Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Love Snow Days!

When your house looks like this...and the roads look like are having a Snow Day!
I know lots of moms who loath snow days, but not me I love them! I don't have to make a lunch, fix hair, fight the clothes battle, and rush to drop off and pick up Maya from school. The best part of it all is that Eden has her best friend at home to play with all day long! One of my most favorite things as a mom, is to watch my kids enjoying each other.

Monday was our first Snow Day...Maya was thrilled to wake up and find out she didn't have school, but she still had piano at 8:15am! We were a few minutes late...okay more like 2o, but I knew her piano teacher didn't have any students coming after us so we kinda took our sweet time. After piano the girls played inside all morning. After lunch they wanted to go sledding. I was way too lazy to take them to the crowded park so I decided that we could make a huge hill in the front yard that they could go sledding down. After about an hour Maya was not impressed with my efforts, Jane and Eden on the other hand appreciated my hard work. But they still ended up having more fun in the back yard playing on the snow cover play land.

Tuesday they actually had school. Eden learned about pets and made a paper dog named Kara. Anyone who knows me well, knows I am NOT a pet person. The way I see it, we already have enough animals in the house! So I was thrilled with Edee's new pet, I just didn't realize how real this dog is! We had to make it a dog house. It had to be tall enough so that her dog wouldn't be "bended". It had to have a door with a window so that she could breathe. And the window had to have bars so that she couldn't get out. So that's what we did that snowy afternoon. Maya came home and told us that her dog was jealous, so she had to make a dog house too. She has had her stuffed dog for like five years and this whole time we thought his name was Pancho. But when Maya came out with her dog house and it said Patcho we realized we had been calling him the wrong name all these years...sorry PATCHO! That night Aric and I braved the roads and went to the temple with our church youth group. When it was over I realized that I forgot to record "Biggest Loser" so Mike and Aric risked their lives rushing home to get it recorded for me...once again Mike saves the day. school. Eden still had dance class but luckily I didn't have to car pool, but I still braved the roads for my salsa class. (The club is like 6 blocks from my house) Maya had to do her math homework, it was painful (as usual) but she only has one page left. The girls played all afternoon! They played school, listened to their music and danced in their room, they put together a performance for Aric and I. They usually perform to High School Musical songs, even Aric knows the words to most of those songs thanks to the MANY performances they have put on using that soundtrack. So to our surprise, they delighted us with Black Eyed Peas "Let's get it started" and The Baha Men's "Who let the dogs out!" Wednesday night I braved the roads once againg to go to Red Robin to celebrate Ashley's birthday with some of my most favorite ladies. (I forgot my camera but I know Jessica got a picture so check out her blog) After almost three hours of gabbing and eating, I came home to kids sleeping and LOST paused and ready for viewing. So I kicked of my boots (ever so carefully as to not get snow everywhere) and snuggled up next to my wonderful husband for some must see tv. school. The girls obediently did their jobs before they began their "day of play". (I'll blog about thier jobs another time...) So now they have been playing "primary", Maya is the pianist and the chorister. Eden is one of the primary children, the other kids are invisible. Appharently the boys are not singing very well because Maya keeps getting after them. Right now they are playing with Aric and Mike, because they have a "snow day" too. So far another wonderful snow day. Aric and I can't wait for tonight's season premiere of LOST, we so miss our shows...24, Pushing Daisies and Journeyman... At least we have LOST for the next eight weeks! So for all you snow day's not so bad. If you can get through the day...the cozy, quiet tv nights are just hours away....
We'll see what tomorrow brings...


Ilene said...

The Red Robin trip really helped, I promise. January was looking good that night.

Those boys in primary are always causing trouble, bravo to your girls for getting after them.

Can't wait for Lost tonight either. I MISS Pushing Daisies. I love the characters and I adore Chuck's outfits.

Don't think I will make Ballet tonight- boohoo. Dan's still out working. Perhaps I can start next week.

The Hansen Clan said...

I am so excited for Lost also... I didn't get to watch it last night because I came home to one child still awake and nothing picked up. Oh well, the house could be on fire tonight and I will stop to watch it :) Enjoy!

day in the life of a prince said...

Red Robin was just what we needed after the snow days! Enjoy Lost!

Celia Fae said...

Hi, Jessica Romney sent me over because you were having photo issues, but I can see that they are fixed.

The lost photo sometimes happens to me, but I have found that if I import photos from blogger, then leave them in their imported form and just copy them to a new post, the photos stay. Does that make sense?

Nice collage. Welcome to the addiction.

AMY said...

I love snow days too. The only thing is, I have a 3 yr old and a 4 mo old, so everyday gets to be a snow day!

LOST was great -can't wait 'till next week.

See you at the NEW power pilates class tomorrow.

Thanks for inviting me to Red Robin. It was definately what I needed that week.

Penny said...

Hey there!! You are one of the ONLY moms I know that actually like snow days! Looks like you had fun with your kids. Love how your girls are getting after the invisible boys while playing Primary. We are also "Lost" addicts and were so excited for more and more and more QUESTIONS!! Do they ever answer anything? I don't know but we still love it. And Biggest Loser Rocks!

Fun blog!