Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Albrecht's Babysitting Service

Having my sister live close has it's benefits, the biggest one being child care. We've also been blessed with many dear friends that are like family to us. It's so nice to have free babysitting when you have a temple night, date night, classroom helper day, doctors appointments etc...So when it's our turn to babysit we try to make sure the kids have a good time with wholesome activites...

On a recent visit to our house my neices and my girls painted each others faces. They loved it, very wholesome, very fun.

Sometimes we have a hot chocolate party, sometimes they play beauty parlor or dress up and with the all the snow we've had we don't hesitate to send them outside to play.

Sometimes they get a little messy, but look how happy he is!

Sometimes we don't have the right clothes when they need a wardrobe change, but look how comfy...(Aidan's pj's say "Daddy's Little Girl" and pink is definitely Jack's color)

And you know what, sometimes, a sweet liitle boy wants to be a princess, and we are not about to crush his dreams. So of course we do our best to accomodate...Look how precious!(If only I could get the video to work so you could see Seth dance and sing)

So remember us the next time you need a babysitter, your child will be in good hands and very entertained. We may even be able to make their dreams come true.(But we are not responsible for future cross dressers)


Jessica said...

I'm not sure I'm glad, now, that you got that picture to upload.

And I really don't do fun stuff like that with your kids. Sorry.

day in the life of a prince said...

What fun babysitter you are! I can't show my kids the pictures or they will think they are being ripped off!!

AMY said...

I think the pictures of those two boys dressed in girls clothes was a little over the top. What parents would allow their boys to be dressed up as girls. Only the Sampsons would be so irresponsible. Mike sure is cool though

AMY said...

So I guess my husband needs to think he has SOME control of me. Not only does he snoop in my email, but he apparantly posts my blog comments.

My sweet little girls..... oops! I mean boys. I guess this is some form of pay back for your girls being exposed to too many trains - or - blackmail, I haven't figured which.

The Hansen Clan said...

How fun! I want to come over now too - it looks like a fun Day Camp!

Penny said...

You shouldn't talk about how fun it is at your house or you will end up with everyone's kids at your house. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures of Seth in a dress, and those adorable Sampson boys in girlie jammies...truly pricless!

Ilene said...

My babysitting tactics: throw 'em in the basement and shut the door--

Then go upstairs and blog.

Kids LOVE me.

Meghann said...

Oh my hilarious!!! Okay, I need to check blogs more often. Those pictures are soooo funny. I'm still laughing.