!)

Mahina said...

no, thank you! that's not a subject i bring up often so i appreciate that you were so open about it! it really does help to know that i'm not the only one out there. i know that i'm not, but sometimes it sure feels like it!