Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Festivities

Here is the rundown of our weekend...

It started off with our first soccer games of the season. Of course it was freezing and raining.
Eden's was first at 11am.

Maya's  game was at 1pm, the rain had stopped but it was still cold.

By 4pm it was actually pretty nice outside. Which made it perfect for our Easter egg hunt that we had in my sister's backyard.
Here is a picture of the crew before they took off for the hunt.

These are my favorite pictures of the egg hunting.
Easter 09 

We had some pizza courtesy of Pizza Hut and then some Ten Commandments courtesy of abc.  That show is like 20 hours long so only a third of it was actually watched.
Then back home to make some preparations for the feast that was going to take place on the morrow.
This is a picture of the girls and Camden with their movies that they got in their Easter baskets.

And here are the dreaded Easter pics...
My hair looked way better before church but Aric wasn't around for pre-church pictures due to church responsibilities so we had to wait until after. It was cold, the girls were complaining and I wasn't in the mood for a fight, so this was the best of three.  Everyone matched and that's what really counts right?....
Speaking of matching...I found the girls navy/white polka dot dresses at the Gap when I was in Utah repo-ing my car. They were only $11 a piece! The only problem was that they had some funky gold, old lady buttons and they needed a pop of color. So for seven bucks I got some fuscia buttons and satin fabric. They had sandals that already matched so that was easy.
Camden had khaki's so I bought him a navy/white plaid tie for $3.50 and a white shirt for $5.50 at The Children's Place.  They always have the best deals!
And then Aric already had the suit so I found his navy/white polka dot tie at Macy's for...get this...FIVE DOLLARS! I had a coupon, used my Macy's card and went during the door buster sale.
My dress is about three years old and shorter than I remember it. I usually hand wash it but I sent it to the cleaners and I swear that it shrunk! Oh well...I found a fuscia scarf and called it good. I just made a conscious effort to bend at the knee all day.
We had a great feast that I was too busy making to take pictures of , but trust me it was GOOD! We had mom and Joe, the Stockies, the Sampsons and my Grandpa Bob over to eat.
Having my Grandpa here was a fun surprise.
We don't get to see him very often so it was good to spend time with him. He hadn't met Max or Camden so it was fun for them to meet their great-grandpa.
After dinner Maya and Eden had prepared a lesson on the symbols of Easter. They had been working on it for weeks and they did a great job.
So that's about it. That was our Easter weekend. Now I must go and finish putting my house back together...I was too tired to do it last night.


Jean McKendrick said...

I love the girls' dresses. You amaze me. I would've looked at the ugly gold buttons and NOT bought the dresses instead of seeing how to make them cute.
Jan's kids had opening weekend of baseball on Saturday which I think was nuts! I think they shouldn't have kicked off any sports Easter weekend, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Your girls look cute all bundled up though

calibosmom said...

Beautiful! Love your bargains and those shoes are killer!!!

Erin said...

Cute, cute, cute and--as always--killer deals!

Bridget said...

I love your dress! We need a photo of you with in that with no one standing in front of you so we can see it in all its glory. You look great it in!

Melissa-Mc said...

Okay, you get the "cutest family at church on Easter Sunday" award!

Lauren in GA said...

I think your hair looks great...but I understand not being able to get the photoshoot done when you want to.

Your family looks so fantastic!! You are making me excited to dress my newest little man because Camden looks amazing! That tie is to die for!

The fuscia buttons and satin fabric look so are so talented!

Leah and Mike said...

Oh my goodness, your family's Easter outfits are to die for cute!! You guys are such a cute family :)