Monday, March 12, 2012

Oh and there was Valentine's Day...

Yes, I realize it is March 11. Almost a whole month after the fact but we loved and it needs to be documented.

The kids got some money from grandparents so this is what they got with their loot...Eden and Maya put their money together to buy this hair salon kit for their American Girl Dolls (thank you Target for having a cheaper version of this stuff!!!) Camden got a pack of Toy Story characters that he loves dearly.


The Saturday before V-Day we went out as a family to celebrate. We went to Ding How...everyone's favorite local Asian restaurant and had some frozen yogurt for dessert.

The girls slurping up their miso soup...they always fight for the tofu. GROSS!

Camden had to bring his "Foy Sory Free Guys" with him to Ding How. He ended up chewing but not swallowing his sesame chicken so Aric went and bought him a "taco-burrito" at Taco Bell and he gobbled up that instead. Honestly, I am not that nice of a parent but since we were celebrating "love" I decided to cave this time.

I can't even begin to tell you the joy that "Just Chillin'" brings me every time I pull into our little shopping plaza. I will single handedly keep this place in business!


I did Eden's third grade party...last party of the year. Yes this picture is blurry. Another mom at the party took it three times and they were all this blurry. I must have made her nervous and shakey...


Eden's Valentine holder...We recycled last years. She took off all the glittery hearts and added felt roses. Easy Cheesey.


I made crazy amounts of sugar cookies and some heart shaped pizzas...


We did our homemade valentines exchange, which is always good for some silly poems and drawings.


Aric got me some very practical and much needed rain boots. He also won this ridiculous basket in a raffle at our bank and pretended like he picked it out for me...I am so not a stuffed animal and chocolates kind of girl. We may or may not have regifted the stuffed bear to some very lucky neighbors whom we love dearly.

And that was how we celebrated love last month. Not that exciting but still fun nonetheless...


Lauren in GA said...

Love your little polka dotted rain boots. ♥

Those felt roses on the side of Eden's revamped Valentine holder are so pretty. I want to pin some on a blouse or a headband and wear them.

"Foy Sory Free Guys" Oh, my gosh...I LOVE how he says that!

Rachel said...

we will take your regifted free teddy bears anyday if it give us an excuse to chat for hours on end:) I still have yet to post our valentine's day so don't feel bad!

Rochelleht said...

Eden's Valentine Box rocks. Looks like you guys had a day full of love.