Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Star is Born!

Introducing Maya as "Sir Field Mouse" in the Second Grade production of "Save the Plants"

The backstage, pre-show jitters.

The Performance

The Adoring Audience

The Star with her fans

(This is Mrs. Spear, the best teacher ever!)

(This is Tia Evelynne, my sister)
(These are the cousins and the sister)
Hanging with her co-stars, post show

Anyone that knows our family very well, knows that Maya is kind of shy. Having Eden as a little sister doesn't help in that department. Eden will do almost anything Maya tells her to. For example if Maya wants a sticker at Target she has Eden ask the the lady at the register. If she wants a snack at some one's house she'll have Eden do the asking. It takes Maya a long time to feel comfortable with people and I totally respect that so I don't push her too much.

Well, I was so excited and so nervous for Maya when I found out she was going to have a rather big part in the play. She practiced and had her lines memorized very quickly. As the night of the play grew closer I was shocked at how surprisingly calm Maya was. The big night arrived and Maya was amazing! She spoke clearly and loud and sang her little heart out. The best part was how great she felt about herself. She said she "felt her face getting hot" and that she "got kinda sweaty". But you couldn't even tell. Aric and I are incredibly proud of her. As a parent there is nothing more rewarding than watching your child grow and develop their sense of self. It was not easy for Maya to get up there and perform but she battled her insecurities and conquered her fear. That's my girl!


AMY said...

She was truly the cutest mouse I've ever seen. Your costumes turned out great, even if those boys messed with the antennae.

Melissa-Mc said...

Good job Maya! What a cute little mouse. I love confidence-building experiences for our children.

BTW, Do you have Stake Conf this weekend? My dad is an area authority over your area and is doing one in Spokane Valley with Elder Hales. If gas wasn't so darned expensive, I'd drive up.

Mahina said...

way to go, maya! you are an adorable field mouse!

your girls sound the exact match to mine! nani is more quiet and reserved, though not nearly as bad as i was, thank goodness! then lala is a fireball. lala is the doer of things that nani doesn't feel comfortable doing. at night, our rule is if you have been tucked in we don't want to see you again until morning. nani being the obedient "wants to follow the rules" kind of girl will send lala downstairs if she needs something from us! very sneaky girl!

day in the life of a prince said...

Way to go Maya!! She looks so cute, I'm sure she did awesome!!!

Melissa-Mc said...

My dad is Elder Merrell. I'll be sure and tell him he is going to a great stake full of fantastic people :)

The Hansen Clan said...

What an adorable mouse! I am so proud of her and cannot wait to get a full report from her.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

what a cutie! She looked like she had fun :)

Mrs Ana said...

That's my girl!Did you know that Leah was mouse in the christmas play when she was in the third grade? I think it was the third grade. Anyway, good job I'm so proud of you! Sending lots of brown sugar your way!!!!!!

calibosmom said...

Way to go Maya! What a cutie!

Michael said...

cyn the win's dad here,

Very cute story. Great photos. Hey, since you called me a Gringo, you will have to read my blog at

Take care!

Mike Harrington

Lauren said...

Why she is the CUTEST little mouse I ever did see! So, So cute!

I love that she pushed away any shyness and got right up there. I also LOVE how she articutlated it by saying about feeling nervous that she "felt her face getting hot" So cute!

I love the pictues! The costumes are so great...that pea costume is cracking me up!

whattherandi said...

your kids are freakin adorable. I cant beleive how big they are getting.

Hey, so I'm in New Zealand right now. You said to have a contact here. Do tell?

Meghann said...

Didn't you make the cute costume too?!? Or did you just WANT me to think you were "so busy." (hee, hee.) Maya looks so precious. She is such a sweetie.

cyn the win said...

Yea for Maya!

My kids school never has plays. I think it's because we live in Utah--which spends the least per student out of all 50 states. Well, I think one other state like Mississippi or Arkansas is lower. Nice.