Sunday, December 6, 2009

Camden's Birthday/Thanksgiving '09

Sorry pals, this post is for grandparents and tias who couldn't be there. So be prepare for some bad singing...lots of pictures...and a couple of very short videos.
First of all we celebrated Camden's birthday with my mom and Joe the weekend before Thanksgiving. My niece Olivia's eleventh birthday was on the 22nd so we had a combined party.
Olivia was a good sport to help Camden with his presents.

Camden decided that he would be the first grandchild of  my mom's nine grandchildren to prefer her over Papa Joe. She is eating her newfound celebrity status for all it's worth. Camden seriously would not let her go home!
On Thanksgiving morning, after my uneventful Turkey Trot and Aric's football game, we celebrated Lil' C's birthday.
Notice his birthday boy onesie? That is courtesy of my mom. It's one of those things I will probably do when I'm a grandma. If I raised my girl's right, they will be as cheap as I am and they would not splurge for something so ridiculous as a shirt that can only be worn for one day.
IMG_5951 IMG_5954
Camo only got one wrapped present. Here's my reasoning...first of all he is one and won't care, and two, I had way too much to do besides wrapping presents that day.
C loved his piano...and so did his big sisters.
I had to remind both of them that they needed to back off and let Camden have a turn with his toy. He also loved his new (unwrapped) scootie scoot.
I couldn't decide which picture was cuter so I included them both.

After Camo's present opening it was time to get the feast started. Aric worked diligently on the turkey, as he does every year. I love that I don't ever have to think about it, which is why I didn't go ballistic on him when he told me at 9pm the night before that he had forgotten to get the peanut oil! So I went to FOUR-ish stores to find some...apparently we are not the only people who fry turkeys around here...
Our tradition is to invite the LDS missionaries serving in our area for our Thanksgiving meal. We love these two sisters who are serving in our ward, Sister Bruner and Sister Bailey.
(I make people wear these hats if they have the great pleasure of eating with us.)
We also had my friend Sarah and her girls join us. Her husband is a police officer who had to work so we invited them to party with us.
Here are the little people tables...
After we had our feast (I made mashed potatoes for the first time ever thank you very much!) We sang to Camden, and he got to have his birthday pie...pumpkin of course!
He liked us singing to him. I have two video clips, and there are only about 50-ish seconds combined. You can thank me later for not making you watch them. I tried to post them but youtube wouldn't let me....too bad.
The best part, of course, is the mess and he worked it!
We had a great Thanksgiving. This holiday will always be extra special for me and my family. My cup runneth joy is heart is whole. What more can I say?


Jean McKendrick said...

What a CUTE boy! I love all the birthday pictures. Times goes so fast! Looks like you had quite the crowd for Thanksgiving. The hats are fun. Oh yah, I love the birthday shirt too. I bought Kai a gymboree one this year (at a garage sale for $1-new with tags), let him wear it big so he'll get two years use out of it and then Kaden will get 2 years use out of it when he's close to the same age. Not too shabby for $1. I knew you of all people would appreciate that story.

Lauren in GA said...

Your mom is awesome to get that adorable onesie! Grandmas are the greatest!!

I love that you make everyone wear hats. Very festive and so pilgrim-like!

Great pictures! Sorry your videos didn't work. I love the ones of him on his bike. He is so cute!

the wrath of khandrea said...

that carcass is nasty. but every pic of camcam is adorable.

Lindsey said...

Awesome. It is such a great conincidence that his birthday is on Thanksgiving.. I mean.. soooooooooooo cool!

PS- I totally like you SYTYCD idea... I will start working on the husband for my night out in Spokane! Will it be the finale? AWESOME!

Jenny Erazo said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving/birthday! A year sure goes fast! I love the picture where Camden is clapping on that scoot-scoot bike. He is adorable:-) By the way, your niece and I share the same birthday!

Natalie said...

I'm with the wrath of Khandrea..nas...tee. But great hats and even better service to the awesome missionaries!

The birthday it wrong that lennon has one that she has worn whenever her heart desires (or the laundry isn't done) for a year and a half now?

I'm jealous of Lindsey getting to hang out with you AND watch SYTYCD with you! And i'm jealous of you getting to hang out with lindsey. Are we ever destined to be cyber friends???

camden is the cutest baby ever! I'm so happy for you guys. one happy, beautiful, joyful, complete family!!! amazing!

Mrs Ana said...

Great fun! I think it's funny we both took pictures of our table setting. I like the cute shirt Camden has on. I would put it on him more than once. He'll be 0ne for a whole year you know? I think if I was around more he would prefer me over that Abuelita of his. It would be no contest!

abbyandcompany said...

That picture of Camden staring at his cake with the girl staring at the camera, priceless!

Ilene said...

Completely forgot what you were writing about once I saw those pictures of Camden. He is too adorable for words. Has it really been a year?

With all the crud you have had to go through, I'm sure it actually feels like five!