Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spring Soccer...Sorry but it has to be documented

 Forgive me for all the back posting that is about to happen. For the love of posterity it has to be done...

We were blessed with decent weather for most of our games. What was insane was all the double headers, we had a couple Saturdays that we had FOUR games!

This was Eden's last season with her team...she played four years with Coach Chris. It was a great experience for her. Here are some of her highlights:

Team pictures and individual shots taken by yours truly. I volunteered to do them each season because I refused to pay for the cheesy, EXPENSIVE ones the association provided.

Action Shots

Fun With Her Buddies

End of Season Pizza Party

Eden really enjoyed this year and discovered that she liked playing goalie. I think this was her favorite season because she got to play with so many of her best buddies.

Maya's comeback was even more impressive Spring season...she was a force as defender and her foot work skills were awesome! She also had an awesome team and some great coaches. I don't have her team pictures because I didn't take them and they got put into So this is what I do have...

End of season dessert that almost got rained out...

Maya got the award for "Pullback Queen"

She was also lucky enough to be able to play with some of her best friends.
(Sadie, Elise and Elsa)

Coaches Mark and John

Soccer season is such a crazy time for us but we love it. I love watching the girls play. I love cheering them on. Maya especially became quite competitive this year, it was a side of her that we've never seen.  After every game she would tell us which girls on the other team made her mad and said all the things to us she wanted to say to them. It was hilarious. Hopefully we will find her a great soccer team wherever we land.


Elena said...

Great pictures. although I didn't get to see all their matches, I saw enough to see how much they've improved the last couple of years. I miss my girls.

Rachel said...

Great action shots. I have to admit I am glad that I get to look at pictures and get an overview than having to sit through the awesome spokane spring weather and actually watch the games:) You're a better mom than I!

Lauren in GA said...

I season is crazy for us too...but we love it.

...I love the pictures you took!! They look great...and I know the other parents appreciated your doing that.

Your girls are looking so grown up. They are so beautiful.