Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What a day!

5:00 am~ Camden decides to wake up for the day. Not okay. But I am too tired to try to put him back to bed so I bring him into bed with me and Aric. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Aric was not pleased with my decision, and after being smacked, kicked, and poked for over an hour he put Camden back into his crib.
7:00 am ~ Go time. But instead I have Aric hit the snooze.
7:15 am ~ Still hitting snooze.
7:30 am~ Have to wake up for reals this time. Go wake up the girls.
7:45 am~ Breakfast and scriptures.
8:00 am ~ Get kids dressed and fix their hair. It's picture day.
8:15 am ~ Load up girls go to piano lessons. I stay and keep the piano teachers little ones busy so she can teach Maya.
8:55 am ~ Drop off girls at school.
9:05 am ~ Take Shower. Get Dressed. Fix Hair.
9:18 am ~ Visiting Teachers are here.
9:50 am ~ Visiting Teachers are gone. I walk over to my friend Heather's house because she is watching Camden so I can help out in Eden's classroom.
11:35 am ~ Finish up in classroom. Go and get Camden.
11:45 am ~ Load up Camden's diaper bag, head out the door.
12:00 pm ~ Stop by my hair stylist's house to cheer her up.
Are you still with me.....
12:30 pm ~ Drop Camden off at my sister's so he can take a much needed nap while I finish the rest of my crazy day.
12:45 pm~ Go to the Seminary Building to take pictures of some of the girls I teach at church. We have a big thing coming up that I need these pictures for.
1:15 pm~ Have a lengthy conversation with the guy at BYU who is in charge of printing my book. It was a conversation that I have waiting to have for the past two weeks! Good news my book will be printed tomorrow! That means sometime tomorrow afternoon, you, and everyone you tell, can get it at byubookstore.com.
1:45 pm~ Go to Toys R Us to get a new kareoke cd for Eden's kareoke machine that she is dying to play with.
1:55 pm~ Run into Ross to grab one more skirt for Maya's dance class.
I'm in charge of the costumes and found these darling skirts for 8 bucks! They will wear them with a black leotard.
2:15 pm~ Head over to the high school to pick up some of my church girls so we can go have ice cream to celebrate Nicki's birthday.
3:15 pm ~ Pick up Maya, Eden and my tutoring student.
3:20pm ~ Tutor
4:20 pm ~ Take student home. Head to my sister's house so we can watch her kiddos while she and my brother in law go to the temple.
5:10 pm ~ Make sure my niece makes it to her piano lesson.
5:15 pm~ Feed two babies and six big girls. Thank heavens Evelynne had already made the food...
(Me and Maxo)
7:15 pm ~ Head home.
7:35 pm ~ Put on pajamas. Give lecture to my first and second born on how dessert is not to be expected every single night. Remind them how I NEVER had dessert growing up unless it was someone's birthday.
7:45 pm ~ Check emails and begin writing this post.
It is now 8:10pm and the rest of the night will go something like this...
Clean up the kitchen. Put put kids to bed.
Watch the Biggest Loser while I tape So You Think You Can Dance.
**SYTYCD....was so amazing last night! I LOVED the contemporary dances, and the hip hop was so good. The tappers were okay, I think they needed a better song. But honestly, that opening number by Wade Robson was INCREDIBLE! **
Work on my talk and a project for Young Women in Excellence that is coming up on Sunday.

Snuggle with Aric, and go to bed.
I am sooooooo grateful that everyday is not like this. It was a busy day, full of lots of good things but I am WIPED OUT! It's days like today that I have to laugh when I think that my title is  "stay at home mom". During my visiting teaching visit, my friend Kris told me not to get overwhelmed by all of the busyness that today had in store, but to enjoy every activity and be in the moment. She even called me at 5pm just to make sure that I had survived my day.
I followed her advice and I have to say that I truly enjoyed my day. All of it. I can't even tell you the highlights because there were too many.
Tomorrow's agenda....get kids off to school, take care of Camo, clean bathrooms, sweep, vacuum, and maybe a leisurely fall run.


Mrs Ana said...

I'm tired! Wow,that's a lot in one day. I'm sure I had days like that but it didn't seem like a big deal back then, You just do what you have to do right? I think you were very productive and all was worthwhile things to do. Good for you!

Lauren in GA said...

I agree with the lovely Mrs. Anna. I am tired just reading this. I LOVE that you made sure that you enjoyed it all, though. That is truly amazing.

Lauren in GA said...

...because you are truly amazing, lady...

Jean McKendrick said...

Sometimes it totally feels like you are on a treadmill and someone keeps pushing the "speed up" button. Never enough time in a day!! Good thing you can "stay at home" with your kids eh! :)

♥Shally said...


I swear that fall is SOO busy. I too, think that the title "stay at home mom" need to be changed. Let's think of a catchy title...

nurse graham said...

Too busy for me! You are amazing. Hope you get the run in because the leaves are beautiful and so much fun to crunch through.

calibosmom said...

Whoa! I'm going to take a nap for you!

Lindsey said...

I have more days like that than I would like to have. . . However, WOW... That one was CRAZY! I thought the same thing about SYTYCD on Monday night. It was awesome. I am only 1/2 way through Tuesday nights episode, but so far, I am only 1/2 as inspired as MOnday nights show. But what about BILLY BELL? ?? ? ? What on earth could be so bad he would have to withdrawl?? H1N1? CRAZY! He was soooooooooo amazing the night before. I felt so bad for him!

Natalie said...

Oh my heavens. our lives are too similar in so many ways. you're wonder woman (that isn't one of the ways:)). How great is it that your kids get to do their music lessons BEFORE School??? I would LOVE that. Instead, we cram them in after school with homework, sports, scouts, achievement day, dinner, baths and bed time...your way makes so much more sense. also, you guys get a seminary building? is that common to every high school there? are there that many members? just curious. thanks for sharing your crazy day with me. it makes me feel not so lonely in my crazy somehow.

Stacey said...

I got tired ju;st from reading about your busy day. I hope that you get a quieter one soon. Hugs

Randi said...

i agree. wade robson rocks my world. sad to lose mia. :( boo.

Melissa-Mc said...

Wow, I am amazed at how quickly you did some of that stuff. What did you do the next day is the question. After days like that, I am tempted to do nothing. Good job.