Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Can't say enough...

...seriously, I can't say enough about these shoes.
I had been eyeing them for a while. I don't like paying full price for anything, especially shoes that cost $110.
So I watched them go on sale, but the sale price was still $80. I almost bought them because they are that darling, but no, my frugalness would not allow me to do such a thing.
Then a few weeks ago I went to Macy's to pay my bill. Just for the fun of it I checked out their clearance rack, and what did my frugal brown eyes patent leather black beauties! They had ONE pair. They were MY size. I put the display one on, it fit. I quickly walked, with a giant grin on my face, to the cashier. With my Macy's card discount I got these babies for $32 BUCKS!
When I got home I tried them both on and noticed that the strap on the non display shoe was a little cockeyed. It was threaded upside down. No biggie. I turned around. It may have been just the thing that detoured others from buying this shoe! Too bad for happy for me!
These shoes are FABULOUS because they are so cute and so comfortable. They are made by J-41 Adventure On. They are made by the Jeep company...yes strange...but so well made. I wore them for hours upon hours walking through the Disney parks and my feet loved me the whole time.
I know this is a random post but I just had to share my ridiculous deal!
Oh and while I'm on the subject of shoes...I bought these shoes about five years ago. I got them at Ross for $9.99. They were so cute I had to buy them. I thought I would have a boy someday.
So here is C in his "Gansta Shoes" that's what we call them because our little buddy Seth Romney said that's what they look like.
C looks far from Gangsta in this outfit. Aric hiked up his socks for reasons unknown.


calibosmom said...

Oh so pretty! I love a great deal at Macy's. So glad you had a super time at Disney-you'll never forget it. We took our kids two years ago and we still talk about it. So fun!!! I'm slowly starting to come out of my hibernation...

Lindsey said...

Love the shoes. Both pairs. Love.

Natalie said...

you have pretty feet.

Dave and Ash said...

slickdeals? You know it? I got a vera bradley purse today for $25 after tax and shipping.

Jean McKendrick said...

That's my kind of shopping, BUT I think would've asked for a further discount since the strap was on wrong. Next time... :)

the wrath of khandrea said...

i don't care if they were the world's ugliest shoes, i am so impressed by your frugal ways. see how it pays off? the gods of frugality were smiling on you.

one thing: how doe seth know gangsta? ryan must be so proud.

Lauren in GA said...

It was meant to be!! Those shoes were MEANT to adorn your lovely feet. I can't believe they were the right size!! So perfect!!

I love those little Gangsta shoes!! I am so impressed that Seth knows that word. Seth has total street cred for knowing the word Gangsta.

C is so cute!!!

Shirley said...

FOR can't say enough about those shoes! Absolutely love them! WHAT A DEAL!!!

Dave and Ash said...

Hey, did I ever tell you the enrichment date? I can't remember... April 14th, 7pm. Be there or be square, or let me know if you can't. Thanks a ton.

Rochelleht said...

Seth's right. :-) I love it!

There is NOTHING like a great deal, especially when you have been watching them at full price. Yeah you!

nurse graham said...

Love the sandals, but I can't believe that you walked around DisneyWorld in them. you are one tough gal.

C is way to cool in his "gansta" shoes. Aric must have sublimely taken in fashion sense while in S. Florida--old men retirees with dark socks pulled up to their knees.

the wrath of khandrea said...

which, for the record, if my tone was unclear, i was not implying that they were ugly at all. i was posing a hypothetical. just makign sure here.

Leah said...

Those ARE cute! I am so sad that I care more about comfort than cuteness (but would prefer both!). Isn't that such an old lady thing!!!! But if these are comfy, I may just have to find them online or something!!!!

Loved your Disneyland pics. They will talk about it for years. We went 2 years ago, and it is just the dreamiest memory ever and we still talk about it!

I never understood the whole marathon thing until I was on the treadmill one day and watched a documentary on some pros and first timers. I was balling at the end!

Elena said...

Your shoes are beautiful. I'm glad you were able to get them. I'm not always that lucky. And comfy no less! That is the icing on the cake, as they say.

just the five of us said...

Hey expensive shoes always seem to be the most comfortable! I will pay for comfort:) Glad that you got them on sale.