Friday, June 3, 2011

Wicked Awesome!

It was a over a year in the making...Last April I found out Wicked was coming to our neck of the woods. I was so excited to find out I could get some discounted from a friend who held season tickets. They were still more money than I would normally spend but they were worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY! We had orchestra seats...A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

I didn't tell the girls so that I could surprise them. It was a very long time to keep the secret. My girls have loved the music since they were seven and three. I have seen them "perform" the songs hundreds of times. One time they were even Elphaba and Galinda for Halloween.

Aric was more than happy to stay home with C while I took the Maya and Edes. On the night of the show I had the girls do their jobs and their homework. Thankfully there were no incidents and when they were done they asked to watch a show. After a few minutes I started playing the opening song from Wicked super loud, they came running to me and asked what I was doing. Then I told them what was going on and they started screaming.

It was awesome!

We got dressed up and off we went.

They wanted Chinese food so we went to Mustard Seed. The girls hadn't eaten there before. They loved it.

Then we headed to the show. I had been so focused on the girls reaction that I hadn't realized how excited I was until we actually sat down in our seats. We were all giddy with excitement.

We were so happy that we got to sit right behind our Romney friends. It was such a fun surprise...we didn't even plan it!

The show was beyond my expectations. I had never seen it before and watching it with my two girlies was the most perfect way to watch it. Maya kept squeezing my hand and telling me how awesome it was. Eden would sing the songs really quiet and every once in a awhile she would get excited and start singing a little louder. It was so cute.

When the show was over Maya kept saying it was the best day of her life.

It was one of mine too. I realized that my girls are growing up and that even though most days I wish time would stop, that night I was so happy to have a precious moment with my two "growing up" girls. We had such a great together and made a memory that we will cherish forever.

We still are feeling the effects of a Wicked hangover. The songs are constantly being played over and over in our heads. Maybe it's because we can't help ourselves and play the cd over and over again just so we can see the scenes in our minds. It's been a week now and we are still talking about it. Best Night Ever!


TisforTonya said...

love the Wicket music... my girls would be so excited if I ever was able to swing tickets... glad you got to go, and now I need to go and crank the music so I can clean the kitchen :)

Lauren in GA said...

That is so awesome that you surprised the girls like that. Also really neat, is that you were able to sit behind the Romneys without even planning it. I love how you played the song really, really loudly so they would ask you what was going on. That made it even more fun to spring the news on them!

Elena said...

Your pictures are great! I was just there last month and can't believe my eyes that both girls look older. Seriously. I'm very happy you were able to have such a wonderful evening together. I know they will remember it always. xoxo

Jess said...

That is Awesome! I didn't know you surprised them till the last minute! Love it!!!

Rochelleht said...

That actually almost made me cry. I know exactly how you felt!! I surprised both the girls too. So so fun. We still listen to the soundtrack. For Jane's Mothers Day paper she filled out, she said Wicked was her favorite day ever. So glad you had such a great time!!

Jean McKendrick said...

I am so glad you LOVED it. It is my favorite! I think it's cool you could share it with your girls.

Rachel said...

What a fun mom and daughters night!! Garrett and I got to go for our anniversary and we loved it too! That chinese food looks so yummy. We haven't tried that restarant either. We will definitely have to go sometime!

calibosmom said...

WICKED AWESOME!!! What a great memory for you and your girls!

Kathy said...


Lindsay said...

My favorite! I'm so glad for you! If I could afford it I'd see it every time it came around, yay!