Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Somehow it's the end of May and so far this year I have only experienced the warmth of the sun for like seven days...yup, out of almost FIVE monts I have felt warm for only SEVEN days! Three days ago we had the air conditioning on. Today I wore my wool coat to take Eden to dance class. Eden asked me the other day if Heavenly Father was playing a trick on us. I told her that I wasn't sure. Here it is almost summer and we still haven't had spring! AHHHH! Needless to say this weather has put me in a fowl mood. So yesterday these are some of the things that made me smile even though it was grey, wet and gloomy.

Eden got herself ready for pre-school. Here she is decked out in her rain gear.

Cute kid jumping in adorable...even if it is almost Memorial Day weekend.

I don't have a picture of this, but I had to mention it because it made me chuckle. Eden was trying to help Maya with her homework. (double digit subtraction...borrowing) Although it was sweet, Maya was not appreciating the help and was totally about to loose it with Edee. So I asked Aric to find something to do with Edes to keep her busy. Eden wanted to play UNO. She was very excited to play because she is really good at it and totally beats us. She calls herself "The Reverse-r". She couldn't wait to play and Aric was taking too long to get ready.

Eden says "C'mon dad are you ready yet!?"

Aric says "Hold on Edee, let me go potty first."

This cracks me up mainly because I love that Aric used the word "potty" without trying to be funny. Ten years ago I can assure you that word never came out of his mouth, but now after having two little girls it's just part of his vocabulary.

And lastly...when I picked up Maya after school, I over heard her telling Eden that I looked like I was on "What Not to Wear". (This is their favorite show, it is on from 3pm-4pm so that is what they watch after school. I have no idea why they love it so much...) So when I asked why she would say that, she said it was because I was wearing a nice jacket and looked dressed up.
I realized that Sunday is really the only day I actually dress up and it's usually a skirt or dress. And on any other given day I look like this....workout pants, boring shirt and sweatshirt/fleece.
For obvious reasons, I don't really have any pictures of in my "uniform", but I did manage to find this one.
Well today I looked like this. I can hear the cat calls through cyberspace...
I had to run some errands that involved the mall, I've been feeling sorta frumpy lately so I decided to kick it up a notch. I even wore stylish earings. I have to admit it did make me feel better about myself but it takes too much work to look cute everyday. So today I'm back to my least I'm wearing jeans instead of sweats.


Penny said...

Woohoo! You look cute! But you look cute in your sweats too! I love the mid air jump in the puddle. I cannot believe how hard it rained yesterday. It BETTER be nice for Memorial Day/My birthday. I will even be more depressed about getting older if it is raining and overcast. I need sunshine!

Lindsey said...

This makes me laugh.. I feel totally the same way, and I was going through my summer wardrobe going.. all I have is crappy t-shirts and more of the same shorts! My goal is to just buy cute TOPS... so, at least I can look kinda cute.. I ordered some shirts from Target that are sooooooooooc cute I saw them on I'm Kelly's website. Did you see that post? SUPER Cute! I got them in the mail today, and I am in love. I wore one to the mall today, and I felt.... CUTE! It was amazing. (Eventhough I had the same ol' jeans on... ) Have fun shopping!

Melissa-Mc said...

Yes, it seems like we have gone from Winter to Summer back to Winter again. Where is spring?

Okay, that is a CUTE little pig jumping in the rain.

Sweats or all dolled up, you look great!

Ilene said...

I remember as a teenager making fun of my mom for saying she had to go potty (she still says potty).

NOW I get it. I always use that word too. I hate it but I can't seem to break the habit.

Please hear my cat call sent from Boise. Love the shoes. But I always love your shoes.

calibosmom said...

I'm that way too. I actually took a shower to go to Enrichment the other night. The sisters actually think I look like that all day but HAHA I was a mess. You do look great by the way-great jacket! Sorry for all your crazy weather!

cyn the win said... goes.

i once told my dear friend liz that she had to stop wearing sweats cuz they wear frumpy. and to start wearing make up. (we're VERY good friends.) she did and thanks me for it all the time. my work here is done.

i thought all us latinas wore liptick and heels everyday? i never leave the house in sweats. ever. but you do look cute in yours!

day in the life of a prince said...

Eden looks so cute in her rain outfit!! Maybe if I had an outfit like hers I wouldn't mind all the rain!!

Erin said...

At least you are the fashion "do" at the end--I'm pretty sure (okay positive!) that I would be labeled the fashion "don't"!!

I tried on some nice pants (read: not jeans or workout pants) yesterday and Milo said, "Wow momma! You different in those." I'm not sure if it was a compliment or a well-disguised insult! LOL

Natalie said...

Did you hear that cat call? Woo..woo...! If I put clothes on(as opposed to pajama bottoms) Lennon always says "Where you are going mommy?" As if I don't get dressed all the time. ppp..chhh..
love it!