Monday, October 5, 2009


A lot has happened the past month that I haven't blogged about so this is the first of many rewind posts.
Last month the girls started school. The night before we had our traditional back to school night dinner.
The girls decorated the table...
We had beef stroganoff (Grandma K's recipe), with asparagus, rolls and carrots.
Eden wanted to do a spa night to get them all refreshed and ready for school. So we did a manicure, they were going to be wearing tennis shoes so a pedi would have been a waste of time.
Then we did facials, complete with cucumber slices.
The funny thing is I bought that facial mask cream months ago and still haven't used it on myself!

The next day started out great. The girls were both so excited they could hardly sleep, so I was expecting a cranky morning but no. It was so nice taking them both to school at the same time. Last year was brutal with 1/2 day kindergarten and late buses. So off we went...
Maya started fourth grade. She was nervous but ready. She was lucky enough to loop with her third grade teacher/class so she was surrounded by familiar faces. When we got to the playground she wanted me to help her find her line and then she was off. She found some friends and that was it. Bye- Bye Maya.

Eden started first grade. She was quite excited until we got there.
She got a little overwhelmed with the 700 kids that were scattered across the school grounds. She was so happy to find Katelyn in the sea of children. When the bell rang she got a very uncomfortable look on her face. They let the parents walk the first graders to class. I was fine until we got to her classroom. She did not want me to leave. She kept mouthing to me "don't go" and shaking her head "no". After about five minutes I headed out. I made sure I got outside before I let the tears flow. It was hard.
On one hand I was thrilled to watch Maya take off and not need me. On the other hand I was sad to see that she was so grown up. Then watching my confident Eden get all insecure and needy was enough to break my heart.
The next day the girls rode their bikes and I roller bladed. Since I had my roller blades on I couldn't go into the school with Eden. She was not happy about that but I knew that she needed to go on her own. Once again, it was hard to watch her look so insecure. It took a week and a half before that changed...but it did change. Now she is totally fine and loving school.

The first graders had a field trip the first full week of school.
IMG_5540 IMG_5547 
I went to help out. It was crazy hot and I had a very active little guy in my group. A crazy guy who killed someone had escaped the night before while attending the fair, yeah, just what I wanted to hear when I showed up to help that morning. So all day I was chasing my very distracted little guy, with a lunatic on the loose I had to keep my guards up. Thank heavens his mom dressed him in red from head to toe so I could see him easily. He almost got kicked by a cow and had his finger bitten by a rabbit. Honestly, I did my very best. I kept a better eye on him than I did my own girl!
Oh and this picture is great because my little guy on the right got his head stuck in the hole. The poor kid almost lost his ears getting his noggin out.
After school I minute I was playing with Camden on the floor, the next minute I was out. Luckily the girls were close by and Aric came home early that day. Who knew a day at the fair could be so exhausting. And just think a year ago I wrote this post (if you click on it, grab a tissue or two, I was pretty sad), but WOWZERS what a difference a year makes!


♥Shally said...

Where did you get that cute tray that you are doing the manicures on? That would help me A LOT with my three girls.

I have a ton of rewind posts from summer too...

And I almost fell asleep the other day playing with my girls... Serae yelled "MOM! WAKE UP!"

Mommyhood is exhausting sometimes. :)

just the five of us said...

We take our first graders to the farm. I always feel the same way. Eden's teacher is brave to do a field trip on the first week of school. She needs a medal:)

Mrs Ana said...

I had my share of field trips over the years and I can honestly say I've never had such an adventurous kid in my group. NOT EVEN SAM! Funny funny funny!!!

Lauren in GA said...

I love it. The manicures with cucumbers at the Mommy Spa was so great.

I know...I cry on the first day of school, too. I never know which is harder...the kids that don't want to leave me or the kids that are ready to.

That poor little boy gettin his head stuck kind of made me laugh. Poor guy.

Natalie said...

I feel like i have a rewind year to post. since moving, i have been in survival mode. the lap tray? where did you get it?

I can't believe that 1 year ago, i didn't comment on that post. i remember it and it made me cry. way to catch up. i feel like we need to go out to lunch and catch up:). we've both been m.i.a. more often lately. love to you!

Brenda said...

Sorry I missed you while you were here. But you sounded like you already had enough on your plate. I am really proud of you, and I am so happy things are working out for you!!!!

calibosmom said...

What fun fun things you guys do!!! I love the spa treatments. Field trips are always an experience! I usually get one crazy kid too.

kthom said...

Holy cow....where to begin? A big fat congrats on the book my friend have a book deal! That's so great. And speaking of 'bout those red heels!

Jean McKendrick said...

Makes me exhausted listening to your field trip experience. Should've slipped him some benedryl. :)
Your girls look cute as always on their first day of school. I still walk Kai to his class and wait until the "silent" bell rings every morning before I leave. He loves school but some days he says, "don't go". I'll take it while I can, some day he won't want me to go in with him.

AMY said...

It's so hard when your kids are so sad. But look, now she loves it!

AMY said...

PS And I would know nothing about spa night. What with 3 boys in the house... if I plan anything too "preppy" (Mike's word) than I hear how they don't look sporty enough. So now you may understand why Mike dresses the way he does :)

Melissa-Mc said...

I love the facials with the cucumbers! After field trips, I always have to lay down and not do anything for awhile.

Leah and Mike said...

You are seriously the best mom ever - special dinner the night before and spa night with matching robes and all!! You are totally my "mom inspiration"! Your girls looked adorable on their 1st day of school. I'm glad they liked their new teachers/classes.

Randi said...

You are a great mom.
Way to rock the book, and tuscanos.