Friday, January 28, 2011

Who Knew?

Eleven years ago, Aric and I were newly engaged. We were on a date wandering the mall like we usually did because there was nothing else to do in Fargo, ND in the middle of the bitter cold winter. We were in JC Penney and saw an adorable outfit for a little boy (3T). The reason why it made such an impression is because of this picture.

It is a picture of Aric and his family taken way back when. His parents are wearing his great grandparents wedding clothes. I love this picture and the outfit Aric is wearing. So when we saw this outfit we decided to buy it. We figured we would have a little boy someday and it was just classic enough it would always be in style...AND it was regularly $40 marked down to $12. So for the past eleven years we have brought it with us from move to move. It has hung in a storage closet collecting dust until a few weeks ago....someone wears 3T now...

Okay so it really doesn't look much like the outfit was wearing except for the hat...but it still reminded us of it. When we bought it, we pictured a little boy wearing it someday...he just wasn't this dark and crazy.

Camden has worn it a couple times to church and it is so hilarious how many people stop us just to comment on his outfit. The amazing part is that he actually keeps the hat on!

Who knew eleven years ago what life was going to throw at us. This outfit is so much more than an outfit. It represents young love and the naiveness that accompanies it. It represents dreams that become realities. It represents years of wondering, waiting, and hoping. It's definitely an outfit that we will hold onto for generations to come.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scripture Bag Tutorial


A few months ago I was asked to do a sewing project for "Fabulous Friday" a night where a bunch of ladies from church get together and do projects. I decided to do a scripture bag. The problem was that I didn't have a pattern. I ended up looking online and couldn't find one that I liked. What I did find was a naasty virus...and I mean NAASTY virus on my computer. It ended up killing it, anyway...back to the I had to come up with my own pattern. This is very easy and should only take you a couple hours to make, even less if you are an expert seamstress.

(Lauren did you notice the chicken?)

1/2 yrd main fabric (navy/butterflies)
3/4 yrd contrast fabric (light green)
3/4 fusible interfacing
1 1/4 yrd ribbon

*I used navy thread because I wanted the contrast and I did't want to have to mess with switching the thread. You can use matching if you want.


I only figured out yardage for two bags because we were getting fabric for multiple bags. I'm not sure if you will have enough if you half the yardage for just one bag. Because fabric comes in different widths and such it can get confusing. Here are the exact measurements, you can figure it out from here if you want to just make one bag...

Main Fabric - cut one 11 in. x 18 in. (outside of bag)
Main Fabric - cut one 6.5 in. x 9 in. (pocket)
Main Fabric - cut two 4 x 16.5 in. (handles)

Contrast - cut two 3.5 in. x 11 in. (top of outside of bag)
Contrast - cut one 7.5 in. x 11 in. (pocket)
Contrast - cut one 11 in. x 23.5 in. (inside of bag)

Fusible Interfacing - cut one 11 in. x 24 in. (iron onto inside of bag)
Fusible Interfacing - cut two 1.5 in. 16.5 in. (iron onto handles)

Ribbon - cut two 11 in. strips. Use whatever width of ribbon you want...I used 1 in.

They should be 24 x 11

I use an approx 1/4 in seam allowance...

 Step One: Handles...
Iron the handle interfacing to the handle fabric. Measure in 1/2 in. and iron interfacing...there will be 2 in. on the other side of the interfacing.

Fold in 1/2 in. on both sides and iron.

Fold ironed sides onto each other and press. 

Then sew down both edges of the straps. 

I think it's a 1/4 in. seam...the edge of my presser foot was my guide. Do this to both straps, put aside until later.

Step Two: Pockets...
Fold your fabric pieces in half and press. Now measure 1/4 in. on sides and bottom of pocket and not mess with the folded side. That will be the top of your pocket.

Step Three: Inside of bag...
Iron on the interfacing...Maya (my lovely assistant) is using a damp hanky to help it fuse better.

Step Four: Assembly...
I start with the outside pocket (contrast fabric). I sew the sides first and then the bottom. The fold goes on top so there is no sewing there.

Now center and pin the smaller pocket onto the other pocket. Pin. Sew directly onto the big pocket. (you can also sew the pocket first to make it easier when you sew it onto the big pocket)

Now it's time to sew the front of the bag. 
Line up contrast to edge of main fabric. Pin.

