Sunday, February 19, 2012

First Friday 2012

Oh how I love First Friday...I start planning it almost immediately after the last one. For a little First Friday history go here and then here.

Needless to say, we were a little late having FF this year. Our lives have kind of been turned upside down...more on that sadly this past friday was the "First Friday" that was convenient for us to do it.

This years theme was....

"ReaLiTy TV StARs!"

We had The Bachelorette and Chris Harrison (Hansens)

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne (Brunts)

The Survivorman and his Lady (Shenemans)

Mary Murphy and Nigel Lithgoe (Romneys)

Donald and Ivanka Trump (Halls)

Bret Michaels and one of his Hoochies (Chambers)

Christina Aguilera and Cee-loo were in the house (Beykirchs)

Kent and Vixyn from the Amazing Race were there (Youngs)

Jillian came with one of her poor contestants from the Biggest Loser

As the night went on, Aric lost his weight and was happy to show off his very fit self.

The costumes were so awesome. The pictures in no way do Kent and Vixyn or Cee-lo and Christina justice. But here is our group shot, we had some hilarious out takes. Stupid Donald wouldn't move!

(sorry about the blinding reflectors, I tried to photo shop them but it didn't work)

We had some awards this year...

Best Costume went to Kent (Mark)

Most Committed to Character went to Cee-lo (Kevin)


Most Like Character in Real Life was a tie...

Ozzy Osbourne (George) and  Jillian Michaels (Me) 

I'm not quite sure how to feel about that award. I might need to change some things about myself or maybe I got those votes because we both have brown hair and olive skin...that's what I like to think at least. I assure you I don't curse like a sailor and I enjoy cupcakes and chinese food, among other unhealthy things.

Festivities included a trivia game and a song/character match up game. The best part is no one but me knows who everyone else is going to be so it's a fun surprise when couples start showing up. They all get a cd with the songs from the match up game to remember our fun night by.

We also played some Just Dance 3, The Michael Jackson Experience 

and of course Sing Star.

As the night started to wind down G and Kyle started to show signs of weakness, I mean party fatigue... 

so I sang them to sleep.

So now that season eight of First Friday is done I get to start thinking about season nine...I have a couple ideas but I would love to hear your suggestions.


Lindsey said...

I am soooooooooooooo glad I don't live there any more, because if I ever got invited to one of these parties, I would AGONIZE over what to wear!!!

Lauren in GA said...

Jessica, seriously girl, you are ALL. KINDS. OF. AWESOME!!

When I saw on my Blogger Dashboard the title of First Friday 2012 and saw a thumbnail picture of a couple I got SO EXCITED to click over.

Ryan Romney's expressions as Nigel are killing me.

You are not like Jillian in a bad way. Just determined when you set your mind to accomplish a goal. I admire that about you.

Aric is a crack up. It looks like he lost weight and his mustache.

calibosmom said...

I so love your First Friday post. Someday I will make it to one. Jilian Michaels is actually very sweet and nice-I'm sure thats why they voted you to be just like her. year. Cartoon couples?

Rochelleht said...

Wow. You are toooooo fun! I wouldn't even know who 90% of those people were. I would be a lame party guest. I am LOVING those pics of you signing. You rock it, Jilian. I mean, er, Jessica!