Wednesday, September 2, 2009

For Maya

Here's the thing, your birthday came and went. Just like that. There was A LOT going on but we celebrated.  In fact you had two parties! I shouldn't feel bad about missing your birthday post but I do. So here it is...I thought I would give nine fun facts about my pregnancy/your birth.

Fact #1
I totally craved mangos and chocolate milkshakes while I was pregnant with you. At one point one of the nurses kindly told me that I needed to lay off the shakes because I gained 8 pounds in one week! Daddy started making me fruit smoothies but that didn't last long. I embraced my weight and drank my shakes.
images     3865738023_6eafc0b2f0_t
Fact #2
We thought you were a boy for the first almost eight months of my pregnancy. I had visions of baseball hats and all things blue. Then I found out you were a girl. I was equally excited, the only dilemma was that I hated the color pink! Back then there wasn't really any shade I knew of except bubble gum and I just wasn't a fan. My dear friend Alisynn knew this about me and got me this sweet RED out fit for you. I still have it. Camden wears it. Oh and you have never liked the color pink. I love that your favorite color is green.
Maya Baby Shower2

Fact #3
We were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO poor when you were born. We lived in this tiny rental house. It had the grossest, ugliest brown carpet I had ever seen. It had a wood stove that made the house smell smokey. It had only two tiny rooms upstairs. The windows didn't have screens, so when I changed your diapers I would just throw them out the window and then Daddy would gather them and put them in the trash can.
Maya's First Home

Fact #4
I read the book "What to Expect When You are Expecting" cover to cover. I thought that I knew everything I needed to be a mom. I had convinced myself that I was completely prepared. The truth is that deep down inside I was terrified. All those years of teaching, babysitting and being a big sister/cousin and still I was so afraid of  breaking you. This picture reminds me of how I felt during that time.
Maya Baby Shower1 

Fact #5 see that blue hideous dress I am wearing in the above picture...well I hated it. Your dad hated it. It only cost 8 bucks and it was the only cool and comfortable thing I had to wear so I wore it ALL the time. To make myself feel cute when wearing it, I always wore a necklace.

Fact #6
Your birth was the most amazing thing and the scariest thing I have ever experienced. I will never forget it. It is forever burned in my heart. I will never forget what it felt like to hold you for the first time. That is why I love this picture. It was the first time I ever saw you, smelled you, kissed you and held you.
Maya Birth

Fact #7
You were born at 8:48pm. Even though I was completely exhausted and loaded up on drugs, I couldn't sleep. The nurses kept trying to take you out of my room but I wouldn't let them. I just wanted to hold you. I would stare at you and cry. I couldn't believe that you were real! I sang you every lullaby and primary song that I knew.

Fact #8
The moment you were born, I discovered that  it was possible to love someone  instantly. I found out how deeply I could love . I found out how close heaven really is. You instantly changed me forever. Your spirit was so strong it healed parts of heart that I never thought could be whole. So even though I was the one taking care of you, you were actually the one taking care of me.
Maya Baby3

Fact #9
Your birth gave me a greater love for Daddy. I loved watching him play with you. He was so worried about how he would provide for our little family but every time he held you, he melted, and you brought peace to his heavy heart.
Maya Baby2

How did nine years go by so fast! It's hard to believe that my sweet baby girl is now nine years old. You continue to bring peace, joy, love and healing into my life. I love being your mom, I hope you had a great birthday!


Lindsey said...

What an awesome post! Such genuine thoughts. Happy Birthday Maya! Jess, I love that you have that hideous blue dress on even AFTER the birth! AWESOME

The Hansen Clan said...

What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful girl. I cannot believe she is nine! We love you Maya and hope your birthday was fantastic!

calibosmom said...

Oh my goodness, so sweet! Maya and my Hannah are sister/twins too. My Hannah has never liked pink and I couldn't stand it either. I love that you threw diapers out the window. Happy Birthday to your sweet, heart healing little lady.

♥Shally said...

Happy Birthday Maya!

And you-- after none years, you look BETTER!! :)

Jessica said...

sweet sweet post for a sweet sweet girl! #9 made me cry.

Natalie said...

I needed to start my day weeping. Thanks:).
Happy belated birthday Maya and love to you Jessica! You're amazing.

mahina said...

this is wonderful! this will be great for maya to have when she is married and having her first baby! simply wonderful!

The Ekstroms said...

I love this post, amidst all the chaos that surrounded Eli's birth and first year I always think I couldn't have done it without him to hold, I relate to #8 so much. What a beautiful letter to your daughter! happy birthday to you both!

Melissa-Mc said...

Looks like she had a great birthday. What a beautiful and sweet girl you have.

Ilene said...

Sweet. Your life changes in an instant, huh?

That blue dress is hot.

I want to throw up when I see what I wearing during Jackson's pregnancy. Being poor andp pregnant don't make for a good wardrobe.

Lauren in GA said...

I loved this so much!!!! What a great idea for her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Maya!!!!!!

I agree with Ilene...that dress is hotttttttt!

Erin said...

I love this post. No, I LOVE this post. So perfect. She will treasure those facts someday--if she doesn't already!

Randi said...

whoooo. totally crying.