Friday, February 20, 2009

Eden's Exciting News


For the past two and a half years Eden has been waiting for her turn to have a loose tooth.


We took this picture the night Maya lost her first tooth. Eden thought it was so exciting. For the past two 1/2 years she has been asking me to check her teeth regularly to see if she had a loose tooth. Well about a month ago she bit into an apple and started to cry because she thought she broke her tooth. When I told her that her tooth was actually just loose. She squealed with delight. For over a month now she has been waiting for the big day that it would actually come out. She would bring me string and ask me to get it out, because that is how we got Maya's out.

So Sunday night was the big night.


It took a few tries because mom wasn't as strong as she thought she was. I would flinch every time.


But I finally did it.


And here is my new toothless girl.


Big sister stood by and supported this time.


And thank goodness our tooth fairy understands that our country is in a recession and only gives out $1.00. Shame on those tooth fairies that give $10.00 per tooth. What are they trying to do? They may as well teach kids that money grows on trees. Before you know it those kids will be pulling out their own teeth so they can buy a Build A Bear. That would be way easier than actually earning the money.


Jenny Erazo said...

Well tell Eden congrats! That is sooo exciting. Bizzy is still working on her loose tooth but is now more motivated after i read this post to her:-)

Jenny Erazo said...

Tell Eden that she was an inspiration to Bizzy. I read her this post and showed her the pictures and her tooth is now out!

just the five of us said...

Hey, I have an award for you! Come to my blog to recieve it!

Jason Alisynn and kids said...

Hey my friend, I knew you were talented in the art of cake decorating, sewing, scrap booking ... the list goes on ... but you've kept your dental talent hidden! Way to go with the thread. I have tried that on my kids and can't get them out that way. I guess I am way to wimpy! I end up just grabbing the tooth and giving it a twist. Thats the only way for me. Chandler started pulling his own out a few months ago so I am out of a job now!

Bethany said...

Oh wow. I don't think I could've done that. Can I just send my kids to you? Eden was brave too!

AMY said...

Okay... so at McDee's today I totally got to see the lost tooth, twice ! :) She's one proud kid.

Melissa-Mc said...

Congrats to Eden. My poor son didn't lose his first tooth until he was 9!

Lauren in GA said...

Yay for a sensible tooth fairy. She only leaves a dollar around here, too.

Yay for Eden!!

Your hair looks fabulous in the tooth extraction pictures! So cute!

Jean McKendrick said...

Oh that first tooth is SO exciting!! What cute girls. Dang, I've never heard of a tooth fairy handing out $10 a tooth. I am thinking $1 is sweet and the kids are LUCKY to get that. :)

Natalie said...

yay for Eden! Yay for smart tooth fairies:).

Lindsey said...

Jaxon just lost his first tooth last week too!!! He was so excited. It is fun when the younger sibs get to grow up and be big too!

Mahina said...

way to go eden! lala doesn't even have any loose teeth yet! nani's first tooth got knocked out by lala's swing at the park. nani was pushing her sister and the swing came back and gave the final push that her loose tooth needed!

Mrs Ana said...

Congrats Edee, I'm so happy for you!Good for you for being so brave!!