Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Random Things That Need To Be Documented

As my world turns, some crazy stuff goes down every single day. Things that I want to document before they fade into the black hole of my brain that will be forgotten forever. Things that would have been forgotten already had I not taken a picture of it. So here we go...

This picture looks innocent enough but tells a very dark, disgusting tale...Camden woke up one Sunday morning with different pj's on than what he went to bed in. We quickly checked his bed and found no evidence of an accident so moved on with getting ready for church. But then over breakfast he told the girls that he pooped on his bugs. Aric searched his room. Nothing. I couldn't believe that he had done anything because I couldn't smell anything. Until I remembered that I put his glow in the dark bugs in an old cream cheese container. When Aric found the container...well let's just say he found the evidence we had been looking for. SO GROSS!!!!! I have to admit I was quite impressed with the skill C has to do it in such a small place without making a disgusting mess.

Needless to say, the container along with all the bugs were tossed in the trash.

It hasn't snowed a ton this year, but it did snow and the kids made an enormous snowman.

Maya and Eden babysat one night and did this cute little thing (The Shoe Fairy) for Camden so that he would go to bed and stay in bed.

This next picture was taken at around 10:30pm. Sadly this is not the only time this has happened but this time I did get a picture of it...Camden getting into his lotion. He kept saying "I didn't even do anysing wid my lotion mom!"

Aric was able to play a couple of basketball games for our church team. Camden was the best cheerleader...he even had a sign!

Maya did a China Fair at her school and she worked so hard on her project with her group that they got the highest score the teacher gave out!

Camden got this little doll from GK when he was a baby. They named him "Baby Lemon". He hasn't played much with Baby Lemon, but after we went to GK's memorial service all of the sudden Baby Lemon went everywhere with C. This is how I found C sleeping one night. He made Baby Lemon all cozy, it was so cute.

Camden has become obsessed with Nutella and his scooter. He stuffs his backpack with Nutella, butter knives, hand cuffs, bread or bagels and maybe a stuffed animal if there is room. Then he insists on grabbing his scooter so he can go ride to school to pick up Eden or our friends who live across the streets house.

One day Camden asked me to cut his sandwich like an email...silly boy.

My friend Rachel won tickets to Hunger Games opening night...she took me with her. She's pretty dang lucky she even won the book at the showing! The movie was so good...I loved it.

After the movie we chatted outside with some friends and this ghost buster mobile went by. I couldn't pull my phone out fast enough to take a picture...well a few days later Aric and I were out with the kids and we saw it in the parking lot. This time I had Aric take a picture...Isn't it so awesome! I wish I had pictures from more angles, it just doesn't do it justice.

This post could go on forever, I have more random stuff than I realized. I will save the other stuff for another post. Stay tuned...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Running Ramblings

Deciding to run a marathon is one thing, training for it is another...especially during the frigid temperatures that this lovely season brings. 

These are some things that keep me going during the long cold months of training: 

~ I invested in under armor and it has definitely made a huge difference. Not the most flattering but it keeps me warm.

~ I make sure that I have some pretty good company on those crazy long runs. (Don't let the sunshine fool you. It only came out for the three hours we we running.)

These are two of my running peeps during mile 13 on our 18.2 miler on Friday. 

We ran from Liberty Lake to Couer D'Alene. We stayed there and took 4 minute showers then off to get us some carbs! We each ordered our own pizza...

~ Good music is essential. At some point there is a point where it takes all mental capabilities to just keep going so conversations have to stop and music is necessary. These are some of my faves on my running playlist...

Alright - Kris Allen
Firework - Katy Perry
Mr. Brightside - Killers
Off with your head/Thriller - Glee Cast
Every Teardrop is a Waterfall - Coldplay
Pretty Young Thing - Michael Jackson
Just Dance - Lady Gaga
This Town - OAR
We Found Love - Rhianna
Your Love is My Drug - Kesha

~ I'm really loving my training program this time around. My friends and I are doing the "Less is More" training.

Mon - Intervals 
Tues - Cross Train which is eliptical, core and weights for me
Wed - Run 5 - 10 miles depending on the week
Thurs - Cross Train eliptical, yoga, core and/or weights
Fri - Long run 10 - 20 miles depending on the week

I dread the intervals every week and it is my shortest workout! Sprinting is serious work.

~ I have changed my attitude about the long runs.

Running is all really doesn't take too long to get your body into the running groove. Once you have your lungs and legs built up it is all in your head. So I start thinking about my long run at the beginning of the week. I think about how good it's going to be. I think about my favorite parts of the trail. I think about how great it will feel when it's done. I only let myself think positive thoughts about it and so far it's totally helped me stay focused and enjoy those very long miles.

