Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear Mr. Favre...

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings 7Y0abboVOZ-m

I am married to a the biggest Viking fan that ever was.
vikings 3
When I met him eleven years ago, I barely knew who the Vikings were and I didn't even know that you existed. It only took watching a few games, and few nights of Sports Center to figure out that this relationship that Aric had with the Vikings was deeper than I had ever imagined. And that you, Mr. Favre, were enemy number one. I learned quickly about the rivalry between the Vikings and the Packers. I had to put away my love for the green and gold, which were my high school colors and embrace the purple and gold that happened to be my high school rivals color. Every time Aric heard your name, or anytime the Packers won, it made his blood boil.
vikings 1
So you see, I have spent eleven long years watching my husband's Vikings get burned by you and those Packers.
As the seasons have come and gone, I have watched Aric's super bowl dreams get dimmer and dimmer. He has always stayed true to the Vikings, even when they have broken his heart.  He records the Sunday games and savors those rare Monday night showdowns.
When the rumors began about you joining our beloved Vikings it was hard to even let the thought cross our minds. We never thought it would happen. But you did it, you traded your green for purple. I have to admit we were very skeptical about it all. It was so strange to see you in that Vikings jersey. I wasn't sure if Aric would ever be able to change his feelings towards you.
I am happy to report that you have done the impossible. You have softened Aric's heart. You have put a spring in his step. You have put a twinkle in his eye. You have played like a warrior and you have brought new life to our team. As of yet, Aric will still not allow himself to fully ignite that Super Bowl dream just yet, but if you keep playing the way you are, it is only a matter of time.IMG_5667
So THANK YOU Mr. Favre, for giving us a reason to wear our purple proudly. Never in a million years would I have thought that we would raise our kids to be Brett Favre fans...clearly these are the "last days". I would also like you to know that we will no longer make fun of your name or your age. You have earned our affection and we stand in awe of your skills.
Sincerely...Your Fan,
Jessica A.


calibosmom said...

I don't think I could feel the love if he made his way to the Pats. Good luck to you this season! I'm lovin' the jingle.

the wrath of khandrea said...

that picture of you guys when you were ten years old is super cute.

Lindsey said...

I am so sick of hearing Farve's name... Seriously. Can anyone go into retirement and JUST STAY THERE!? W@?@?? I guess not. I am glad you guys are happy though. I love the look on Cam's face in that last picture. PRICELESS.

Jean McKendrick said...

Camden is looking at you like, "what the heck?"

Ilene said...

I understand your conversion to the Vikings. I did the same with the Ducks.

Except for the Super Bowl, we dream of going to the Rose Bowl.

Dan is a total Vikings fan now and we watch the games too. He loves Farve and All Day Adrian Peterson.

Mrs Ana said...

What??? Are you kidding? You trust this dude? Seriously??? Please...... hold your applause. He's old and he changes his mind more than he changes his underwear. I doubt he'll stay true to your beloved Vikings. Which by the way I think the vikings stink.
Sorry Aric! Is this strike #4??? But I like your post and I know what it means to stay true to your team. I admire Aric for his devotion.:)

Jessica said...

These are the times when I wish my husband rooted for a team. Any team. Rooting is so fun.

Lauren in GA said...

Sorry, I'm late to comment...I enjoyed this impassioned letter to Mr. Favre. It is ironic that he is now a Viking.

Who knew that Brett Favre being a Viking would usher in the Millenium.

I love your kids' faces in the last picture.