Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Let's just say that life with Mr. C is quite "lively".
This is just a sampling of the messes he creates on a daily basis. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of the sugar he dumped all over the table and the buttons he covered the floor with. (Before you call CPS those button containers are supposed to be baby proof) This is the tissue paper he had his way with while I was doing the dishes.

The girls left the crayons and markers where he could reach...

water bottle + Camden - mom = big mess

It's impossible to do homework until Aric gets home, this is why...

This a typical moment in our house, girls minding their own business and C finding trouble.
Here are some funny videos so you can see him in action:

Life with Eden is always comical. This is her latest thing. She is known as the "Applesauce Queen"
Apparently, there are a bunch of kids in her class that don't like applesauce. So on applesauce day they give it to Eden. The kind lunch supervisor allows Eden to haul her stash back to her room. I couldn't believe it the first time she brought her loot home. Now it is a regular thing. She usually eats one or two at school and this is what she brings home. Gotta love this girl!
Eden is my living breathing jack-o-lantern! She is losing teeth at an alarming rate. We keep hoping that this means the tooth fairy will give her teeth to Camden, who still has only two.
A few weeks ago my little dancer performed at a school fundraiser. She rocked it! Especially because she missed two of the six classes while we were in Disney World and she still kept up.
Last but not least is my sweet, sweet Maya.
She too has been losing teeth. The Tooth Fairy has gotten distracted lately and has missed her teeth pick ups the last two times there have been teeth lost.
Shame on that Tooth Fairy!
Maya was not at all pleased with her tardiness so she left her a note...
Miss Tooth Fairy replied...
Maya thinks the Tooth Fairy's handwriting looks really close to mine. I have no idea what she is talking about! I don't even write in cursive!
Well I was going to post about St. Patricks Day but this post is already way to long so that will have to wait for another day...


nurse graham said...

Love this peek into what's going in with your family right now. Boys just come hard-wired to make messes. I can't even remember how many times our tooth fairy forgot to come. Let's just say it was often enough that the kids just started throwing their teeth away--they didn't even try to leave them under their pillow. :-(

Natalie said...

i am supposed to be reading my scriptures right now because the big guy and i had a talk last night and i told him i would be doing that instead of looking at blogs. then you go and post and i talked to him again and promised that as soon as i look at your blog i'll read and even read a few extra verses. he's cool with it i think...

my favorite pics are the ones of the homework terror. it's such a classic stage that i 'love'. it was also fun to hear you talk in real life. (is that weird?) anyways, glad to see (and hear) a peek into your doings these days. we'll talk soon! love to you!

calibosmom said...

LOVE those kiddos (even though I've never met them) and I love hearing your voice. I don't have babies and my house still gets trashed with tissue paper and spilled water bottles.

just the five of us said...

You will look back on all of these times and really miss them...i promise! My girls all growing up, and I wish I could go back to those times (once in a while.) Now they are my shopping pals:)

Jean McKendrick said...

Oh the messes, so been there and done that. He will grow out of it in a few years. You'll be really tired in the mean time but it will end. I LOVE that Eden is bringing home everyone else's applesauce. She won't ever starve for lack of food storage. Smart thinking!!

Lauren in GA said...

That Camden is adorable...and he is a real live action hero. The pictures of him, "helping" Eden with her homework are cracking me up.

I think the the tooth fairy has the most lovely cursive handwriting. I am glad you don't ever write in cursive...that would be so suspicious.

Glad you all are doing well ☺...and that the Tooth Fairy stopped by.

the wrath of khandrea said...

i am so happy to live the toddler crazies vicariously through you. i am DONE with it!!

the tooth fairy thing happens here too, almost word for word like at your house. only our kid demanded her tooth be returned.

Anonymous said...


Elena said...

That's my girl Edes. Abuelita hates wasted food, especially somethng tasty like applesauce. I'm kind of glad Camden is making messes. Now you'll understand if the house is turned upside down when you get back from your trip. ;)