Monday, August 25, 2008

We Are Family!

So in honor of Maya's baptism, we had a whole lot of family in town. (Twenty one people to be exact) My sister's family of seven lives in the area so we were quite the circus.  We borrowed an RV to help with the sleeping situation.
These were some of the highlights...

Sing Star 
Clearly we had a lot of fun with this...
IMG_0891 IMG_0911

Monica had challenged me awhile back to a "Sing Star Battle".  So it was on and I won!!!! Sorry Monz...but I must say you were definitely a worthy opponent.

Party Time
We celebrated Maya's, Eden's, my little cousin Pochito's and my cousin Monica's birthday while everyone was here.  Monica was  sad that she always has to share her birthday with her little cousins, so I made her a special big girl birthday cake.


We couldn't have a proper party without a pinata...

IMG_0945 IMG_0946
IMG_0960 IMG_0951

The loot


Okay that's enough pinata pictures.

Receiving our very first pets...
Micah and Sarah got us these fish, named Aric and Jess.  Micah almost killed them when he overfed them.  Luckily we had a fish expert around (thanks Tia Lucy!) and it took about five people to save these little guys.

Playing Around...
Tia Ana jammin' with Maya, Edee and Aby

Micah playing with the kids


Hanging Out

My brothers Ben and Eric


Tia Lucy, Tio Marco and Dani

This is Eric giving Tia Ana stamps to reimburse her for the ones he took over twenty years ago when he about five years old.  He was supposed to be taking a nap in her bedroom when he found her stamps and licked them and then used them to wall paper her bedroom.

What Tia Ana wants...Tia Ana gets.

Tia Lucy having her first taste of "Sour Patch Kids"
Watching Movies



"Baby" meeting the family
He still doesn't have a name yet. 


I know this is a long post, but it was a long weekend.  I still don't feel like I captured everything.  We packed a whole lot into just a few days.  It was chaos at times and I'm sure there were a few cold showers, but I loved having everyone here.  Thank you all for coming! 


This is a picture of Maya and Eden saying good bye to the lasts of  our guests....yes they are barefoot and in their pajamas.  That's just how we roll.


Lindsey said...

WOW! You have been nothing but non stop PARTY! looks like TONS of fun! I love your built in black bookcases! I want to see a better picture of those! AWESOME!

The Hansen Clan said...

It looks like a great weekend - what a fun group of people. We were thinking about you guys and hope that Maya had a wonderful experience - I can't wait to hear all the details.

whattherandi said...

Every time I read your blog I miss you guys more. One of these days I won't be able to stand it and I will just have to come and visit.

Natalie said...

You can just feel the love of family through this post! Love it! Do you ever rest?

AMY said...

you have a cute family. sounds like everyone on both sides of the family get along well, which is definitely an added bonus. i'm sorry i missed the W.H.O.L.E. thing. i was way sad to miss maya's baptism - but i got the scoop from mike who said it fantastic... i wouldn't have expected less. maya's dress was fabulous, you are gifted. i'm glad you got to see family, and now i'm glad you get rest.

PS i'm too excited for ballet on thursday. it better no be cancelled. i'm ready to ballet my buns off, it's been too long.

Melissa-Mc said...

That looks like there was some serious partying going on over there. My boys would be envious of your t-shirt.

Monica Kay said... post EVER!!!! except you failed to include the cake fight...i miss you guys already!

calibosmom said...

Holy cow! I thought I missed a weeks worth of posts but I see its only one. YOUR FAMILY ROCKS!!! I love big get togethers and pinatas are the best! Ok, I love you...Cotton Eyed Joe just came blaring on my are hilarious!

Lauren in GA said...

The baby boy that has jet to recieve a name is so gorgeous!

It looks like such fun! You have a beautiful family :)

Kristy said...

Hi! I linked to you through another blog. You have a beautiful family. I am amazed at all that you packed into a weekend! What awesome family memories you have created!

Meghann said...

Wow, I am seriously impressed with your hosting skills. You need to prep me for Thanksgiving because I have a lot of family coming into town!

Love the Transformer shirt. :) Jack would think you're the coolest Mom on earth if he saw it . . . as if he already doesn't think you're sooooo cool.