Friday, September 17, 2010

Good-bye Summer, Hello Fall…


I still can’t believe summer is gone. Maybe it’s because summer really didn’t start here until the middle of July…can you say LAME-O!…

Even though I’m a little bit bitter about how few days I actually got to wear flip flops and t-shirts, I am still going to dedicate  this post to Summer 2010 and the fun times we had…

Grandma Kathy Chemo Visits



Chemo sucks and we hate that GK has to go through it, but we are grateful for the fun times that we get to have with her while she is here. One of our family’s favorite games is “Honkey Bonk”.

It’s a game know by many names…President, Vice-Pres, etc…we made up our own version that requires silly hat wearing.
Shock Lovin’



Our beloved Shock won the AFL2 Championship. It was an awesome season, we had a blast watching them play this year.

Our good friend Adam is the general manager and part owner of the team so he and Meg usually sit up in the owners box to watch the games. We talked them into watching a game with us down with all the crazies, it was awesome!


We also invited some new friends, Melissa and Kevin, to experience the awesomeness of the Shock. I still can’t believe their baby Jude slept through the loudness of the championship game!


Family Fun Fest




We had our annual family get together. It was so full of fun that it will have it’s own post soon.

Bye Bye Blacky, Hello Silver Bullet

Aric decided that it was time to get a truck to carry his massive amounts of carpet samples. It just so happened that our good buddy Ron was looking to sell his truck. So we hopped on a plane and went down to California to pick it up.


Don’t worry this is not really his truck, we spotted it in a parking lot and we couldn’t help ourselves, we had to take a picture of it.

Meet Silver Bullet…


The best part of the trip was spending time with our dear friends. Becky had baby Russell just six weeks before. Since she is a little blog challenged I will post these pictures on her behalf. I know there are a few readers that would want to see how darling these kiddos are growing up.

IMG_0688 IMG_0678 IMG_0681

It was a very quick trip but we enjoyed every minute with them. Becky inspires me, she is an amazing mom and she is adjusting to number five beautifully.  

I couldn’t leave California without a yummy In N Out Burger…

This picture is for you Meg…

End of Summer Family Extravaganza!

We usually say goodbye to summer by going to Silverwood. This year the weather did not cooperate on the days we could go, so we took the girls to another fun park that had an indoor pool instead.
We rock climbed, Maya is a natural, just like her mom;) I can’t wait to take her again!

IMG_0711 IMG_0714

Eden wasn’t quite as comfortable with this activity but she still made it to the top once.


We got to play a round of miniature golf, Aric killed us all.


I may not have won, but I had good form.
Aric also blew us away with his bowling skillz.


Again, good form but not good enough to beat Mr. Good at Everything.


We had a great time with the girls. My sister was kind enough to take Mr. C so that we could actually focus on just these beauties.


This summer flew by so fast. Every day was filled with good stuff. My days were mostly filled with keeping kids alive and well. I only had one tutoring student so I wasn’t too stressed with that. I tried to take the kids swimming twice a week so that we could soak up as much sun as possible. Most of those days I was annoyed with all the work it took, but looking back I am so glad I did it. Those hot days were few and we definitely enjoyed the heck out of them.

So hello, hello fall. I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that half of September is already over. Homework is here along with dance, piano, and soccer.


I can no longer be in denial about it being fall. I am heading to Utah next week for my annual women’s broadcast trip…(let me know if any of you want to play while I’m in town)…I will be meeting with the BYU and UVU buyers again, and maybe if  I brave I might even meet with the buyer at Utah State. My book has been consuming a ton of my time lately, I will write about that soon too.
So there you have it. My ridiculously long summer recap.


Becky said...

I am glad my kids look so cute because I look HORRIBLE! Isn't it funny how after you have a baby you feel like you look pretty good because the baby is out? But then you see a picture of yourself... EWE! We had such a great time visiting and catching up with you guys. Next time we'll come see you!

Lauren in GA said...

I loved reading about all of it, Jessica.

It's so funny how you don't get summer weather until the middle of July and ours starts in March or April, most years.

That is wonderful that Grandma Kathy at least gets to spend time with you, even though chemo is definitely not pleasant. May I just say (totally off the subject) that Eden's shoes in the picture on the porch with Grandma Kathy are fierce...I can see where she gets it...your outfit while you are golfing is so dang cute!! You always look awesome, Jessica! I love it!

Rochelleht said...

Yes, yes, go to Utah State. I probably know the buyer. I worked at the bookstore for 4 years. Of course, that was 15 years ago, so then again, I probably don't know the buyer anymore...

You guys had such a great summer! How fun. I wish it were fall here. I just looked at the 10 day forecast. UGH! The lowest it will be is 88. YUCK!

Jenny Erazo said...

I LOVE FALL! I am so excited that it is coming:) You should be brave and come to Utah State! You could stay with me and my kids!!! I would love to see you:)

Randi said...

I want to see you!!! Come to Logan! Come talk to Utah State! I need Jessica time.

Randi said...

I want to see you!!! Come to Logan! Come talk to Utah State! I need Jessica time.

Randi said...

I want to see you!!! Come to Logan! Come talk to Utah State! I need Jessica time.

Randi said...

I want to see you!!! Come to Logan! Come talk to Utah State! I need Jessica time.

Randi said...

Um.. I didn't mean to post that a million times, but I'm glad I did accidentally. It represents how badly I want you to come.

calibosmom said...

Looks like you had a fantastic summer! Ours was too short too. I'm glad to be wearing my jeans though-I'm tired of my shorts. Have fun at Women's Conf and good luck with your meetings-let us know how it goes.

Cynthia said...

Thanks for the pictures of the Frys! I'll be at the Relief Society me on my regular number and maybe we can see each other!! Take care and I loved seeing pictures of your kids. Cynthia J.

♥Shally said...

I am dreading doing my summer post! We had so much fun, but I haven't blogged about ANY of it. You did a good job putting it all together!

(Love Glee, BTW.)

AMY said...

It is sad to see summer end... however, I love the routine that comes with fall. Plus, BAKING yummy treats!
Camden is probably taller than Jack. They grow so fast.
We miss the Shock, Hu Hot, and all of you. I'm sad to miss you while you're here. Good luck with your book at USU!

Christy said...

Looks like you had an amazing summer!(And yummy! In n Out- DELISH!)

Thank you so much for the super sweet comments. You are so lovely!

mahina said...

um, did you have to post that in n out sign? it made my mouth water! seriously, LOVE that place and don't get it enough!!

you guys have such fun!!

Natalie said...

oh my friend, what a beautiful summer. i know it doesn't help Fall already being here but you look stunning in all of your pictures. It should help, right? I so wish i were going to utah to see you. but alas we just got home so i am staying put for a few weeks. if you need to re-route and add 27 hours to your ride home, let me know and i will get a bed ready:). It's still hot here... are you enticed???? have fun on your trip! love to you!!!