Saturday, February 14, 2009

First Friday 2009

(Read Previous post for definition of "First Friday")

And the theme was.....(drum roll please)

.......Rock Star!

It was hosted by....


...Pat Benatar and Maurice Gibb

In attendance we had:

First Friday2

Ann Wilson w/Punk Rocker and Elvis w/ Madonna

(The Stockman's and The Brunts)

First Friday

ZZ Top and Madonna w/ Barry Gibb

(The Romneys and The Sampsons)

First Friday1

Pink w/ Axl Rose and The Biker Punks

(The Nebekers and The Hansens)

Hey Kyle, just because you can't see us, doesn't mean we can't see you...silly Kyle.

We played a lyric game which Ann Wilson (Ev) won.

First Friday3

Then Sing Star "Battle of the Sexes" was on!

First Friday4

I'm proud to say that the ladies won and I got my title back from Adam...there are no pictures of this but there were witnesses. It was a close match and Adam, a worthy opponent.

First Friday5

This is our "We Are the World" picture.



As always there were some priceless moments like...Maurice taking his performance to a whole other level. And a shimmy that went terribly sorry Kyle.

It was a fun night with great friends. I can't wait for next years festivities...'til then....Rock On!

**On a sad note...The Jenkins couldn't make it. They were sorely missed as they are the only ones who had never missed a First Friday. But when flu strikes there's nothing one can do.

Oh and don't be surprised if I show up at church looking like this:


Eden thought I looked soooooo pretty and she told me I should wear this "elefit" (outfit) to church on Sunday, except for the tights because they have holes in them...we'll see.


calibosmom said...

Ok, I have missed WAAAAY too many of your posts. I am dying from the party pictures! Wicked awesome!!! I'll post my punker pics tomorrow-I'm too tired right now-it took me a while to wash the pink and green out of my hair. "We are young!!!!" You look hot!

Lauren in GA said...

Fabulous, utterly fabulous!!! You are one hot Pat Benetar! Aric is cracking me up, too.

I must confess I also died with laughter over the ZZ Top Romneys.

Eden is right!! You look so pretty! I love that she loves your, "elefit".

Tell her your tights have holes becasue, " ♪ Love is a Battlefield ♫ "

Jenny Erazo said...

How fun! Looks like you are surrounded by so many fun people! I am glad to hear that Eden still has a loose tooth. Bizzy was making me a little nervous. She was REALLY excited to find that her tooth was loose but then kind of lost steam and there it still sit.....loose in her mouth :-)

Jessica said...

I thought everyone looked very funny!

Jean McKendrick said...

So did you brave it and show up to church looking like that? Isn't it funny what the kids sometimes think is "beautiful" (not saying your outfit isn't the most beautiful). :)

Alison said...

That looks like SOO much fun! At first I thought you meant you always had a Friday the 13th party. Then I got it :) LOVE the outfit. I think the Young Women of the Ward would go crazy if you wore that :) And it might even be a good way to get released from a calling...JK ;) I think that is a great idea and I might have to do it when I get a house and a permenant address. Have a fabulous party...can't wait for pictures!

AMY said...

What a great Pat! :) I was sorely disappointed at church though... it's easy just to talk the talk I guess!

PS Don't blame it on your sickness :)

Randi said...

so fun! thanks for taking a chance on us... we had a blast. :)

Bridget said...

What a fabulous party! Love that!

Leah said...

You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing at party planning! Seriously, you could have a career in it. You totally remind me of me back in my days with 2 kids. I did stuff like this but haven't gotten my party groove on for years. You are an inspiration. And I was BUSTING up out loud at some of the outfits. You are a genius!

Natalie said...

Aric won the best costume. You won hottest rocker, and best party planner. I hope you wore that to church. Because I bet even Jesus appreciates a great elefit:).

nurse graham said...

U r right--the costumes were crazy. It looks like you all had a lot of fun. I looked for you at church to see how much of "Pat" showed up, but alas, I only saw Aric out in the foyer feeding Camden.

Melissa-Mc said...

I'm sure that group could have raised some serious money for a 3rd world company. Looks like a blast.

♥Shally said...

I wish I lived by you guys!

I would have rocked out. :)

Mrs Ana said...

Wow!! Looks like it was a rough party with that hole in your stocking!!! Good thing you had the law at the party!Good for Evelynne for being a Winner and I think ZZtop should get the top prize!!

Ilene said...

Looks like fun except for that entire karoake (sp?) thing. I do NOT sing in public.

Good thing I just got called as Sr. Primary chorister. I seriously think I am going to be ill with that calling. Excuse me while I go throw up.

Elena said...

Great customs for all. Jess you totally made a good Pat Benatar. I guessed you right away, but not Aric. Joe got it right away.