Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jessica in Real Life

So I got tagged by my blog friend Mahina to do 10 pics of what my life is like right now...

The rules are as follows...You must take ten pictures of the following things right away without straightening or cleaning. And then tag five other lucky souls.

Totally scary! But here it goes...

1. The fridge. For some reason it doesn't look that bad, or maybe it does...depends on if you like mystery containers and limp lettuce that you can't see. Actually if you look closely you can see my famous green bags from my HSN post.

2. The closet. Umm... Aric's office is in our closet because I'd rather loose closet space than a whole room. Don't even feel bad for him, he has a window for crying out loud! The only bad part is that I have to rotate my clothes and shoes out every season. I store them under my bed in storage bins.

3. The kitchen sink. I totally took this picture right away because I knew it didn't look too bad.

4. The toilet. It's usually clean, but only because I have girls and the only boy in this house does not want to face the serious consequences of peeing all over my seats.

5. Favorite shoes. These are my new shoes. I just got them for my friends wedding. I have been looking for months for the perfect white patent leather summer heels and I finally found them! Thank you Macy's shoe lady who let me in on the secret that they would 25 bucks cheaper if I bought them the next day!

6. Favorite Room. So I kinda broke the rules on this one. I had to make the costumes for Eden's recital and they had consumed my front room and kitchen. Once I bagged them and gave them to the girls I took another picture. I love this room because it's the first thing people see when they walk into my home and it represents us well. The colors, the art, the decorations...It is also usually the cleanest room in my house. That's really why it's my favorite.

7. What my kids are doing right now. Playing in the basement with Barbies, I'm not sure why...they haven't played with them for months. But they are getting along and that is all that really matters.

8. Laundry. Here it is. As real as it gets.

9. Self-Portrait. Me talking on the phone to Amy. I'm only dressed semi-nice because I went to the temple. I am not good at taking cheesy.

10. Dream Vacation. Any vacation with Aric, without kids, is a dream vacation. This was our most recent, we went to Maui and it was FABULOUS!!!!!

So there you have it. And now I tag...drum roll please...Jessica, Amy, Liz (calibosmom) , Meghann, and Penny. You're it!


Lindsey said...

Well, at least your house isn't up to the ceiling in BOXES! I am soooooooooo glad you didn't tag me on this because it seriously looks like a big bomb went off!

Lauren said...

Those costumes are fabulous!!!!!!!

I love your favorite room! It is very beautiful!

I think you have the cutest Laundry Room I ever did see! I love the flowers and baskets and the little saying you have at the top and the clothes line. Seriously, so, so darling!

You are very beautiful. I am just pointing out the OBVIOUS! :)

Melissa-Mc said...

Everything looks great! I need to get some shoe racks. My shoes are all over my closet.

Erin said...

That was soooo fun to read and see!! Made me feel like I know you that much better! :) Your house looks pretty darn good--mine is looking mighty scary right now. ;)

Ilene said...

I'm glad you took a picture of the costumes so you can have proper documentation of finishing a project...

My mom left today and so I need to start documenting my completed projects.

Lindsay said...

oooooo, I like those shoes!!!!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

those costum are really cute! And love that laundry comment on your laungry room :)

calibosmom said...

That is so funny that you tagged me! As I was reading along, I was thinking to myself, "I'm so glad noboby tags me cause I would be horrified if I had to take pictures of my extremely dirty house". So, you are in for some exciting stuff! GOOBER! I am very jealous of your shoes and laundry room!

Penny said...

Oh, great- I have to take pictures of my house! Actually, it doesn't look too bad right now, but I am just leaving for a baseball game and who knows what it will all look like when I get home! (I am leaving 2 kids home- enough said!)

Bridget said...

Cute, cute shoes! More often than not my boys pee on the toilet seat. We go through lots of disinfectant wipes around here.

cyn the win said...

is your laundry room always that clean? i hate you.

vacation pics...sigh. it's a vacation with out kids and a trip with them, don't you think?

Melissa-Mc said...


So I wanted to tell you that my dad called last week and told me that you come and introduced herself. He was thrilled you did.

Also, I wanted to tell you in some of my daughter's spare time she visits my friends' blogs. Today she told me that she has a favorite. I asked her which one. She said it was the one with the mom that has 2 really cute little girls and completely described your blogs. She said she thinks you are really pretty. :)

I enjoy reading your blog too!

Take Care,