Friday, October 17, 2008

#1 FAN!

I am a fan. I like sports.
I was a cheerleader.

I AM a cheerleader.
I love the Red Sox.
I am a believer.
They came back from 1-7 to beat Tampa Bay 8-7!!!
I love my Red Sox!
I didn't give up on you.
Although I had a few curse words on the edge of my lips...
Thank you Papi! Thank you for finally stepping up in this series.
Thank you JD! Thank you for keeping the dream alive!
We are still in this!
(thank you Lee Lee for finding these great photos)


calibosmom said...

CAN YOU "BELIEVE" IT??? I finally went to bed in disgust. My hubby stayed up and enjoyed the win. I asked him why he stayed up and he said "because I believed". I totally laughed because thats not like him at all. I'll be damned if I go to bed early on Sat night! GO SOX!!!

Melissa-Mc said...

You go girl!

Erin said...

If I watched baseball, I would totally be a Sox fan. Mostly 'cuz I like Boston but whatever. ;)

AMY said...
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AMY said...

So... the BUCKS, huh? That is a timeless cheerleading picture. I love the pom poms.

Lauren in GA said...

You look so fabulous in each and every picture. I was a cheerleader in high school, but I was not nearly as cute as you. I love your fierce look in the more recent pictures. You have made a fan our of me and I never watch baseball.

The Ekstroms said...

Hey Jess! your blog is so cute I really stink at this! Do you have Becky Fry's email? I really want to email her. can you leave it on my blog just in case I don't see you soon. Thanks sis!

Leah said...

Hey, Jessica! Totally unrelated to the Red Socks post, but oh well. YOU are the one that actually taught me that blogging exists. I had NO idea there was this entire world out there. Remember when you handed me your blog address once to look an old friend of mine up? And now look what you've gotten me into! :) You have a darling family and your daughter that opened the primary program up today with her big pink bow in her hair was a show steeler. Everyone in the audience giggled because she melted our hearts with her cuteness.

gab said...

I'm sorry they lost last night. Really. Because I am a Phillies fan and I wanted an East Coast Series. (Tampa Bay is not East Coast in my book...)


nurse graham said...

So sorry about the Bo Sox.

And yes, Maya did mean me when she said the "girl who checks our eyes reads your blog". I just had to let her know I am a blog stalker because I thought she looked so pretty in her baptism dress.