Sunday, May 29, 2011

The ties that bind...

Yesterday was a big day in my family.

My cousin Ammon went through the temple in preparation for the two year mission he will be serving for my church

It was a glorious experience.

All of these people traveled hundreds of miles to be in Seattle to support him. His parents were married in that temple 25 years ago.

Being with my family to celebrate these milestones is priceless.
I was able to spend five hours in the car with my cousin Leah and my sister. We didn't listen to one song the whole way, we just talked. I loved every minute we had reconnecting and bonding with each other.

I got to see my brother Eric who came up from Portland. The effort he made to be there means so much to me. Even though it was such a short time that we had to visit, being able to talk face to face made the trip worth it.

The day was special for so many, many reasons, but one of the best parts for me was being able to see my grandparents and one of my uncles, that I rarely get to see because we live so far away from each other.

Some day I will do a post about my grandpa because he is the most amazing man I have ever known. I love him more than words can say, and being curled up underneath his arm is heaven to me.

Thirty some odd years ago my mom was introduced to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by my grandparents. She was baptized and then as the years went by one by one her siblings were also baptized.

It is because of them that I have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. And now Ammon gets to go and share that message with the good people of Mesa, Arizona. We haven't had a missionary in our family since my sister served her mission 15 years ago (Go Ev!)

 Sending Ammon off on his mission is like sending off my little brother. I have known him and loved him all of his life. I have watched him grow into this amazing young man. I am so proud of him and his choice to spend two years serving God. Being a nineteen year old young man who chooses God instead of college parties and girls is something to be proud about. 

Ammon has been blessed with countless talents and now he will be using them to teach people about Jesus Christ and that His atonement can truly change their lives. He will teach them that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us and that He loves all of His children. There is a way to find peace and joy during these troubling times. There is a way to make sure that your family is together forever. Ammon will join the 52,000 other missionaries that are teaching these very important truths to the world.

Yay Ammon!....I mean Elder Miller....I love you deeply and can't wait to start the care packages!

(You can read about how Ammon came to this decision by reading this post on his blog.)


Lindsey said...

Welcome to AZ Ammon! :) He will do great. So glad it was such an amazing experience!

Jean McKendrick said...

That's awesome you were able to all be together to go through the temple!

calibosmom said...

YEAHHHHHHHH!!!! That is some sweet stuff! Congrats to your family!

Lauren in GA said...

I remember when you introduced us to Ammon with his music video. I have thought he was amazing ever since. He is funny and has an amazing testimony. He is going to be a great missionary.

Your family is hilarious. The picture of your family members acting out the statues of the mother, father and child cracked me up. ☺

Natalie said...

Beautiful. I love the pic of the two boys walking away from the temple with their bags. it's awesome. Tell ammon if he gets desperate and needs a good, home cooked, meal to look me up. I'll direct him to someone who makes really good, home cooked meals.

and c on the scooter? so cute!

♥Shally said...

I love that you are so close with your family. :) So awesome.

Rochelleht said...

Oh, how wonderful! Last week in the temple, there was a new missionary who went through with his parents. I love watching families go through that amazing experience. It's so incredible. So glad you could join your family. Family is what it is ALL about!!! I love it!!!

Jess said...

very cool, Jess :)