Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Thoughts on the First Day of School

“My girls look adorable.”

They took the first day of school outfit to a whole new level this year.

Eden is always very particular about her clothes, she definitely has her very own style.  Grandma Kathy bought Eden some adorable shoes that made Eden feel like a super star. So her outfit revolved around those shoes. This is what she came up with…


Perfectly Eden, stylish but with a sense of humor.

Maya completely shocked me this year. My “yoga pants and t-shirt girl” turned into a budding fashionista. When she went shopping with Grandma K she found a pink knit hat that she just couldn’t live without. So that became the center of her outfit. We found this darling dress with matching socks. I still can’t believe Maya picked this out.


I love Maya’s new style, I’m wondering how long this will last. This is the only “fancy” outfit she got, the rest of her wardrobe is pretty tame. She is always worried about bringing too much attention to herself. Did she really come from my loins?

“ I hope they feel comfortable quickly in their new surroundings.”
I think Eden will be fine. She got the teacher she has been praying to get for since she was four…Mrs. Spear. Mrs. Spear was Maya’s first and second grade teacher.


Eden was so lucky to have two of her besties get into her class too. (Maci and Savannah) That is a big deal considering there are six second grades! There are lots of other familiar faces so I am pretty sure she will have no problem feeling comfortable.



Maya is the one I’m worried about. She was lucky enough to have the same first and second grade teacher and then she got to have her third grade teacher in fourth grade too! That means she hasn’t had to do the normal adjusting that other kids have to do.

(Holland, Maya, Breanna and Elsa)
In a lot of ways that was good for her because of her shyness but now she has a lot of adjusting to do. She has a new teacher…a man, and only two class mates from fourth grade. Thank heavens one of them is Holland, one of her besties. Again with six fifth grades that is a true miracle.


“I hope Maya can handle the math that will be thrown at her.”
My sweet/shy girl struggles with math. She is on the lower end of average which means she doesn’t qualify for help but is expected to keep up with everyone else. I can’t even begin to describe what that means for her…or me. Every night we spend at least an hour on just math. Maya’s fourth grade teacher gave us a math binder that she put together for Maya to work on all summer.


There were close to two hundred pages of review from last year. Every chapter had a review section that her teacher copied for us. Maya made a goal to finish it. Well yesterday she spent most of the day finishing the last nine pages. I was so proud of her I cried. There were many tears and unfortunate yelling to accomplish that feat. In the end she was so proud of herself and took it to back to school night to show Mrs. H, who was also so proud of her. Maya told me that now she knew that she would be ready for fifth grade math. Oh I hope and pray with all my heart that she is. I did all I could do to prepare her and I hope that it was enough.

“What am I going to do without my helpers?!”
This little guys is Cuh Ray Zee!!!!! 

IMG_0594 IMG_0603

(Camo learned how to climb out of his crib a couple of weeks ago. We woke up at 3am to his little footsteps running around the house. He was looking for “Maya-Edee”.)

It’s back to just me and Mr. C all day long. As soon as we left the girls in their classrooms he was a monster. He wouldn’t get off the play structure, which I would normally make M or E go climb in and get him out. He kept running to the grassy hill so he could roll down it…again I would have one of my runners after him. When we got home he started dumping out games from the game cupboard and putting the dice in his mouth. No big sisters to play with him, poor guy, he’s stuck with me. So instead of writing the six blogs I am behind on, I am only writing one. And instead of cleaning every nook and cranny of my house like I was hoping to do today, I am going to do what little laundry I have left from yesterday and actually play with my little man.
“Thank heavens for father’s blessings.”
Last night before the girls went to bed, Aric gave them each a father’s blessing. I actually got one too. It is something special that we do every year before school starts. I love to hear what Heavenly Father has to say to each of us. I feel His love for me and my family. I know that He is aware of Maya and Eden, he knows them so well. It gives me great comfort to hear His counsel to them. I also had some things weighing on my mind that only Heavenly Father knew about and through Aric, He was able to communicate with me and give me some guidance that I needed. I am so grateful that Aric lives his life in a such a way that allows him to be worthy of holding the priesthood and giving us blessings. Maya asked me yesterday if I ever got a father’s blessing before school started. It was something I always wanted but I never got. I don’t think I could love Aric anymore than when I see him give one of our children a blessing.
So those are some of my thoughts on this back to school day. Maybe tomorrow I will tackle all those blog posts…maybe.


Lindsey said...

Oh man! I hate it when the helpers go back to school!

Rochelleht said...

Really, our girls are so much alike, it's crazy. Jane hates fancy clothes and getting her hair done, jewelry, etc. BUT... This year, she has been totally caring about her appearance and letting me do her hair cute each day. So crazy.

I'm really sending you empathy vibes for Camden this year. That is tough, girl.

Natalie said...

crue has been a lonely beast ever since school started. a lonely, starving beast. he is eating his feelings of lonliness. So he eats and cries and eats and cries and eats and cries. then naps and wakes, eats and cries and eats and cries. then the kids get home and he is suddenly happy and full of love and laughter. bi-polar?

the father's blessings part was totally my same experience from beginning to end. like i could have written it. my favorite part of back to school for sure.

i've missed you. get working on those 5 posts, in your spare time;)

mahina said...

your girls look adorable!

your mr. c sounds like an extreme version of our mahea! she is getting into EVERYTHING since her sisters have been back at school! i am amazed at how these little, almost 2 year olders can walk into a room and instantly see everything that they are NOT supposed to get into and they go straight for it. then when you are handling the first catastrophe they are already on to the next one! we will survive!!

love father's blessings!!

Bridget said...

Wow! I'm gone for a what a year or something blogging and NOW look at Camden! He is so big! And so cute.

Love your girls fashion statements.

Hope the math goes well. It's so hard when you see one of your kids struggling like that.

Leah said...

I'm home with one now too. It is really really wierd. My Ava was all over me all day. I miss my helpers too.

Those outfits are fierce!

Lauren in GA said...

Oh, my gosh!! Those school outfits are DIVINE!!! Did you make Eden's skirt to match those incredible shoes? She even knows how to pose!

They both look fabulous!!

I miss my big kids. They were trememdous help with the baby. I always joked that Evan was the primary care giver and I was just there for legality.

Lauren in GA said...

You may think that this is cruel of me...but I had to use a crib tent for each one of my older boys. They all crawled out of their cribs in the middle of the night and I was scared that somehow (Adam, especially he climbed everything)they would get outside and get run over or something else horrible.

We got our crib tent from In the search bar just type in Crib Tent II and it should take you to it. Then click on the picture of the little crib tent.

All of my boys have been...shall we say...high action. ;)

Jean McKendrick said...

The girls look adorable. I too have fallen behind on my blog. Why? Because I was so busy entertaining kids all summer long, now I have no kids in the mornings so I am "footloose and fancy free" and try to cram all I can in those couple of hours while Kaden is at pre K. It's a lot of running around to two different schools but oh so worth it.

Jean McKendrick said...

The girls look adorable. I too have fallen behind on my blog. Why? Because I was so busy entertaining kids all summer long, now I have no kids in the mornings so I am "footloose and fancy free" and try to cram all I can in those couple of hours while Kaden is at pre K. It's a lot of running around to two different schools but oh so worth it.

Jason Alisynn and kids said...

Jess, got your note the other day! Can't wait to see you. Let me know the plan. Do you need a place to stay? You're always welcome at our house! PS, tell Aric I have his annual gift of peachie waiting for him!!