Monday, June 27, 2011

Maya's Farewell to Elementary School

It was painful for me. I started crying about it a year ago when I watched my friend's fifth grader graduate from elementary school. Maybe it's because Maya is my first baby to reach this milestone. Maybe it's because I can't believe I'm old enough to have a child in Jr. High...whatever the root of my emotions, they are real and I am dealing with them.

So this is how Maya ended her fifth grade year...

As Maya's fifth grade year came to a year an end, she had couple of fun field trips. One was to a wildlife conservatory.

And another to our local county park. It was fun to watch these kids do activities that build team work and confidence.

Going on these field trips aren't always easy for me. Finding child care for C and spending hours in the woods is not really my thing...why aren't their field trips to the mall? There is tons to be learned there! But in the end, I know it means the world to my kids so I go. 

Our PTSA planned a super fun field day for the kids, too bad it was FREEZING!

Maya earned her citizenship award, which was no easy task. She had to do at lease 8 hours of community service. She had to get an 80% or better on the ACTUAL citizenship test and then write a five paragraph essay on what it means to be an American. I am so proud of her! This picture is so funny because no one is smiling. I took like six pictures and in every single one, Maya wasn't smiling.

Maya's teacher was AWESOME!!! We love him. He gave each student in his class a mini trophy and Maya got the "Most Sweet" award. When he started to present it he said "this is the sweetest person in the class, the one that everyone wants on their team..." and everyone yelled "MAYA!" It made my heart melt. He also wrote her a very nice letter. Maya struggles in Math and he worked so hard with her, he worked all year on pulling Maya out of her shell and he helped her in a way that we never could have. Thank heavens for good teachers! Bless you Mr. Rachoy!

Our school has this super cool tradition where the ENTIRE school comes out and makes a tunnel for the fifth graders to go through and slap everyone's hands. So Fun!

Then after school, I was on the planning committee for the "Fifth Grade Celebration". The kids walked to a nearby park and had a carnival for the rest of the day. The heavens held back wind and rain for that afternoon. It was a miracle!

These are Maya's Besties...Holland, Elsa, Breanna and Rachel


It was such a fun afternoon. I was so happy to be a part of it, and so grateful to my friend Rachel who watched C while she was packing up her house so that I could be there!

The younger siblings were invited (except Camden)...Eden was thrilled! Look at her rocking the Twister game!

Maya has so many friends that have second grade siblings. It was perfect because the siblings had a great time too, as far as they knew it was a celebration for them too!

Maya had fabulous fifth grade year.  I am just as excited for her to start Jr. High as I am sad. I know she is ready, I'm the one that's not.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Eden's Farewell to Second Grade

Eden had a great second grade year. She got the same teacher Maya had for 1st and 2nd grade. We know Mrs. Spear very well and we love her so much! Saying goodbye to her was very hard on all of us.

All six of the second grade classes at Eden's school went on an end of the year field trip to watch "Alice in Wonderland" and then headed over to Manito Gardens (an amazing garden in the middle of our city" for the rest of the day. 

Right before school ended the 2nd graders put on a play/musical "Save the Plants". Maya did the same play so I have the songs burned in my brain for all times...nothin' like having "photosynthesis" stuck on repeat in my head.

Well Miss Edee was Aphid #1 and a narrator.

She was so cute! She had her part memorized for weeks. She learned all the songs when Maya did it so she was totally prepared.

The last couple weeks were hard on Eden because Maya was getting a ton of attention from us and everyone do all fifth graders who are leaving the elementary and moving on to the big Jr. High. Maya has also had field trips, field days, dance recitals and fifth grade celebrations that have been occupying a lot of my time. Being the middle child really stinks sometimes and requires some pretty thick skin. I just hope Eden isn't scarred for life because of the emotional neglect she has received the past couple of weeks. 

(Eden with her buddy Kate the last day of school)

Eden did get some attention, I took her to Kate's baptism...these girlies have been friends since they were in "the womb".

Eden also did a great job on her piano piece at the recital. She pretty much rocked second grade and is more than ready for third.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Aric and I went out on our first date on September 12th.

Aric was supposed to propose on December 12th but he picked up my ring on the tenth and couldn't wait two more days to give it to me.

We were married on June 12th.

Today is our 12 year anniversary.

12 is good.

Our journey to 12 has been full of some pretty tough stuff.

Year pregnant, Aric started his career, we moved to Western Washington from North Dakota.

Year 2...had Maya, moved 30 miles away but it felt like we were starting over.

Year 3...started building our first house, I had a breakdown and started counseling. Tried to get pregnant.

Year 4...finished house but couldn't move into it, moved to Eastern Washington...had to start over again, finally got pregnant.

Year 5...had Eden, built a house and then nine months later built another house.

Year 6...moved into new house, started trying to get pregnant again.

Year 7...tried to get pregnant, Aric's mom got officially diagnosed with cancer.

Year 8...infertility

Year 9...infertility and the beginning of the adoption process.

Year 10...waiting and more waiting, then finally...FINALLY Camden!

Year 11...kidney stones, adoption drama and Aric work drama, lawyers and financial stress but finalization did come.

Year 12...bought a rental property in Arizona

These first 12 years have been H.A.R.D. but during the hardest of times we always turned to each other. We were able to still find the joy amid the sorrow.

As I reflect on it all, it really does amaze me that we made it through stronger than ever. I give the credit to Aric's patience, my determination, and our unwavering faith in God. 

I feel so blessed to have Aric by my side. We are not a mushy, gushy kind of couple. On most days we annoy each other more than we please each other, but even on our worst days we love each other and have each other's backs. 

We are pretty much the real life version of Phil and Claire Dunphy. I think that's why we love that show so much.

So here's to my Phil,I mean Aric...Happy Golden Anniversary! Thanks for being the calm when I am the storm.

I love you more now...

then way back then...