Monday, November 2, 2009

HalLoWeEN W-EEKenD 2009

Thanks to germs that infested my house the week of Halloween was almost bust. Eden managed to be well enough for her party.
Maya was not.  By lunch I realized that Maya was well enough but I didn't think it was right for her to miss school and still party.
I am Eden's room mom so I was in charge of the party. Luckily I have had a few years experience so I delegated pretty much everything. All I had to do was show up and bring some foamie stickers.

That night my sister's ward had a chili cook off and trunk or treat.
I am very picky about  my chili...give me Nalley's I brought a crockpot full of Nalley's and totally forgot to bring candy.
We enjoyed the festivities...
Notice how Aric didn't dress up this year? Yeah I'm bugged about that. In fact I am bugged that out of all of my friends and family, I am the only adult that dressed up, or ever does. An Old Navy "Happy Halloween" t-shirt does not count....I repeat DOES NOT COUNT! 
However crazy hair, funky tights/socks, and black fingernail polish TOTALLY count!

Saturday morning Eden had her last soccer game of the fall season. She could hardly walk do to the shin splints she was experiencing but with some physical therapy from Papa Joe and some encouragement from mom and dad she was in the game.
On the way home we took the back roads and found a pumpkin stand...all pumpkins $1.oo! Since our trip to the farm was rained out the week before we still hadn't gotten any. Well we grabbed plenty at the stand and carved them when we got home.

That night Camden was feeling pretty sick so he stayed back with my mom while Aric, Joe and I took the girls trick or treating.
Eden was still nursing her shin splints so Aric helped her out...

We have some pretty fun neighbors...
Maya does not like going to their house, she prefers the not so scary decorations...which is why our house looks like this...
After getting kiddos to bed, Aric and I went to watch a scary movie with our scary movie friends, the Sampson's. Only the movie wasn't scary at all...but that was okay. We've had some bad luck recently with scary being too scary, too ridiculous, or too boring....
Sunday was quiet, sort of...I kept the girls home because of their coughs and Camden was still sick, so Aric and I took turns going to church. The thing is the girlies really could have gone, they were making me crazy with all their tattle tailing. I was so happy to get out of the mad house!
I had Young Women's in Excellence which has consumed a lot of my time but it turned out great. I was in charge of decorations, the armor, the punch and I had to give a talk! I know that Heavenly Father gave me just enough energy to get through that night because when I woke up this morning I could hardly move or breathe. I got the cold germ that I tried so hard to avoid.
I know there are a few of you who also serve in the YW's program who read my blog, so I thought I would share...
Our theme was putting on the armor of God.
Each girl shared a goal/experience that they have recently passed off. They told how that experience helped her strengthen her armor.
Then she would put a piece of the armor on our model...
Early we had taken pictures of the girls doing things that strengthen their armor...praying, reading scriptures, going to church, etc...then we put them on shields that they took home. The shield said, "Have you put on your armor today?"

The girls wore head pieces that represented the value experience that had accomplished.IMG_5902
I love serving these young women! They are precious, and worth every minute of the time that I gave in preparation. I truly get more out of teaching them, they get from me.


the wrath of khandrea said...

you totally look like edward scissorhands.

Ilene said...

I don't recognize those girls. They look too old. Where are the awkward beehives, I ask you?!

Lindsey said...

That was one serious post girl! WOW! As always, you are amazing. Esp. the costume... ARIC? What is up with THAT! You can't be married to the 'dress up' girl and not get dressed uP!!!

Randi said...

nice work on the YM program! so much work.

check out my photo blog. ;)

Melissa-Mc said...

I love your halloween doo! Your evening of excellence looks awesome. Ours is tomorrow night.

Lauren in GA said...

You look so hotttt! I like the dramatic look. You are awesome to dress up.

The girls and Camden look great, too. That little Camden chicken looks good enough to eat.

I love what you did for your YW program. You put 100% into everything you do. It is amazing.

AMY said...

Yeah... that movie was a bust, sorry. It could have been better... if you know what I mean.

Those are awesome pumpkins... is that all Joe?

Leah said...

I love that you dress up. I do too! And I'm the only one sometimes too.

You are so busy...I tired just thinking about it!

Penny said...

The kids all look so cute in their costumes. And I love that Eden got carried around treat or treating- smart girl.

My thoughts on YW in Excellence...
LOVE the Young Women, Happy it went so well, glad it's over. ;)

Natalie said...

#1- fancy pumpkins
#2- darling children/costumes
#3- You rock the costume. the devil is in the details (ie. fingernails)
#4- We just had our evening of excellence a couple of weeks ago. i think i just got the final crap cleaned out of my car from it. awesome job! did anyone else do anything for it or was it your deal alone? and on a sunday? interesting.
#5- i love working with the young women. such a gift.
#6- i so hope you are better now. i'm sorry that you got sick.
#7- i adore you and wish that we could meet someday...
#8- the end.

calibosmom said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to comment-I've been on a blog hiatus. Girlfriend, you and I need to have a Halloween party together! It is the middle of November and I haven't even thought about YW in Excellence. I'm taking a hiatus from that too. Uhg, I need to get back into life.