Saturday, February 5, 2011

First Friday 2011

Okay so First Friday is no longer the first friday after New Years Eve. January is too crazy of a month for me so I decided that First Friday would be on the first friday that is was convenient for me to do it. I'm really liking the First Friday in Feb. We'll see if it works out for next year....

(We started First Friday eight years ago. Go HERE for a history lesson. Go HERE for FF 2009. Go HERE for FF 2010)

Okay, now, are you ready for this?! Do not continue reading this post unless you are ready for some serious hilariousness!!!!

This years theme......da dada da!!!!!
(Original or Real)

Latin Spice and Mustache Man hosted this super party.

Latin Spice was kicked out of the Spice Girls group because she was too spicy. She was so upset she decided to take her special abilities and super powers else where. Her powers...she can talk anyone into doing anything. She can talk evil doers to their death or burn them with her insults. Her weakness...Kitchens and Libraries. Her enemies never know when to attack because she is always late. Her theme song...Livin' La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin 

Mustache Man wanted to look like Magnum PI so he grew out a mustache. As soon as it was nice and full he realized it gave him super powers. He realized he could control ladies with his dashing looks and smooth talking ways. His weakness...Razors and Scissors. Theme song...Cooler Than Me

Zak and Jayna the Wonder Twins showed up. (Romneys)
Theme Song...My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson

Batman and Batgirl came. (Youngs)
Kiss From A Rose - Seal

We also had Super Mom and Superman...(Hansens)
Theme Song...I'm Every Woman- Whitney Houston and Superman - Moi

Close up of Super Mom...

Eyes on the back of her head...Awesome!

Syndrome and Edna Mode....(Chambers)
Theme Songs....Bulletproof by La Roux and Supermodel Ru Paul

Super Jess S and Batman....(Shenemans)
Theme Songs...Jessica and well Damon changed his costume at the last minute so the Despicable Me song no longer worked but oh well.

Super Jess S was Jess A and Jess R's real life super powers combined. She wore an apron and cooking utensils for Jess R. She wore my headband and paint brush for me. Then she wore my half/full marathon medals and exercise pants to represent both of us.

Super Mom and Tort Man....(Halls)
Theme Songs...Who's that Lady - Isley Bros and For the Love of Money - The OJays

Brown Hornet and Stinger...(Beykirchs)
Theme Song...Got to be startin' something - Michael Jackson

Sooooooo Hilarious!

Before the party I sent out an email that asked what their super heros name is. What are their special powers and abilities. What are their weaknesses and what is their theme song.  I'm too lazy to write everyone's super powers and weaknesses. They were all so funny. We played a couple of games. First game was a Super Hero match up. I made a list of Super Hero Names that I would give each of them, as their real selves. They had to figure out which hero went to each person. The next game was a song match up. No one tells anyone who they are going to be....except me of course. I put everyone's theme songs on a playlist, then we played a game where they had to guess who's theme song belonged to who. Each couple got a CD with all the songs.

After the games we played our traditional Sing Star. We played Guys vs. Girls and the names were randomly drawn. Oh this was fun times...BTW Girls won.

This Batman was for real. He even performed in his mask.

Ryan rocked it in his purple tights and pointed ears. No one paid attention to his singing, we were all too distracted by his awesome purpleness.

Me and Damon R.O.C.K.I.N. it!

Aric was in RARE form...notice Christine in the background...DYING!

Yes, I married up ladies...don't EVEN be jealous!

THe SuPeR LAdiEs

THe SuPer MeN

SoMe of My FaVoriTe MomEntS...

* My first glimpse of Ryan in purple tights and ladies boots.

* Noticing Ashley's shape ups.

* Me and Jess R back up dancing to REM Stand.

* Damon's serious dance moves being compared to Rachel's dad's dance moves.

* Listening to Garrett and Kevin B singing in the background, they knew all the words to the rap songs.

* Cami's dirty dancing moves.

* Every time I looked at the Beykirchs was a favorite moment. I couldn't stop laughing. 

* Christine's laugh. Every performance was hilarious so she was laughing a lot.

It was a SUPER fun night. Can't wait until next year...not sure what the theme will be, but I know it will be awesome.

First Friday Left Overs...MmmMmm Good!

So I have had a couple people actually ask permission to use our idea and start their own "First Friday" tradition. Of course we said yes, but there are a couple rules if you plan to host your own First Friday, first, you must display a picture of Aric and I in one of our FF bests. Easy to do, just grab a photo from one of my FF posts. Second, you have to put a picture of you in your FF best with our picture and then put it on your blog, facebook or email it to me.

Happy Partying!


calibosmom said...

I love it love it love it!!! I really want to have a First Friday but I'd mostly love to just come to yours. You are lookin' spicy in that last photo! HSSssss

Rochelleht said...

That was so flippin' much fun, I feel like I was there! We have become lame of late. I think we need to host a party!

Melissa B. said...

Super Fun Night! I think I was the SEXIESt one there! Ha!

Lauren in GA said...

Jessica, you and Aric are so. much. FUN! I am always amazed by the FF parties.

The Romneys are killing me, too. Totally hilarious. Wonder twin powers, ACTIVATE. Form of an eagle...shape of water...(in a bucket)

Those shots of Aric singing seriously make me belly laugh. You can tell it was the performance of a lifetime.

You are so spicy!

Rachel said...

That was so much fun! I still giggle everytime I think about the Beykirch's:)

Jean McKendrick said...

I love this year's theme!! I recently tried to explain to my kids who the wonder twins were. Awesome! You guys all look fabulous.

angie said...

Hi jessica! Thanks for your comment... you are SO not stalkerish! lol
you have a beautiful family... especially your little Camden- what a cutie. I too love finding families like mine... we instantly have a olt in common! Looks like you are hoping to adopt again...awesome!

just the five of us said...

What a blast!!

Kendria said...

That's a totally RAD idea... I am jotting that one down for sure... or I could just move back and come to one of yours...

Kendria said...

P.S. Melissa was definitely the sexiest one there... RAWR!