Thursday, February 7, 2008

Late, Lonely Nights + HSN = Unnecessary Purchases

So a year or so ago, Aric was away on business. I was at home with an awful head cold. I had a migrane and took some heavy duty Tylenol. It was late and nothing was on TV, except HSN of course. There is this crazy old lady that wears sweatbands on there and she sells sweatshirts with ducks and poodles embroidered on them. She cracks me up so I was seeing if she was on. Well she wasn't. Instead there was this other lady selling green produce bags. I watched for a few minutes and before I knew it I was dialing and ordering them for $34.99. The phone call was very fast. So fast that in my drug induced haze I thought that I didn't really buy them. About five days later Aric was home and my bags got delivered. The good news is that they actually work. My bananas stay good for like 2 weeks!

Well a couple of weeks ago Aric was gone. Yup you guessed it, it was late and nothing was on. I was checking HSN for the crazy lady but nope...she wasn't on. Instead it was my good fortune to catch the last 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the midnight special...a computerized singer sewing machine. If I ordered it in the next 2 min 30 seconds I could get free shipping, a long arm extention and get this, not one, not two but three bonus feet! All for 300 dollars less than retail price! So I naturally called Aric.

Me- Hey honey can I buy a sewing machine?

Aric- What are you talking about?

Me- It's on HSN it's the midnight special, it's a great deal!

Aric- How much

Me- XXX.xx Regular price is XXX.xx I have to know right now I only have like 1 minute left to buy it.

Aric- Do you really want it?

Me- Yes, I really do.

Aric- Okay, I'm such a good husband aren't I...

Me- Yup. Thanks. Gotta go.

So I called HSN and after punching in my zip code and pushing 1 a couple of times I got me a good deal on one fabulous machine. Once again totally surprised by how easy and fast it was to buy something.

So here is where the story gets really good... About 2 1/2 years ago Aric was out of town for work. He couldn't sleep and it was very late. Being the upstanding husband that he is with high moral standards found himself with nothing appropriate to watch on TV except for...HSN. Esteban (a guitar legend) was on selling his famous guitar and guitar lessons. Aric had always had rock n roll dreams and Esteban was there to nurture Aric's hidden passion. Before he knew it he was buying the dream. A week later it showed up on our porch. The guitar has only been taken out of its case three times, one of those times was so I could take this picture.

So once Aric had put our information in the HSN system we were in. I can buy anything in like 30 seconds and have it in like 5 days. The lesson here...if you have to stay up late all alone....skip channel 84.


Becky said...

I wonder if Chad would use a guitar just as much as Aric? He claims he wants to learn to play one (or a banjo...the South coming out I guess). But after 13 years of marriage I've only heard him play a few bars on his trumpet(right term? I'm not musically educated), and he says that playing trumpet used to be his life and he was "awesome" at it. Do you still "play the tamborine"? (Chad and I were cracking up the other day remembering about that).

Your blog is great, it is hilarious and brightens my day. It does make me a little sad because I can't believe how much time has gone by since I last saw you, and a little jealous I don't live near by and can hang out with ya. But with the blog I feel like I can keep up a little on your life. Long enough comment? I should just blog....hmmmm.

Ilene said...

I'm just a little bummed that you didn't get a sweatshirt with a lamb embroidered on it.

Congrats on the seweing machine.

AMY said...

Remember "Space Saving Closet Hangers"? :)

I have to admit, you can make some pretty crazy purchases when watching that channel. Ours - a Finishing Touch Razor - you know the one that shaves everything without cutting? I have to admit, it works pretty well, too.

day in the life of a prince said...

I'm so glad to know the green bags work. I actually watched them on HSN a few weeks ago and wondered if they really worked!! :)

Penny said...

I will definately be looking forward to posts and pictures of all the beautiful things you sew with your new machine! I am hearing "Sound of music" in my head. Better keep an eye on those drapes Aric!

The Hansen Clan said...

I love it! Who knows what I will end up with when Kyle is in Holland for 2 weeks :)

Jessica said...

I will have to keep Ryan far away from this post. He would seriously get sick to his stomach at the impulse-purchasing.