Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm ready.

This is my friend/hair stylist, Karen.
I've known her for about seven years.
I love her.
Today she went through the temple for the first time.
She wanted to come to Camden's sealing so she got herself ready.
Today was her special day.
It was most spiritual for me. 
It was the perfect way to prepare for my special day.

Maya's ready.
(She put this on the fridge a few days ago)
I'm ready.


Lauren in GA said...

I am so happy for Karen. How wonderful that she gets to be there tomorrow.

I am so happy for you. He's your's for eternity in only a matter of hours.

Holy Moly, YOU ARE FRIENDS WITH STACY JULIAN?????!!!! I have followed her in scrapbooking magazines for YEARS. She is one of my favorites. Does she still run the magazing Simple Scrapbooking? Is she in your ward?

Sorry, I am so excited about your sealing...I didn't mean to get carried away.

Lindsey said...

Oh jess, my heart just skipped a beat. I am so excited for you!

Natalie said...

crying again. Who knew i was such a baby?!

Randi said...

This post makes me smile!!

Jenny Erazo said...

Yay for Karen! Yay for you and your family! Maya's to-do list made my heart smile! You have done an amazing job with your family! My thoughts are with you and your family on this special day! I look forward to the day that my children and I will be able to be sealed.

Lauren in GA said...

By the way I love cry happy tears.

Mrs Ana said...

I have sad/happy tears in my eyes. Sad and achy tears because I wish so much I could be there for Camden. Happy overwhelming tears that this day has come. Love and many hugs to all my sweet ones!!!! Camden is already a missionary helping Karen go to the temple I'm proud of both of them.