Monday, February 4, 2008

Dance, Baby, Dance

My friend, Jessica, got Dance, Dance Revolution for Christmas. I have heard all about it but I've never seen it or played it so last week I sort of invited my family over to the Romney's for a little DDR party. You may think, well that's kind of rude inviting yourself, but when you are good enough friends, that's what you do. (Ryan and Jessica invited themselves and a few other friends over for a movie night, so now we're even)

We also brought Sing Star over so we were totally rockin! There is nothing like kids eight and under singing the Killers, Gwen Stefani, Rolling Stones etc.. My favorite was Gabe and Maya singing the Killers "somebody told me that you had a boyfriend that looks like a girlfriend that I had in February of last year..." seriously, so funny!

I didn't realize that Jessica secretly plays this game like every free minute she gets. She is a maniac when she plays! I on the other hand have many, many hours of practice before I am even close to playing in her league. Aric having never played this game was actually quite good and kept beating me. I was getting totally annoyed and he kept reminding me about all the things I'm good at...painting, decorating...WHATEVER that doesn't count.

We had such a good time, we put the kids to bed at like 9:30 and continued to play until 12:30am. Who says you can't party after you have just teach them to be partyers too!


Jessica said...

Do you know I feel responsible when your pictures don't work? Like it's my fault because I coerced into this "easy" blogging-thing. Sorry.

Maybe I'm just better at loading my pictures...kind of like DDR? =)

The Hansen Clan said...

I couldn't agree more... I believe in raising children who party as hard as I do. American Idol comes out tomorrow for the Wii. I am so excited. I was thinking about camping out at Toys-R-Us but decided it was a little cold for that. We'll have to take it for a spin soon :)

AMY said...

Whatever Jess, I know you can ballet. But maybe passe, plier, and tendu don't count. I totally had to look up how to spell those names, it's sad.

Sounds like you had a great time. I'm surprised Aric had the good moves. No seriously, Aric - I'm shocked :)

Ilene said...

You party animal, you.

Are your pictures blocked because of any suggestive dance moves?

Hey, nobody puts Baby in a corner.