Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eden's Baptism

Eden has been waiting for this day for three years. Ever since Maya got baptized, Eden has be anxiously waiting her special day. She got to wear the dress I made for Maya, we just changed the sash to Eden's favorite color and added a flower.

Getting baptized is a big deal. Something we don't take lightly in our family. It's so important for my children to understand what it means to be baptized and make sure they are making the decision because of their own testimony of Christ not just because it's what you do when you turn eight.

I like to think that we have been preparing Eden her whole life by going to church, reading scriptures, praying and teaching her the doctrines of Christ's church. The past couple of months we have focused our scripture study and Family Home Evenings around preparing Eden for the covenants she was going to make.

I have no doubt that she was ready to make the commitment to become a follower of Christ.

One of the things I love about these special moments in life, is that is when our family really comes together.

My grandma isn't a member of my church but she won't miss a baptism or baby blessing. This means the world to me.

We decided to take this opportunity to take a four generation picture.

Tia Ines, Felipe and Manuel drove three hours to be here for only 24 hours! Yeah, they are awesome.

My brother Eric flew out from Portland.

Aric's parents and brother came out from North Dakota. It was the first time we got to meet baby Kohen.

Mom and Joe are always present at these special occasions. My mom made the dress Eden was baptized in. My niece Olivia also wore it.

Edee with my sister and her family. 

My cousins Monica and Leah came out from Utah. They actually stayed for almost a week. I LOVE THESE GIRLS!!!

My niece Zoe, flew out from Portland.

My Tio Marco and his family got off a plane from Argentina and then less than 24 hours later they were  here with us. 

Eden has been blessed with some very sweet friends. I was only able to get pictures with two of her friends that came...

Eden and Kate 

Eden and Kaylee

This was the program...

 Eden and I have been clashing a lot lately. Her eight year old complaining ways have been driving me crazy! It was so good for me to stop and focus on all of the reasons why I love her. She has such a compassionate heart. She wants to do the right things. I never catch her deliberately disobeying, in fact she is such a rule keeper she honestly doesn't know how to be sneaky. If we could just get the complaining thing under control she would be the perfect kid.

Eden loves Jesus. She believes that Jesus Christ is the son of God. She knows that she is a child of God. She knows that Heavenly Father and Jesus love her. She knows that keeping God's commandments will keep her safe and bring her peace and happiness. She knows that she can repent and live with God again.

Her testimony is simple, but it is hers. As the years go on she will understand more fully what the gospel of Jesus Christ means to her and she will have experiences that will strengthen her testimony even more. This is just the beginning of her spiritual journey. I am excited for her. I hope she remembers the spirit she felt that day. I hope she remembers the special moment we shared right before she went into the font. I know I will cherish it always.

I am so proud of you Eden Elisabeth!


Mrs Ana said...

beautiful! So sad I couldn't be there. I hope she got my gift and that she wore it on her baptism day. Love you so much Edee!

Rochelleht said...

Wow! You had SO much family come in. How special! What a wonderful day. We LOVED Gracie's special day. Just thinking about it gives me warm fuzzies.

calibosmom said...

So so sweet and you have a very cool family! Eden looks beyond happy. I have a complainer too and believe it or not, she is much better (she is 12)-hang on!

Jess said...

It's good to see who was who in the families! Glad we were able to come :)

Lauren in GA said...

I love that your family comes from far and wide to be together for the baptism.

She is an amazing young lady. I love that she was looking forward to her baptism so much.

That is so neat that Eden got to wear the dress that your mom made that Olivia was baptized in. So neat that she also got to wear the dress that Maya wore with her favorite ribbon color and flower added. You do such great things to make life special for your kids.

just the five of us said...

Wow!! I can't believe Eden is 8. She is growing up fast. She looked so cute on her baptism day.

P.S. the clashing and complaining ways get worse when they are teens. Enjoy the 8!

Jean McKendrick said...

Congratulations Eden! What a special day for you. Jessica, you are a good mother, she is blessed to have you.

Elena said...

I echo your friends. She is blessed to have such great mom. I didn't have a complainer, but I know kids go through phases and as long as you're consistant with your responses, she will figure it out. Most important we are blessed to have been there for her very big day, so she knows how much she is loved by her family! It was a great day! xoxo