Monday, October 22, 2012

#349 Why Everyone Needs an Uncle Tia...

This is my Tia Ana (Tia = Aunt in Spanish)

Camden calls her UncleTia.

When she found out C was obsessed with Spiderman she delivered BIG TIME.

She had my 17 year old cousin, Sam's, Spiderman costume from when he was five. C had a Halloween party he was invited to on Saturday so she sent him a special package last week. He was beside himself with joy when we surprised him with her package.

He couldn't get that costume on fast enough!

He immediately tried to climb the walls...he was so disappointed when he didn't "stick". In fact tonight before he went to bed he asked me if we could buy some sticky stuff to put on his hands and his feet so he can "climb and do other cool stuff".

He tried to wear it for 48 hours straight. I only made him take it off to eat.

He took this next picture of himself using the camera and the self timer...I never showed him how to do it. He just figured it out by himself. I've got one smart little Spidey on my hands!


Jessica said...

D.Y.I.N.G. at the hilariousness of this post.

What the heck did you take him away from us for???

Lauren in GA said...

He taught himself to use the self-timer!!?? He is AMAZING!!!

I love that the costume was once your 17 year old cousin's, too.

He is so cute. I love all of the pictures of him as Spidey...and the blurry action shot of him ripping his clothes off to get it on is hilarious. It was blurry because he was moving like lightening. :)

calibosmom said...


Rachel said...

Seriously want to squeeze that boy right now! He is hilarious. I love the pic of him just chillin in bed with his muscles watching a movie:)

Chavelita said...

Reminds of what once use to be my little boy who wouldn't take offe his
ninja custome and wore it so much before hallween he ripped and had to buy another one. Love that C so much fun!

Elena said...

The amazing spidy for sure. Cute & smart too. Kinda scary...