Monday, February 14, 2011

With Much Love...

Happy Valentine's Day!

There are some blogs out there that did love week, where they posted something everyday that they loved. I wanted to do it but felt too much pressure to do something everyday. Not because I couldn't think of something to post but because a post everyday would push me over the edge. So here is one post about some of my loves...they aren't the obvious...God, Christ, Family, Friends, Freedom...because those go without saying. These are my random loves...

1. I love sugar cookies...soft with cherry almond frosting please.

2. I love watching tv shows with Aric. We have a date every night at 9pm.

3. I love the way my kids smell after showers/baths.

4. I love getting a good deal. I got a dress for $7.00 that was originally $82.50! 

5. I love my ipod touch. It is always playing my favorite tunes and makes my mundane chores go by faster. 

6. I love my eliptical. Thank you Nordic Track for making an awesome one, and thank you to the ever so kind Michael Sampson for getting us one real cheap.

7. I love my MacBook Pro. I am still a little intimidated by this machine. And I hate that I can't use live writer, but I love the freedom that it gives me.

8. I love these shoes. I bought them like three years ago, but I still smile every time I wear them.

9. I love to run outside when the sun is out but the air is still chilly.

10. I love a clean sink. No dishes. No toothpaste leftovers.

There are lots of other things I love too. I will save them for next year.


Oh and I love Guster too.


nurse graham said...

That's a great list. I also love a clean sink. And running outside when the sun is out but the air is still chilly. Have you ever noticed how the air smells on those days? It just smells different. I love running outside just after a big rainstorm.

Thanks for sharing.

Lauren in GA said...

This a lovely list. I love some of those same things, too. I had to smile when I read that you love it chilly but sunny. I don't get that for very long in Georgia and I love it so much.

AMY said...

Who is this Michael Sampson? Sounds like a really solid and good looking guy.

Randi said...

Yay Guster! I have you to thank for my deep love for them. I am eternally grateful. Loves to you!

just the five of us said...

I love that it's the small things in life that can make us a little happier. (: Have a good day.

Jason Alisynn and kids said...

I love your list (especially the clean sink!) and YOU too!!

Kendria said...

I love the things you LOVE! Hope you had a wonderful LOVE week! Miss you and all your cute shoes!