Friday, June 25, 2010

So Far Behind...

I have so much to blog and, as usual, so little time.  I have a lot to say about Eden leaving first grade. I'm not okay with it. I have a lot to say about Maya going into fifth grade...I'm TOTALLY not okay with that!  I will post more about that stuff later.
So here is what's been going on...

The deck is almost done. It looks so amazing, now I have been trying to get the rest of my yard looking decent.

june 10 026
june 10 030 
june 10 031

I lost my camera. I have had it for five years and it disappeared. I think it got stolen out of my car one night. So I got a very fancy pants new one. I had it for a day and new that it wasn't for me. There is a neat story behind that story that I might share with you someday. Instead I took it back and got the updated version of my old cannon. LOVE IT!

I've been working on my kitchen. I made new curtains and tonight I will begin painting the island. Tomorrow the red walls and next week the cabinets...ya hoo! I will post pictures when I'm done with it all.

The weather has totally sucked. I'm sorry but that is the only word I can think of that adequately describes it. It's only been the past three days that it's actually felt like summer! Yay for 7o degrees!
The only show I make time to watch is So You Think You Can Dance. It brings me so much joy! I still have issues with the format this season but every time I see Neal I get over it.

Maya broke her foot. Thankfully it was a very minor break. She had to stay off of it for a week. She got crutches because her parents are too cheap to buy the boot and she got to be pushed around the school in a wheel chair.
The girls had their dance recital. It was when my camera went missing so I had to borrow one. It was a point and shoot that I wasn't familiar with so my pictures weren't so great.

This is Eden in her "Africa" costume. It was, by far, my favorite costume to make and I didn't get a decent photo of it!


I made these costumes too. I totally channeled my inner Dixie Chick and Pat Benatar.


Me and Kerry the fearless room moms! I always get stuck with the "difficult" group. One of the girls in Maya's class is oppositional defiant...I could not keep track of her to save my life. After three hours I was so exhausted!


My friend Kerry took some good pictures with her fancy camera, so when she shares them with me, I will share them with you.

We had our annual community garage sale which we totally rocked, thank goodness because it paid for our Ikea shopping spree.

We are loving our season tickets to our hometown arena football team...GO SHOCK! #1 BABY!


I had another incident with my OAM neighbor (the cat fight guy). This time it was the dog barking like crazy, in my ear, while I was weeding. Aric sprayed the dog with the hose...a light spray...and it got the OAM all hot and bothered. We are getting privacy bushes planted ASAP!

Another one of my dearest friends (Stacey) moved. I made her a photo book with some highlights of our almost seven year friendship.

Marathon 2010 006
I'm sad.

Camden got hand, foot and mouth disease. It was yucky. And now the girls are totally paranoid about getting "the disease."

june 10 036

We celebrated Aric because he is such an awesome dad.

june 10 021

We got him lots of presents.

  june 10 004

He celebrated himself by making some YUMMY ribs. He knows better than to put me in charge of such a special meal.

june 10 024
june 10 025 

Let's see what else is there...oh yeah...I hurt myself running my marathon so I haven't been able to run. I'm so frustrated there is really nothing else to say about it. Tomorrow I will roller blade nine miles next to my buddies while they run....LAME!

The girls had dentist appointments and got haircuts. Maya may need braces or a come the orthodontist bills!

june 10 018

...Eden is loosing teeth like crazy...

june 10 011

...and C is making me crazy!

And that's about it.


calibosmom said...

Whew! I need a nap now. I too am soo bloggin' behind-I've kinda given up. You inspire me though to keep going. I'm sorry you can't run-I hope you'll be ok. How would you feel if Eden and Maya were going into 9th and 6th grade? Yeah, I'm losing sleep over that change in our family. Our kids are growing up too fast!

Natalie said...

good to hear from you around here:). you're crazy. good crazy. crazy busy. I love the costumes. totally worth the hard work! the deck is coming along beautifully and i wish my canon would get stolen so that i could buy the updated version of mine. is it a rebel? i love my rebel. i love my mom's new rebel even more. i'm sorry that you can't run. i haven't been able to run this week because i might die of heat exposure. so i tread water in the pool and lay around the house. i'm getting so skinny...(insert sarcastic tone and eye roll). k- keep the posts coming. i can't wait to see the kitchen.

Jenny Erazo said...

oh my gosh you are CRAZY busy! Is there anything you don't or can't do??? I have a fancy pants camera that I HATE! It just hangs in my closet and I use my little point and shoot one. I can't wait to see your new painted kitchen!!!

Anonymous said...

Pay somebody back in his own coin..................................................................                           

nurse graham said...

Sorry you got hurt during the marathon--I wondered if that was what was going on when I saw you on your "blades" this morning.

Boys...they are just "disasters waiting to happen."

just the five of us said...

I always love catching up with you on your blog. Your girls are growing up so fast.

Tiffany broke her foot once right before dance recital and they put a blue cast on to match her blue tutu.

Your yard looks great:) Miss ya!

Lauren in GA said...

I am sorry you got hurt.

Okay, I love the outfits you made for the dancers. You are really, really talented!

The deck looks great!

I hope the girls don't get, "the disease". That's cute the way they say that.

Want to come over for some Lucky Charms? It looks like you are out. He is so cute!

Jean McKendrick said...

Sorry about the broken foot! Totally empathize with y'all there! Cute costumes, you are very talented. Can't wait to see your kitchen remodel and yes, your deck looks fabulous. As for the lucky charms all over the floor I can only sit back and smile. :)

AMY said...

deck - relaxing
costumes - cute
camden - trouble
diseases - yuck
ribs - yummy! (You know we love them)

Leah said...

Chad is at Creative Music Learning Center for guitar. His teacher (Jimi) is taking the summer off, so we are switching to Abe who teaches there too. I've talked to Abe. He seems like a really nice positive guy.

You are my renovating hero! Seriously, I can't believe all that you can do. Makes me want to go buy a nice miter saw or something!

Leah said...

PS I'll miss Stacey too. Love her. Want to be like her!

Anonymous said...


Elena said...

The deck looks beautiful, like a picture from B&G. Yes, I totally echo any and all kudos for/about Aric.

mahina said...

your deck looks amazing! what an improvement! you must be loving it! mahea had "the disease" just three weeks ago while we were in california! it was the worst of any of my girls when they had it! no fun! she was walking all funny on the outsides of her feet! poor kiddos!

guess what? i'm back to blogging! i know, it's a miracle! i'm pretty excited to start posting again! i've missed the documenting of our life! wish me luck to stick to it!!