Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The "First Grade is Over" Blues...For Eden

I have a love/hate relationship with first grade.
I love that my kid is in school all day. I hate that my kid is in school all day.
I love the how the brain is developing and how letters become words. I hate that I am no longer needed to read a book.
I love that they have so many fun new experiences. I hate that I'm not there when they happen.
I am sad that first grade went by so fast, I've been through this with Maya so I know how fast it goes from here. I have loved watching Eden blossom this year. She is so darn smart it's ridiculous, but because things come so easy she can be very lazy which makes for some tension around here some days.

What I LOVED most about first grade with Eden, and what I don't ever want to forget...
Her "SAVE THE APPLESAUCE" cause. She just couldn't watch all that applesauce go to waste! She is so my girl...


Her obsession with her teeth. She loves to wiggle them and pull them out. She brushes religiously and looks forward to her dentist appointments like they are trips to Chuck E. Cheese.


Her cute hairstyle. Always side pony tail with a pony that matched her "elefit".


The way she folded every single piece of paper she was supposed to bring home from school and then stuffed her back pack to the max! Here is a sample of her paper folding and back pack stuffing.


The way she tackled me every time I walked into her classroom and insisted on a kiss on the lips. I had to pry her off of me every single time.


Having lunch with her at school. She made me feel like a celebrity.
Watching her play at recess when she didn't know I was there.
The way she would run to the fence during recess when she saw me and Camden rollerblading by.
The way she tied her sweater/sweatshirt around her waist. She even had one on during her class picture!
Eden's 1st grade class

The field trips I was able to go on...the county fair and the butterfly freedom day.


For the most part Eden had a great first grade year. She had a very loving teacher who truly saw Eden as the precious spirit that she is.
See Eden was in a class that had THREE special needs kids. There were two autistic little guys and one other child who had some serious behavior/emotional issues. I was the room mom and was in the classroom on a regular basis. I knew that her teacher had her hands full. Eden had been in an integrated kindergarten class so she already knew one of the boys very well, and she was not phased by their behavior.

Her teacher knew Eden could handle these guys so she would have Eden usually sit in a group with one of them to help them out. One boy became very comfortable with Eden which meant he would act out at her for no reason. The teacher was on top of this and did her best to intervene before things got ugly but Eden definitely had some tough days. It made for some teaching opportunities and I know that she has a big heart that was able to understand what most kids her age don't. She learned what it meant to love unconditionally and have compassion. There were many times she would come home and tell me about something that had happened that day where she had to stick up for one of the boys.
A couple days after school got out I found this note in Eden's report card envelope.

There are many reasons to love Eden and because I am her mom, I get a front row seat to see her greatness. But when someone else sees it and gets how great my kid is...well... it just makes me feel so honored to have such a special little girl.

I'm going to miss my first grade Eden. She rocked!...but I have a feeling she will rock second grade too.


Lauren in GA said...

What a wonderful little girl you have. Well, I should say big girl...because she is a big second grader, now. *sniff*.

I love how you described the love/hate relationship with first grade. All of it was so well said.

I still can't get over her applesauce saving cause. She is awesome. She has already started her own food storage of sorts ;)

That is really cool how you made the rest of the class black and white and highlighted Eden in color.

Becky said...

We misss Eden. That last picture of her totally looks like Evelyn to me!

Natalie said...

what a tender way to start my day. she is so sweet. you can see it in her pics. she has a special little (huge!) spirit. she'll be ever grateful that you took this time to reflect on her first grade self. priceless!

nurse graham said...

Oh those three were just the tip of the iceberg! Eden is fabulous. She's going to be great in 2nd grade.

Jessica said...

I'm a little teary after reading that post! LOVE that girl!

Rochelleht said...

So sweet! I felt the same way after my little 1st grader ended her year. I can't believe how face it flew by. I'm SO glad your pumpkin gets to have the special needs kids. You KNOW how I feel about that. The best opportunity ever!!

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AMY said...

Eden is so, so sweet, and we love her.

I remember the applesauce... so funny!

calibosmom said...

I love reading how a mother describes her child-it's really a way to get to know the mom too. You are both selfless, full of energy and super fun.
Save the applesauce cracks me up!

Elena said...

She truly is aweet and has a great big heart and I totally applaud the applesauce rescue. I'm glad that at least 1 of the 9 4th generation of Hernandez women inherited the save and don't waste food genes.I also love watching her do her sassy dancing moves with the latino hips she inherited. :)You go girl. xoxo

just the five of us said...

As a teacher, I can say that 1st grade is the best! They come in as non readers (some of them) and leave with Junie B. Jones as a friend.

And as you predict...She had a successful first grade year, and next year will be tops! :)

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