Friday, December 18, 2009

Tis the season...Parte Uno

The season of tutu making and dance recitals:

Eden's class was adorable, and hands down had the best costumes...if I do say so myself...

Camden loved the music, he was clapping and talking through the whole thing...

You would never know it by these pictures...but Maya  absolutely loves her dance class. Oh and FYI, I was not responsible for the costumes in Maya's class. But I am for the next session.
Especially because she gets to do it with two of her best friends, Holland and Elsa.

We had three performances last weekend. I knew it was going to be a crazy weekend and I was DREADING it! But my bad attitude quickly melted away as soon as I saw this little dancer.
(I am trying to post a video, but I have really bad luck with video posting...they are mainly for grandparents and tias so if I actually get it posted, please don't feel obligated to watch...)
Well that isn't working, so go here to watch Eden and here to watch Maya.

The season of party going...
Aric and I go to my friend Penny's house each year for an ornament exchange party. Here we are, all gussied up. Aric doesn't like his sweater, he says he looks like "Where's Waldo" I say, Waldo has good taste.
I think they regret inviting us, because the first year everyone brought nice ornaments except us. We bought the craziest one we could find. I named her ShuhNeeQuah. She made another appearance this year and the Romney's got to take her home.
Picture 005
And now it has become the ugly ornament party. Sorry Penny.

Eden's Class Party....of course I was in charge of it. That's what room mom's do! They should really try and be there at least fifteen minutes before the party instead of five but oh well...
We played pictionary, we had a snowball race and made snowmen, it was fabulous!

The season of Fourth Grade Christmas Concerts...
There are over a hundred fourth graders in Maya's school, which is why this is the only picture I could get of her in the crowd of have to look real close.
Maya was so excited to be picked to play an instrument. She was so nervous that she couldn't play and sing at the same time.
Here she is with her buddies after the show...

There is more "Tis the season..." to come so be sure to stay tuned!


Natalie said...

tis the season for you to continue to be amazing:). can't wait for part 2!

Jean McKendrick said...

I think everyone's kids had a Christmas program but mine!!! Kai got the flu his last week of school so he was out! :( However, they did not have a Christmas program which I think is crap. I love the little tu tu's!
All your festive pictures are fun to see!

♥Shally said...

LOVE the tutu's!! I keep saying I am going to make my girl's one, but it never happens. I have no idea how you find time to do all you do!!!

Dave and Ash said...

Hey dude, here's the story:

I stalked Randi Brunt's photo blog because I'm super duper interested in photography these days, found your shoot, and clicked on the link she had to your blog.

The end.

jo said...

Cute tutus! I could get Eden's video to open, but it said that Maya's was "private". :( Did you open your Christmas box?

calibosmom said...

So cute! I wish Hannah danced but then again recitals are brutal. Ugly ornaments are awesome!

Lauren in GA said...

Those tutus are so, so pretty. You do great work!

I think it is so cute how Camden was clapping and talking.

You look so great for the party!! You are so right...Waldo has great taste. (I'm sure he loved reading that ;) )