Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Random Things That Need To Be Documented

As my world turns, some crazy stuff goes down every single day. Things that I want to document before they fade into the black hole of my brain that will be forgotten forever. Things that would have been forgotten already had I not taken a picture of it. So here we go...

This picture looks innocent enough but tells a very dark, disgusting tale...Camden woke up one Sunday morning with different pj's on than what he went to bed in. We quickly checked his bed and found no evidence of an accident so moved on with getting ready for church. But then over breakfast he told the girls that he pooped on his bugs. Aric searched his room. Nothing. I couldn't believe that he had done anything because I couldn't smell anything. Until I remembered that I put his glow in the dark bugs in an old cream cheese container. When Aric found the container...well let's just say he found the evidence we had been looking for. SO GROSS!!!!! I have to admit I was quite impressed with the skill C has to do it in such a small place without making a disgusting mess.

Needless to say, the container along with all the bugs were tossed in the trash.

It hasn't snowed a ton this year, but it did snow and the kids made an enormous snowman.

Maya and Eden babysat one night and did this cute little thing (The Shoe Fairy) for Camden so that he would go to bed and stay in bed.

This next picture was taken at around 10:30pm. Sadly this is not the only time this has happened but this time I did get a picture of it...Camden getting into his lotion. He kept saying "I didn't even do anysing wid my lotion mom!"

Aric was able to play a couple of basketball games for our church team. Camden was the best cheerleader...he even had a sign!

Maya did a China Fair at her school and she worked so hard on her project with her group that they got the highest score the teacher gave out!

Camden got this little doll from GK when he was a baby. They named him "Baby Lemon". He hasn't played much with Baby Lemon, but after we went to GK's memorial service all of the sudden Baby Lemon went everywhere with C. This is how I found C sleeping one night. He made Baby Lemon all cozy, it was so cute.

Camden has become obsessed with Nutella and his scooter. He stuffs his backpack with Nutella, butter knives, hand cuffs, bread or bagels and maybe a stuffed animal if there is room. Then he insists on grabbing his scooter so he can go ride to school to pick up Eden or our friends who live across the streets house.

One day Camden asked me to cut his sandwich like an email...silly boy.

My friend Rachel won tickets to Hunger Games opening night...she took me with her. She's pretty dang lucky she even won the book at the showing! The movie was so good...I loved it.

After the movie we chatted outside with some friends and this ghost buster mobile went by. I couldn't pull my phone out fast enough to take a picture...well a few days later Aric and I were out with the kids and we saw it in the parking lot. This time I had Aric take a picture...Isn't it so awesome! I wish I had pictures from more angles, it just doesn't do it justice.

This post could go on forever, I have more random stuff than I realized. I will save the other stuff for another post. Stay tuned...


Lauren in GA said...

Oh, my gosh. The pooping in the cream cheese container...I must DANGED impressive!! That is some good aim.

I love it. He insists he didn't do anysing wid his lotion...but it is even up his nostrils.

The photo of him with cozy Baby Lemon is wonderful.

Shirley said...

Love each and every memory of yours!!!

calibosmom said...

I love your random posts! Can you PLEASE bring Camden to visit me?

Rochelleht said...

Oh, that was wonderful. I am laughing out loud at it all. Especially Camden. That boy is SUCH a character!!! Oh, that cream cheese container incident... WoW!

And I thought I'd seen it all when it came to poop. That's a new one on me.

Ash said...

Funny! I dig it. Camden is ginormous. Seriously, he looks huge.

Melissa-Mc said...

It's so fun to see that little guy grow up! I went opening night of "Hunger Games" also. I am still trying to recover from the lack of sleep :)

Natalie said...

Camden cracks me up. I you should put a hidden camera in his room. You could YouTube it and make the world have a reason to giggle.