Now sew. Notice my presser foot is lined up to the edge of the fabric.

Press seam open. Pin ribbon on top of right side of fabric. I pinned it so it was centered on the seam.
Do this to both sides.

This is probably the hardest part...sewing on the ribbon. If you aren't confident in sewing a straight stitch, use the same colored thread as your ribbon. I sewed right on the edge. Notice the presser foot again. I used that center edge as my guide. Sew top and bottom edges.

Fold in half,  and measure 1 in. from bottom of ribbon. Pin. It should look like this.

Now sew on pocket. I literally sew right on the seam that I already sewed.

Now fold the bag in half...right sides together. Sew sides (top to bottom).

Grab your lining and sew dow the sides just like you did the outside.

Now this part sounds trickier than it really the outside of your bag (right sides still together), so that the side seams are centered and the bottom turns into a triangle.

Measure two inches from the corner. Pin and draw a line. Do the same on the other side. Then flip your bag over and do it to the other side seam.

Do the same thing to the lining, then sew from one pin to the other on the line that you drew.

When you are done it should look like this...yes that is generic cola in the not judge (Andrea)...

Now trim the corner off. Do this to both corners on lining and on the outside of the bag.

Again this sound harder than it is...but take the bottom corners of the inside and outside of the bag and pin them together. Make sure you line each corner up right.

Sew them together.

When you are done, your bag will look like this. 

Now turn them right side out.

With your bag sitting upright. Fold the inside and outside fabric down 1 in. so that they are tucked inside facing each other. Pin all the way around.

Now it's time to pull out those straps you put aside earlier. Guess what!? You are almost done now....whoo hoo!! Measure 1 1/2 in. from the center seam, pin straps.

Your bag will look like this.

Sew all the way around your bag. Notice presser foot right on the edge of the fabric.

To reinforce the straps, go down 3/4 inch and sew around the bag again.

Now the fun part. Glue some bling onto the center of the flower.

Cut the stem back as close to flower as you can. Then glue onto bag.

Ta Dahhhhhh!!!!

So there you have it, an easy scripture bag tutorial...without getting a virus! If you make one of these you better put it up on your blog so I can see it.

BTW....I've got the stuff to make a boy bag for C, I will post it when I get around to making it.

*Are you digging this song? (Letters From the Sky) I love it. I love this band. (Civil Twilight)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Seven and a half

This is what seven and a half looks like...

There are so many reasons to love this kid, but lately she has been getting on my nerves with her constant whining, overreacting and complaining..."BUT MAAAAHHHHHM!"

So I thought if I did a post about all the reasons she is awesome it would help me not be so annoyed with her.

She is super sweet and kind to everyone...

She is always willing to try anything...even a lime.

She loves to make people happy...

She sure can be spunky when she wants to...

She listens to every word you say and will remember everything you say...

...which is great when she is learning something new at gymnastics (she started two weeks ago and is LOVING it!), but not so great when I forgot to do something I told her I would do.

She is VERY sentimental. She wants to save everything, even this coloring page from Red Robin. I refused to let her take it home but told her I would take a picture of it.

Seriously, we have got to get this under control now or else she will end up on "Hoarders" someday!

She is very obedient...if only she didn't get so distracted when she was obediently doing her chores.

She has embraced her middle childness. Being the little sister is not that fun...believe me, I know ALL about it. Eden can get her feelings hurt pretty easy but then is very quick to forgive.

This is a funny art project Eden did at school. It is a picture of her and four things about her...she said "I like ice cream." "I can have fun." "I am a dancer." and "I'm the middle kid in the house."

Here are some other fun facts about Edee...

Eden is a great kid...I love her more than words can say. I just wish she could stay on task for more than seven seconds and stop whining about ever-y-thing! I shouldn't complain too much, her tattling has gotten a ton better and every time she whines or overreacts about something I say "rewind" and she usually stops herself and starts over. I have a feeling "rewind" will be a part of my regular vocabulary for the next ten and a half years.

(This is a picture of Eden with Bishop Adam and ten of the other kids who are getting baptized in our ward.)