Sunday, March 24, 2013

Candlepin Bowling

As the days got closer to us leaving we wanted to have one last get together with some of our Boston buddies. We decided to go candlestick bowling. What you've never heard of candlestick bowling? Well that's probably because you aren't from the Northeast. There are only a handful of candlestick bowling alley's in the Boston area and thanks to Groupon we got a screaming deal on a couple of lanes for a couple of hours.

The main difference between candlestick bowling and regular bowling is that the ball is smaller and there is only one size and weight. Then the pins are tall and skinny and there are 12 pins you have to knock down.

Maya and Eden had fun helping Kruz get his ball down the alley...

Jerrica was awesome. That's what happens when you are born and raised with candlestick bowling.

Maya took this game very seriously. It was fun to watch her play.

Rich was pretty good. His Washington farm boy raising somehow prepared him for this game....

Or maybe it was just his candlestick bowling fashion sense that pushed him over the top.

Camden loved it! Anything with a ball and any sort of throwing or knocking down is right up his alley.

The only problem was that he didn't quite have the speed needed to get the ball all the way down the lane at a reasonable time. So this is what he would do while he waited for his ball...

The little kids balls didn't always quite make it to the end of the alley so Aric had to get them...

It was Kristen's idea to do this little outing and I'm so glad she planted the seeds. 
We had so much fun!

Oh I love this picture of Julian! I miss this little man so much...his smile melts my heart.

These little guys were more excited about the pizza, soda and bouncy balls...

Maya and Cherise

There was more monkey-ing around going on then actual bowling but it was so fun! I'm pretty sure the other bowlers were happy when our two hours was up.

I LOVE this picture! It totally captures how much fun we all had...

I'm normally pretty horrible at bowling but I had hope for this candlestick business, but that hope didn't really end up working out for me. My form was pretty sweet though...

Aric of course had fun kicking our trashes...

It's not fair that this guy can do anything well the first time he tries annoying! I had to give him a big kick on his way down the lane.

I love bowling shoes! The look of them anyway, I always have to get past the whole "how many feet have been in these things before mine"...So Gross!

I hate goodbyes so we just pretended that this was a fun night out instead of our last get together :(
We had so much fun and I 'm so glad I have these pictures to remind me.

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Lauren in GA said...

Love that you kicked Aric for being so good at everything :)

You met such lovely people there. So wonderful!

I love that picture of Maya with her eye closed as she concentrates so seriously.