Monday, June 20, 2011

Eden's Farewell to Second Grade

Eden had a great second grade year. She got the same teacher Maya had for 1st and 2nd grade. We know Mrs. Spear very well and we love her so much! Saying goodbye to her was very hard on all of us.

All six of the second grade classes at Eden's school went on an end of the year field trip to watch "Alice in Wonderland" and then headed over to Manito Gardens (an amazing garden in the middle of our city" for the rest of the day. 

Right before school ended the 2nd graders put on a play/musical "Save the Plants". Maya did the same play so I have the songs burned in my brain for all times...nothin' like having "photosynthesis" stuck on repeat in my head.

Well Miss Edee was Aphid #1 and a narrator.

She was so cute! She had her part memorized for weeks. She learned all the songs when Maya did it so she was totally prepared.

The last couple weeks were hard on Eden because Maya was getting a ton of attention from us and everyone do all fifth graders who are leaving the elementary and moving on to the big Jr. High. Maya has also had field trips, field days, dance recitals and fifth grade celebrations that have been occupying a lot of my time. Being the middle child really stinks sometimes and requires some pretty thick skin. I just hope Eden isn't scarred for life because of the emotional neglect she has received the past couple of weeks. 

(Eden with her buddy Kate the last day of school)

Eden did get some attention, I took her to Kate's baptism...these girlies have been friends since they were in "the womb".

Eden also did a great job on her piano piece at the recital. She pretty much rocked second grade and is more than ready for third.


Nurse Graham said...

I'm bummed I missed the play. Eden looks so cute as Aphid #1. I love your pictures of Eden and the other girls while they were visiting the Manito Gardens.

Let me know when you have time for a run.

Cami said...

You did it another school year down, good job mamma you got them to school each and everyday that's an accomplishment

Lauren in GA said...

I always fret about my Adam because he was the middle child for so long.

It seems like the school system in your area is FANTASTIC. Your girls (and you)will never forget the miracle of photosynthesis. Eden looks so cute. She is a darling Aphid. ☺

Rochelleht said...

She is sooo cute! It's crazy watching these darlings grow up and move on. Makes my heart hurt.

Jean McKendrick said...

Kai finished his second grade year this year too, his wasn't so great, MEAN teacher. We are hoping for a better year next year. Eden is so cute! How does time go so fast? I feel like it goes faster every year.

Elena said...

Fun to see Edie's last days of school.