Thursday, October 2, 2008


Today we are experiencing a miracle. Today is my mother in law, Kathy's, birthday and she is alive to celebrate it.  She is a cancer survivor.


Eight years ago she had surgery to have a five pound tumor removed.  This is a picture of her after her surgery with Maya.  She had to have an emergency surgery in Washington state the weekend of Maya's blessing.  The doctor that took care of Kathy was the same doctor who delivered Maya.


Two years ago she had a tumor the size of a two liter bottle removed from her left chest cavity, it had completely crushed her left lung.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, she lives with only one lung.  And just two weeks ago she had another tumor removed along with six of her ribs....yeah like who needs those!  All joking aside... the past few months have been very difficult.

Needless to say.  She has been through it.  If only cancer was the only ugliness she's had to survive in her life.  She has had a pretty mean hand dealt to her and through her inner strength and faith in God she has pulled through it all.  Aric and I have been on the side lines for the past ten years watching her as she has suffered through the pain and frustrations of her trials.  She is such an inspiration.


This picture was taken at the end of our reception. We had been dancing all night, which explains my hair. I include it only because I don't have one of just the two of us...

Okay so I do have this one and only one, but it's kinda creepy.


I am so grateful for the kind of mother that she is to Aric.  She raised a wonderful man.  Her faith in God is what sent Aric on the path to find his own testimony.  She supported him when he joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  This was a very big decision for him to make at the age of twenty one, and there were not many fans of his choice.  She stood by him without judgement, only love.  Kathy has been a wonderful support to us as we raise our children in a faith that is different from hers, for that I am deeply grateful.


kathy6My children are blessed to have her as a grandmother.  We named our first daughter, Maya Kathryn, as a tribute to her.   She lives far away so she regularly sends little notes and gifts to the girls.  They so love their Grandma Kathy.  They have each fasted and prayed for her.  Maya would fast her lunch one Sunday a month and Eden would go without her snacks that day too.  We did not make them. 

When they asked why Aric and I kathy2weren't eating we taught them about fasting.  We explained that when we sacrifice our meals and pray to Heavenly Father for a special purpose, it shows him our faith and it helps us feel peace. So they chose to fast because they love their grandma.  As we fasted together as a family on her behalf we felt closer to her and we felt at peace knowing  she was in the Lord's hands.  My girls have had their own faith strengthened as they have seen Heavenly Father answer our prayers for Grandma Kathy.

So today is a miracle for our family.   Our Grandma Kathy is having her birthday, and we get to celebrate it next week with her when she comes for a visit.  We are so grateful for the knowledge of eternal families and that Heavenly Father's plan is for all of us to return to him and live with our families forever.  We feel so blessed that he has heard our prayers and that it is his plan to give us more time with Kathy on this earth and that through her trials our own testimonies have been strengthened.


Happy Birthday Kathy! 

Copy of Micah and Sara Wedding 082

My birthday wish for you is for you to know how deeply you are loved and how truly amazing you are. I hope you have a wonderful day!


calibosmom said...

WOW! What a cool lady!!! She really sounds like the best mom. Happy Birthday Kathy!!!

Melissa-Mc said...

Happy Birthday, Kathy! May she many healthy years ahead of her.

Bridget said...

She sounds amazing. You're all lucky to have her in your family. Here's to many healthy years to come!

Ilene said...

What a lovely tribute; she sounds like a awesome lady. Happy Birthday to Kathy!

Lauren in GA said...

What an amazing and strong woman! She is a great example :) Her amazing faith is awe inspiring.

You look great even after dancing the night away at your reception...oh and I think the picture of the two of you dressed up is darling. :D

Mrs Ana said...

What a great mom and grandma! What a great lady. I love all the pictures of her and the girls. Happy Birthday kathy!!

Elena said...

My sincerest wish that your birthday was a special one. On behalf of Jessica's family, we honor you for the wonderful mother, grandmother and woman that you are. You have raised your sons to be great young men and you should be pleased and proud. We have all witnessed first hand how wonderful Aric is as father and husband. Jessica is truly blessed to have him. Know you are in our prayers daily.
Jess, as always good work on your tribute. Don't worry about your hair, I can't think of a time when your hair has looked bad, except the times you cut it yourself, back when you were 2. Love you. tu mama

kc and k said...

Yeah for miracles, great moms and great mother-in-laws!

I love Eden's chubby cheeks in that first picture-too cute!

Meghann said...

Wow,she is one tough cookie. That first picture- with Eden and her cheeks! Oh my goodness, I'm at a loss for words.