My marathon is May 19th. I am looking forward to it for so many reasons...packet pick up with my friends, the warmer weather, finally accomplishing my goal, losing the four pounds I always gain while training, but most of all, I love that I will be done with training! Until I decide on the next race I'm going to do...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Oh and there was Valentine's Day...

Yes, I realize it is March 11. Almost a whole month after the fact but we loved and it needs to be documented.

The kids got some money from grandparents so this is what they got with their loot...Eden and Maya put their money together to buy this hair salon kit for their American Girl Dolls (thank you Target for having a cheaper version of this stuff!!!) Camden got a pack of Toy Story characters that he loves dearly.


The Saturday before V-Day we went out as a family to celebrate. We went to Ding How...everyone's favorite local Asian restaurant and had some frozen yogurt for dessert.

The girls slurping up their miso soup...they always fight for the tofu. GROSS!

Camden had to bring his "Foy Sory Free Guys" with him to Ding How. He ended up chewing but not swallowing his sesame chicken so Aric went and bought him a "taco-burrito" at Taco Bell and he gobbled up that instead. Honestly, I am not that nice of a parent but since we were celebrating "love" I decided to cave this time.

I can't even begin to tell you the joy that "Just Chillin'" brings me every time I pull into our little shopping plaza. I will single handedly keep this place in business!


I did Eden's third grade party...last party of the year. Yes this picture is blurry. Another mom at the party took it three times and they were all this blurry. I must have made her nervous and shakey...


Eden's Valentine holder...We recycled last years. She took off all the glittery hearts and added felt roses. Easy Cheesey.


I made crazy amounts of sugar cookies and some heart shaped pizzas...


We did our homemade valentines exchange, which is always good for some silly poems and drawings.


Aric got me some very practical and much needed rain boots. He also won this ridiculous basket in a raffle at our bank and pretended like he picked it out for me...I am so not a stuffed animal and chocolates kind of girl. We may or may not have regifted the stuffed bear to some very lucky neighbors whom we love dearly.

And that was how we celebrated love last month. Not that exciting but still fun nonetheless...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Much Needed Break

Last week Aric and I headed to Arizona to check on our rental property. We have some new renters we wanted to meet (they are awesome) and a couple house things to take care of. It was the perfect get away...

We stayed at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort. It was AMAZING! This was the view right outside our door:

We ate and ate and ate! We only eat at places we don't have here. One of our favorite places is Rubio's. The fish tacos there are sooooo YUMMY!

One of our favorite restaurants is Carrabbas. Since there are none where we live, we decided to eat there twice this trip. I am in full blown marathon training right now so every meal we ate I was finishing before Aric and eating just as much as him. He was finding this quite amusing...

We got to meet up with our lovely friends Ryan and Natalie. It was Nat's birthday so we celebrated with a yummy lunch at a Mongolian Grill. It was great fun, our time was way too short :(

Did you catch that I mentioned that I am training for a marathon?? Yeah, I am. So I had to run 14 miles BY MYSELF while we were there. I have never ran that far alone. The first eight miles weren't so bad but the rest was so BORING! I did call my friend Cami at mile ten to try and make the time pass faster. I listened to my tried and true "running" playlist which is fantastic, by the way, and I also took some pictures:

This is what the end of 14 miles looks like on me...not so pretty.

My cousin Ammon is currently serving a mission for my church in Mesa. So we decided to check out his area. First we went to the Mesa temple. It was a beautiful day...

There is this crazy piece of petrified wood on the temple grounds. We had to get a picture of it. Aric wouldn't pose so I had to...

We didn't tell him we were coming we just decided to drive around with our Garmin and found his apartment complex.

We spent a couple hours looking for him but no luck.

We did a little shopping and Aric found some great deals. He got a $950 suit for $80! He also got some nice work shirts and ties.

The best part about the trip was hanging out with Aric with out kids interrupting or school and work and house projects looming over our heads. We never knew what time it was. We went to bed when we felt like it and woke up when we felt like it. It was so relaxing and fun.

My two most favorite moments of the trip was first, being the only people in a park and sitting on a bench just sitting there in the sunshine soaking it all up. The second one was sitting in the pool after my 14 mile run and the sun.

It's so crazy to think that a little over three months ago we were on a beach in Hawaii soaking up the sun. I felt a storm was coming and boy did it ever come! It has been an exhausting and heavy few months. When I booked the flights, I made sure that we didn't have to get up very early. I even made sure that I didn't stay up too late packing but the minute the plane was in the air, I was asleep. I woke up when we were landing. It was so weird. I did the EXACT same thing on the next flight! I couldn't believe how tired I was. I had no idea my brain was so fried. I am so grateful for this chance A and I had to regroup and finally exhale. Hopefully this much needed rest will keep me going until my life gets under control or at least until the sun decides to start permanently shining in my neck of the woods.