Thursday, January 21, 2010

First Friday 2010

Due to all of the wonderful finalization drama, I have yet to post about First Friday. Oh you don't know what "First Friday" is? Well go on and click here to find out what you have been missing. These are some highlights from last year.
So after much deliberation Aric and I decided this years theme would be....
Yacht Rock
So now I'm sure you are wondering "what is yacht rock?" and "how is it a theme?"
Well here is the defintion:
Yacht Rock: cheesy pop rock music from the 70’s and 80’s. Artists like Christopher Cross, The Doobie Brothers, Kenny G, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, Toto and a host of other similar bands and artists who performed this genre of music.
Here are the invitations...

These were out guests decked out in their yacht rock best...

First up, we have the Romneys and the Brunts. Seriously these guys always have the best costumes. I just can't compete!First Friday 1

Next up is the Nebekers and Sampsons...
First Friday 11 
Here we have the Yosts and the Hansens...
First Friday 12

And last but certainly not least...the Jenkins...
This was their last First Friday. They moved the next weekend. We sent them off in grand style.

To get our guests in the mood I had made them a sweet CD full of the best soft rock I could get my hands on. Here is the play list...

ride like the wind – christopher cross
if you like pina coladas – rupert holmes
i keep forgettin’ – michael mcdonald
making love out of nothing at all – air supply
summer breeze – seals and croft
the things we do for love – 10cc
sarah smile – hall and oats
afternoon delight – starland vocal band
baby i'ma want you – bread
more than a feeling – boston
a horse with no name – America
babe – styxx
blinded by the light – manfred mann
lost in love – air supply
don’t stop believin’ – journey
rainy days and mondays – carpenters
still the one - orleans

We played some awesome games like "name that soft rock tune". The best round was when everyone had to funny!
First Friday 13
Unfortunately we didn't get to play sing star because festivities didn't get into full swing until 9pm...Next year we are going to start an hour earlier so that we can truly party. And I am going to start the party planning in July because December does not allow adequate time to give First Friday planning the attention it deserves.

I was not so good at taking pictures this year. I did manage to get these of Cynthia and Ava in the kitchen when no one was looking...
I realize that some people may think these pictures are in bad taste...but if you are reading my blog then you should know by now that we are Mormon and we don't drink alcohol and that is just sparkling grape juice so you should be laughing instead of judging...
The only other picture I got was of these guys. Yes, we hang with some serious winners...
So we said good bye to the Jenkins, and soon the Yosts will be gone too. There will be a void left by our dear friends, but since we can only invite seven couples due to the size of my house this opens up two party slots....too bad I can't fly some of you people in for the festivities.
Now that First Friday 2010 has been properly documented I can cross it off of my to do list and go steam clean my nasty kitchen rug.


Lindsey said...

I wish I was around to storm some your parties! They look like so much fun! But, I couldn't out-do jessica in the costume dept. BTW.. awesome song selections.. Amazing! :)

Ilene said...

Those molester mustaches are always a nice touch.

You guys crack me up.

Natalie said...

illene's comment made me chuckle.:). she's right.

Is it pathetically cheesy that i want that playlist on my ipod? i love all of those songs because i am that cool. Very clever, fun way to host a shin dig! I am going to book your party planning services for my next party. i party all the time, like, at least once every 3 years!

Jessica said...

I really should have gotten some close-ups of that mustache.

(Faith likes the song choice. She's bobbing her head right now as I type this comment.)

Christie said...

I had to go back and read what First Friday was, and I have to say, I am LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF. I love them all! You are so fabulous. Please move here and be my BFF.

You may bring the other Jessica if it helps.

kthom said...

Man, what a FANtastic party idea. That is so up my alley. I bet you're just a "boat"load of fun in real life. I proudly admit that I have the Doobie Brothers, Toto, Christopher Cross, Kenny Loggins, Hall and Oates, and the Carpenters on my Ipod. I remember back in the day at Ricks college being the only gal with a Toto CD and still listening without shame Good stuff!

Shirley said... you know how to party or WHAT??? Loved the pictures. Love knowing half the people at your party personally. Thanks again for sharing! Keep riding like the wind!

Mrs Ana said...

Haha......the Jenkins were my favorite!

nurse graham said...

You always have the most amazing ideas for parties! It looks like it was a lot of fun--sparkling grape juice and all

mrsmonje said...

You seriously had me laughing out loud!! I love it!! This looks like so much fun! I think I am going to have to plan a party like this for when Eric and all of the other boys come back!

Lauren in GA said...

You. are. so AWESOME, Jessica. What a fabulous party, as always.

I am diggin' the staches on Ryan Romney and Brother Brunt. So, so hilarious!

I also enjoyed the sweet outfits on Jessica and Sister Brunt. So fantastic. Where do you think Jessica got that lovely ensemble?

Great photographs of Cynthia and Ava boozing it up in the kitchen. You people know how to party.

calibosmom said...

I'm officially crashing your party next year. I want on the list! SO FUN!!!

Leah said...

You are the best party girl evah!

I loved your sealing pictures. So so so happy for you.

Jean McKendrick said...

This post made me smile, what a fun, creative night!! I loved the pictures, they are great! Looks like you guys had a rockin' good time!

♥Shally said...

Ya, I'm thinking you need to move by me and throw fabulous parties that I can come to. :)

I am so behind on your posts!! Moving has been crazy.

CONGRATS on the sealing! The pictures were beautiful and I am sure that a huge weight is lifted! YAY!! HE IS YOURS FOR ETERNITY!!!!

Melissa-Mc said...

Me too. I want to move there just so I can come to your parties. Bro. Jenkins' costume brings me joy!