Friday, January 1, 2010

So Very Merry...

Through Eden's Eyes
These are some moments captured by Eden on Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve Festivities

Dinner...fried turkey of course. This time we just fried turkey breast instead of the whole turkey, I'm smelling a new tradition.
The cousins do their gift exchange
(Clearly some were more excited than others...)

The Aric and Evelynne gift exchange...Tessa was getting in on the fun.
They exchange festive accessories. This year Aric made Ev this fancy pin out of an ornament.
Ev got Aric this very festive man bracelet.

We honored our Abuelita Tina by doing our traditional family dance to "Abriendo Puertas" by Gloria Estefan

Later that night M and E sprinkled some reindeer oats.

Christmas Morning

Maya and Eden were good enough this year that Santa brought them exactly what they wished for...a Nintendo DS.

Camden got a basketball hoop. Maya asked for one for him.

The girls got this special gift from Auntie Jo and Uncle Steve. It's not enough for our family to have one of these music we have two! The music is great for about 10 minutes...after that your ears start to bleed.

These were the gifts they got from Grandma Kathy and Papa Ron.

I made the girls their very own Snuggies...

Here is Mr. C with some of his presents...

This is what he did all morning...

I was fortunate to have two of my brothers stay with me. Here is Ben with the t-shirt we got for him...
Now I know what I am giving him next Christmas...

Here is Rico with C...looking so handsome those two...

It's always sad to see them go. I love that they make such efforts to spend quality time with us. My girls love their tios!

I still can't believe Christmas has come and gone. I feel like I have wished December away, I just kept thinking that at the end of  the month we would have our adoption finally finalized. No such luck. Here we are in January and we are still waiting for a court date.  Apparently the commissioner decided that she wasn't going to review any adoption cases until Jan 4th. What's another week right!?....I keep telling myself it doesn't matter, but it does.
In the meantime, I am grateful that we had a joy filled holiday season and that we created wonderful memories with friends and family.


Jean McKendrick said...

Camden is walking? Oh my gosh!! He is getting so big. Your family is so cute. I love Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

calibosmom said...

LOVE the snuggies and WHEN DID CAMDEN START WALKING? Too cute that kid! Girlfriend, you are looking good. I need your healthy lifestyle unless its the I'm so stressed I'm not eating diet. I love food too much for that one.

Lauren in GA said...

Eden took some great pictures!!

Look at Camden!! So big!!! So dang cute!! And walking around!!!???

I am digging that gift exchange between Aric and Evelynne! That looks like they make it a lot of fun ☺.

You are the cutest, "Santa's little helper" I ever did see! I like your shirt.

Happy New Year!!

Oh, and I love that you make your own Snuggies.

mrsmonje said...

Looks like the girls made out with TONS of great gifts!! Camden is so freaking cute I cant barley handle it! I want on of your snuggies lol! Have a happy new year and Ill send good vibes about the adoption! Happy new year!

Lindsey said...

It will happen it will happen it will HAPPEN!!! :) Looks like a great Christmas!

just the five of us said...

Eden did a great job being photographer! I have always loved your tradition of only getting a couple of Santa gifts! Wish I would have adopted it years ago! :)

Happy New Year!

Mr. C is getting so big!

Natalie said...

very merry and belated christmas and happy new year! love the re-cap! i should do one of those...

my computer erased all of my email addresses that i had stored. i am clueless as to where they may have gone...will you email me again so that i have yours?

Thanks Jessica! xo-n

Mrs Ana said...

Great job Edie! The kids are adorable! Looks like such a fun time and what can I say I'm so jealous of that bird pin. Evelynne you are so lucky!!!!! I bet any guy would kill to have a man bracelet like Aric's!