Thursday, October 8, 2009

High Fashion

This is another rewind post. Let's go back to the first week of September...
My mother in law, Kathy, decided to take the girls for a back to school shopping trip. Afterwards we had a fashion show, complete with music and choreography!
So here are the outfits...
Outfit number one ~ Casual in khaki

Outfit Number Two ~ Flashback with a  modern edge.
IMG_5363 IMG_5369

Outfit Number Three ~  Eden is Trendy Conservative, and Maya is Cute and Comfy.

Camden giving his critique...

Outfit Number Four ~ Sunday Casual

Outfit Number Five ~ Modern Day Pioneer

Outfit Number Six ~ Pretty in Plaid
Thank you Grandma Kathy for the fun shopping trips. You are the best!
Camden is feeling a little left out, I will do a post on him next time.


calibosmom said...

So dang cute! Let's just pray that they will always share their clothes. I recieved a precious little package in the mail yesterday and it was lovely. The book is so cool-I'm very happy for you and the CD ROCKS!!! I really appreciate it because I know you have no time to spare to make something like that so thank you!!!

Lauren in GA said...

Those clothes are almost as darling as the girls in them. High fashion, indeed! They are fierce little models, too. Great poses, ladies.

Oh, just look at Camden's cheeks in that last picture. Scrumptious.

Jean McKendrick said...

Very cute and what a fun idea!

Leah and Mike said...

What lucky girls! They are so stylish and look so cute in all their fun new outfits!

Natalie said...

those girls are truly jOYFUL. what precious spirits they are.

and the clothes are pretty darn cute too:). and kathy is a super grandma. hope all is well!xo

AMY said...

Seriously adorable clothing... lucky girls, what a great grandma. Your girls are getting so big.

My favorite... the modern look.

Cristy said...

Wow what lucky little girls to have a grandma take them on a shopping spree!! I love Eden's hats, she makes me laugh, what little cuties you have!!!

Elena said...

Cutie beauties!They look good in all the stylish clothes. They are definitely their mother's daughters. ;)I'm especially drawn to that interesting shade of green. I'm sure they will always remember their first school shopping trip with grandma Kathy. It's alright Camden, you're turn is coming. Tio Ben will take you out to find all the wrestling gear you need in just a couple of years! ;} xoxo

Melissa-Mc said...

You can tell those girls were just born with a fashion sense. Great model poses.

kthom said...

I'm gonna have to go with "Flashback with a modern edge!" Such lovely little gals, who needs Stacey and Clinton with a grandma like that?!

Mrs Ana said...

Maya and Eden you look fabulous! You have great fashion sense. And way to go Grandma Kathy! Girls you are so blessed.