Sunday, March 24, 2013


Spukies was a pizza place in our neighborhood. It's pronounced "spuckeys", but we always called it "spookies". Aric and I had a constant debate over who made the best pizza, Regina's or Spukies. I loved my Regina's but Aric got the kids on his side so we ended up at Spukies more than I liked... 

Every time we drove by it we had to say "SPOOKIES!" fast and in a high pitched voice. Aric started the tradition and we did it Every. Single. Time. We drove by it at least four times a day since it was on the way to Maya and Eden's schools.

Well they have this gum ball machine and the kids would always beg for us to give them a quarter so they could try to get the black gum ball and win a free slice a pizza. I told them that it was just a waste of money because no one would ever win it. Wouldn't you know it, on our very last meal at Spukies Eden got the black gum ball and I was proven wrong. I still can't believe she got that darn thing!

Here she is enjoying her free slice. Eating it like a true Bostonian...folded in half.

Thanks for the memories Spukies!


Rachel said...

Hahaha I had a perfect picture of all of you screeching Spooookies 4 times a day! I'm sure that never got old:)

Melissa-Mc said...

Most of my family's favorite memories of the places we have lived center around food :)

Lauren in GA said...

Well whadda ya know! She got the black gumball! I am totally impressed!

And even more impressed that she eats her pizza like a true Bostonian!